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  1. The trail ended here...until we decided we had enough calories burn a 30’ path through the snow drift to connect and complete the 60mi loop. Much self induced roosting was had.
  2. We rode 55mi this day, but yeah, you’re right. I thought I read that that there was 70mi of tracks on Rider Planet. My bad. How much does Tronsen and Red Hill add?
  3. Go ride your motorcycle around Bellevue for a week and get back to me. I’m Asian. Your meme is saying every Asian driver sucks. Just not cool. I’ve been riding on 2 wheels for 30 years. Everyone sucks, regardless of race.
  4. Please keep race out of it.
  5. It was my first time too and it's definitely a perfect 70 mi slice of Taneum...minus the dust, brake bumps and whoops, and baby-head-rocks. I loved it. Wasn't crowded, but you do share it with mountain bikers so there's some caution. We only saw two groups of them and they were totally cool. One even helped us clear a big log. Just wish it had a bigger trail system. Great! Get out there!
  6. My bad it was connecting upper Mission to Devils.
  7. There were 4 trees down on a section we rode yesterday while doing the loop. I’m waiting to hear back from my friends to confirm what it was (it was my first time).
  8. My buddies and I cleaned out all but one of the dead fall on lower devils gulch today. The last one is a lulu.
  9. Put in a new Boyesen Rad Valve on my ‘17 Te. Fak it’s good. Highly recommend.
  10. I almost mentioned the lugging to spooge correlation but then I started thinking about how I had the same amount of spooge for the D100 (desert, a lot of wide open) as I do for lugging harder enduro woods riding.
  11. Spooge is normal in a 2 stroke. I can’t say about fuel injected ones but every 2 stroke I’ve ever had has spooge. A little to moderate is normal, if it’s dripping all over your swingarm that’s worth looking into. Your manual should have the jetting settings per elevation, temperature, etc and if you’re going to ride at 4K a lot, you might want to tweak it a bit from stock, which is for 1k and below.
  12. Used to live in Flag for about 10 years. I miss that place.
  13. I completely place all the blame on SDR and their inability to make it drier for me.
  14. I think the course would’ve been a lot more fun if it hadn’t rained 5” in the days before. There was one section so deep that many of us didn’t see the barely submerged floating angled tree [emoji1]
  15. I think that’s what [mention=210535]oldgrunt[/mention], [mention=456308]TigerTanker[/mention], and the rest of SDR guys were thinking about while building the long course for the wet duck.