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  1. So I recently found out that my power valve is hitting my piston on my dirt bike. The bike won't start right now lol so the piston is fine. Anyways I'm just not sure how to get the power valve out of the block and I was wondering if anyone knows? I have a YZ125 from '82.
  2. AJ85

    old yamaha YZ125 won't start

    Ya I think I might need to get an oversized piston ring in case the cylinder has been bored out. The seals on the head look fine and I'm not sure what jug seals are? Guessing the seals on the bottom? anyways even if it has low compression if that were the only problem I think it should fire because gas is getting to the plug...
  3. AJ85

    old yamaha YZ125 won't start

    The compression didn't change after installing the ring. It almost seems pointless to do a compression test it's so easy to push down with my hand. I've cleaned out the carb so there's no gas in the float. One thing that could be a problem though is I'm not sure if the air/fuel screw is adjusted properly. As for the reed valves, they look clean and seem to seal properly when I open one with my hand. Not sure if there's anything else I should be looking for there. I'll grab some new spark plugs too just to be sure. I didn't know it was important to have the exact plug that was meant for the bike.
  4. I recently bought a 1982 YZ125 and have been struggling to get it to start. Bike has very low compression, got a new piston ring but didn't help the issue. Has spark, and when I pull the plug out it's wet so gas is getting to it, but I still don't hear any pop or fire or anything when I try to start it. I'm no expert but if the plug was sparking inside the cylinder with gas I should hear something right? So I was thinking maybe the timing's off (although it would have to be really off for it not to even fire) or maybe the plug is sparking outside the cylinder but not inside? Anyways I'm not sure what to do next any suggestions appreciated!!