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  1. Jace Perez

    What did you do to your YZ 2 stroke today?

    Stripped to frame and scotch bright and polished up everything for the winter cleaning and it looks amazing imo. Subframe before and after
  2. Jace Perez

    Should I change tire?

    If I’m gonna take the tire off To flip I’ll just change it. I’m going to the track on Saturday so I’ll see how it is and than change it if it’s too bad and just keep on a spare back wheel for trails for wheelie practice
  3. I’ve got a new one in the garage but Can I make it last for a couple more rides or should I just change it? Dunlop mx3s the pictures make it look better than it is but I’m on a 250 2t so it’s hard to get traction when powerband kicks in and the knob in a knob design is flat now there is no more raised knob.
  4. Xr250r is awesome it’s pretty light and the suspension is better that the old klx that U mentioned. Plus it’s reliable as a tank and the aftermarket parts are insane That’s mine but I only use it for trails and some rides around town
  5. Jace Perez

    Sedona tires?

    I got the STI tech 2 pro thx for the input I’ll let you know how they do
  6. Jace Perez

    Sedona tires?

    I ended up getting the STI tech pro 2 and I’m gonna use them this Saturday so I’ll see how they are. I have only heard good and mxa rated them highly so we will see how they do I got sti tech 2 pro so I’ll see how they do this weekend at field of dreams mx. It’s supposed to snow : bonk:
  7. Jace Perez

    What did you do to your YZ 2 stroke today?

    Thanks it took a lot of scotch bright and simple green.
  8. Jace Perez

    Drain Plug Blues!

    High temp Teflon tape on threads. I had to do this on my old cr125 because of deformed blot head from previous owner. Used that bolt for 2 seasons before getting a new one since I was too lazy and the Teflon tape never leaked once. Kinda ghetto though
  9. Jace Perez

    Sedona tires?

    How are there fronts
  10. Jace Perez

    Sedona tires?

    I have never really tried Sri I thought they were more for enduro not mx. But I also race hare scrambles so they might be good.
  11. Jace Perez

    Sedona tires?

    Looking for new tires on a budget and was looking a sedona intermediates, and was wondering how they performed and lasted, I’m coming off of mx3s and mx32s and they just wear so quick and also how are full bore and IRC tires?
  12. Jace Perez

    What did you do to your YZ 2 stroke today?

    Rebuilt linkage
  13. Jace Perez

    2009 crf450 won’t start

    Bad mapping or bad throttle body for fuel injectors, kinked throttle cable, bad spark plug(fouling). That can be a lot of things
  14. Jace Perez

    Scratches on fork tube

    Thanks It is bluing up after my last ride when I really got on the gas You can see in second photo
  15. Jace Perez

    Scratches on fork tube

    Yea I just rode with it and it was fine