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  1. No problem
  2. Does the bike have a magura hydro clutch in it
  3. Ur bike looks sick I have a cr125 too but nowhere near as sexy as urs
  4. Don’t get a ttr my friend has one and the kickstarter is in an awkward position and not trying to be mean but for an 87 pound female it may be hard to kick since the kickstarter is high up on the bike. I would get a xr or crf100 because they are lighter, the plastics look better and the suspension is much better by far the the ttr. Also my old crf100 beet my 2 friends ttr125 every tim because of the lightness. Also the Honda air cooled 4 strokes are the most reliable out there all of them run. ttrs are more prone to needing valve replacements than the crf100f (80f,150f etc) but Honda’s r series bike are not as reliable
  5. Yea if the bike comes with bill of sale and clean vin your should be ok
  6. Get any 125 two stroke by any brand and toss a new topend in it or xr200 as stated above those last forever
  7. HMU with any other problems with the bike I’m like a cr125 guru I took apart and rebuilt my bike from scratch just HMU and I’ll be glad to help with any problems
  8. Yea than that your problem I have 02 cr125 same thing happened after I switched to wiseco forged piston they last long just make sure to let the warm up or you will have a cold seizure and lick up your topend *lock up
  9. I love both bikes if you are coming of ttr125 than the 125 will be more than enough power and you’ll love it just put a wiseco piston or vertex piston as soon as you get it and change it after 45 hours
  10. I had a 150r and I moved to the cr125 and love it but I miss my 150r but the 125 is faster and the powerband is so fun these are my bikes Old crf150r New cr125
  11. Yes it is but you will outgrow power soon but not size but this yz125 scream my friend has beet 450f and 250f on a track it is all about rider but yes it will fit you fine I’m 5”7 and have a cr125 and love it it pulls me good since I’m only 120 lbs so power is fine to me
  12. If it is a wiseco piston or a forged piston they will knock like that until they heat up. (Like 4 min) don’t ride until fully heated up also while letting it heat up don’t let it stay at 1 rpm but don’t go over 1/2 throttle