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  1. Jace Perez

    How should I break in my 125 topend

    But don’t I have to seat my rings before I let the bike rip
  2. Jace Perez

    How should I break in my 125 topend

    Thanks just wondering though is 35 Hours of riding with about 1/4 mx and 3/4 trails too much. By the way I ride and sand track and my bike is pinned is 4th most of the time
  3. Jace Perez

    Post pics of your CR's

    How many hours should I expect on cr125 topend is 40 hours pushing it
  4. So I’ve already changed one topend on my cr125 (2004) and I was wondering since I will be changing it soon how I should break it in. Normally I do 3 heat cycles and on the 4th one take the bike out for an easy 15min ride no more than half throttle. Than I let it cool and do the same thing one more time. After this I do one last heat cycle than go on a ride average ride. I don’t ride it hard until I go through one gallon of gas. Is this good or should I do it differently and also do you guys put 2 stroke oil on your pistons and parts as you assemble it. I always do but I heard that it’s not needed . Please get back to me soon and just wondering I have 35 hours on my 125 and I normally change the piston and rings every 35 hours is this too long and should I change it sooner. Btw using a wiseco pro lite forged piston.
  5. Jace Perez

    Cr125 noise

    I think it’s my pipe the springs seem loose so I think it’s the pipe rattling
  6. Jace Perez

    Cr125 noise

    How do I upload the videos
  7. Jace Perez

    Cr125 noise

    Does the bike sound ok this is 5 hours after I rebuilt the top and bottom.
  8. Jace Perez

    Which air filter for my CRF 250R

    No toil air filters are amazing and there oil is also very good a good cleanser is the oxi clean powder. After you oil the filter it can be ridden for about 3-4 hours then clean it and re oil it. To clean pour some oxi clean in a bucket mix it around and just keep soaking, rubbing, and squeezing the filter.dint wring it out like a towel though just squeeze all the water out and let it air dry. Also after you use the oxi clean rinse the filter is water to get all of it of. For oiling the filter just put a ton of oil on it and massage it in. The filter should be completely saturated. Also rub some grease along the edge of the filter where it meant a the air box for a better seal.
  9. Jace Perez

    Need help please ..cr80r is bogging out

    I would just as other people said take the carb apart check the jets and maybe go leaner. Than also go up one click (notch) on the throttle needle
  10. Jace Perez

    Need help please ..cr80r is bogging out

    The floats are probably of letting too much gas in when you give it gas. Also your needle may have to go up one click because that can cause the carb to shoot to much gas into the motor . Also if your cable is too long than it may not be engaging the clutch causing the bike to stall but that probably not it
  11. Jace Perez

    98 cr 125 weird noise from new rebuild

    No problem
  12. Jace Perez

    07 CR125 budget build

    Does the bike have a magura hydro clutch in it
  13. Jace Perez

    07 CR125 budget build

    Ur bike looks sick I have a cr125 too but nowhere near as sexy as urs
  14. Jace Perez

    What bike to buy (female)

    Don’t get a ttr my friend has one and the kickstarter is in an awkward position and not trying to be mean but for an 87 pound female it may be hard to kick since the kickstarter is high up on the bike. I would get a xr or crf100 because they are lighter, the plastics look better and the suspension is much better by far the the ttr. Also my old crf100 beet my 2 friends ttr125 every tim because of the lightness. Also the Honda air cooled 4 strokes are the most reliable out there all of them run. ttrs are more prone to needing valve replacements than the crf100f (80f,150f etc) but Honda’s r series bike are not as reliable