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  1. Can't give a fair comparison of the AOSS really as the bike is new to me and the springs that came in the forks and rear shock are harder than the stock 450 stuff that I bought! lol I did 5 laps of my local track without touching the suspension just to get a feel for the bike.. it was not fun! I can confirm 100% that all you need is a new hanger, the caliper slides straight on... I just need to sort the spacer now, seems there needs some removing from the non-caliper side spacer. Is that the correct side to remove material from? The caliper lines up with the disc and the slider is fine on the caliper side, so the smaller spacer on that side seems to be the right size. The wheel also looks centered in the forks. Everywhere I have read says the left side, is that from the front or back of the bike?
  2. So just to confirm, I can use my 05 calliper with a newer smaller hanger? Or does no one know for sure, a case of trial and error?!
  3. SSS have just arrived! Seem fine, just need seals and the correct springs as you say mog One issue in having is the brake mount, I was under the impression my existing would bolt straight up but the new forks have less of a gap between mounting holes... Do I need just the 450 hanger or the calliper also?
  4. I have a 2005 YZ 125 which has been highly modified by the previous owner. It still has the KYB AOSS forks fitted and by chance I found some super cheap 2006 YZ450f KYB SSS forks which need a rebuild. I also bought the rear because it was so cheap, is it worth bothering with the rear? After as much searching as I could do about the swap, there is supposed to be little difference in the rear shock. I will obviously have to buy a new spring to use it, so I'm hoping to keep it as a spare with the intention of rebuilding it eventually with the right spring to put on the 125. I am confident that the forks will bolt right up to my existing Scar clamps, I don't want to change them if possible so I will shave the spacers if necessary. I have read that the axle floats in the pinch bolts, (which it does...) so shaving material from the spacers is actually not necessary even though it says that's needed in the majority of places. Now, my real question is what will I need to change internally on the 450 forks? I assume the valve stack will be different? I had a look through the stacks which are listed in the sticky, but I wanted to check first what stack is best! I've already worked out I need a .42kg spring for my weight (70kgs) which is a stock 2006 YZ 125 spring... If I do just this, will I need to alter the valving at all?? Thanks for your help!