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  1. andoni10

    Front Suspension Upgrade - Hyperpro vs Racetech

    I'll definitely get some snaps up of the bike when she's all ready!
  2. andoni10

    Front Suspension Upgrade - Hyperpro vs Racetech

    thanks for the replies. i don't doubt the full RT kit is great. just as u know it's an expensive business getting this thing desert/jungle/mountain ready, and so am trying to only spend on what i really have to, [which seems almost everything! :)] as i say im just tryna make something that'll plod comfortably along a trail rather a supercross machine. that's interesting that cerk's just running just the spring without the valve. could be a good compromise. has anyone else run this set-up long distance with a loaded up machine? if so how did it fare on the dirt? >the hyperpro spring is a progressive one.
  3. Hey, Have been slowly upgrading my bike for a RTW trip, and have got to the suspension stage... I've been reading all the great stuff up here, and have narrowed it down to the Racetech or the Hyperpro springs. The Racetech seem to be the most popular upgrade, but what with having to buy the springs and the valve kit (plus mailing to the UK) comes in quite expensive. I may have to go the RT route, but was wondering about Hyperpro. I cant seem to find many reviews of the Hyperpro front spring kit. Does anyone have any experience with these? Do they need a valve kit as well? They seem to be considerably cheaper here. >It's unlikely i'm gunna be hitting huge jumps with this thing, but she is gunna be fairly loaded and traversing some pretty tough terrain. Any input would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks, Andoni
  4. andoni10

    hello everyone

    mmmmm.... dont i feel like an idiot! cheers garth!
  5. andoni10

    hello everyone

    hello everyone, i'm andoni, i'm new to the forum, only got my bike a few weeks ago. this is place is great, so much info. following forum advice my bike already has the 13t sprocket, ejk, uni air filter & delkevic exhaust installed keep up the good work people. plant to be going round the world on this thing. will post pics soon.