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  1. SuperMoTyler

    I'm confused!

    Lol that would be a serious problem!
  2. SuperMoTyler

    I'm confused!

    Ok yea I will check that front sprocket and see what it looks like. Thanks!!
  3. SuperMoTyler

    I'm confused!

    All this is awesome advice! I knew I loved this site lol. Cus all you guys know a heck of a lot more than I do so this is great! After messing with it a little bit it looks like everything is all good down there! It doesn't bother me enough to make me tear everything down yet lol. I'm gonna make for sure everything is all good and lubed up next time I'm at my bike. Thanks again for all your help!
  4. SuperMoTyler

    I'm confused!

    Awesome! Thanks for all the help guys and I seriously appreciate it! I am going to keep riding her just the way she is and we will see if anything else arises. If not, then hey I'm good with that! Lol
  5. SuperMoTyler

    I'm confused!

    They appear to be wearing evenly as far as I can see. Should there be more of a gap between the outside pad and the cylinder? Because the gap that is there when the brakes are not compressed is a hair to none it seems?
  6. SuperMoTyler

    I'm confused!

    Alright I have checked the bike and gotten very close to the rear and listened I could not duplicate the sound UNTIL I pushed the rear brake down a couple times and there it came! I listened again with the sound this time closer and I have determined it does appear to brake drag from the rear brakes! I have pushed the pedal up to ensure that there is no braking occurring and the sound is still there. So given it does this when I hit the rear brakes but the sound is very minimal lasting only for a second or less when rolling the bike would this ever be an issue? I have attached a picture of the rear pads with the rotor if anything can be seen from that.
  7. SuperMoTyler

    I'm confused!

    I'm pretty sure I've got it narrowed down to the back. It mostly does it too when I'm rolling it backwards like to get in my spot at work or putting it back in the garage. If it is brake drag. How would I go about fixing it?
  8. SuperMoTyler

    I'm confused!

    Hello all! Still very new to the forum so if this is not the place for this, please find help me find where it needs to go. I have a 2009 DRZ400SM with about 16,400 miles. All stock besides MCCT. Love the bike!! So much fun!! Whenever the bike is warm, after a ride, and I go to move the bike to park it. At one certain point of rolling it I hear a "moan" sound. Its not a long moan just very slight and it only happens when i am just BARELY moving the bike so just pushing/pulling it very slowly around the garage. It reminds me of brakes moaning but I don't think thats what it is as it only happens in one spot. But I could be wrong? I'm brand new to the whole DRZ family so I'm not sure where to dial in a problem at. I have searched around and seen possible things like bearings? Or chain rollers? Does anyone have any idea of what it could be? Thanks for any help!!