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  1. BubbaJ2100

    Keihin Carb Overflow Leak

    I do run premium (92+ octane) and I only run the best oil. iPone 2 stroke race mix. But thanks!
  2. BubbaJ2100

    Keihin Carb Overflow Leak

    Thanks! Those are the exact words the mechanic at the shop said. I'm probably just gonna rebuild my carb. Its rather cheap and it covers everything that you suggested.
  3. BubbaJ2100

    Keihin Carb Overflow Leak

    Hi, I recently purchased a 2003 KTM 200 MXC and I noticed after my first few rides that every now and then the over flow would start puking gas. I have a Keihin PWK carb but I'm not sure the size. I will keep riding it unless I am suggested otherwise. It does not leak often but when it does it pours. Fortunately for me my mom does work in a small engine repairs shop so I am able to bring my bike in should I need to. Thanks, Cam