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  1. Thx Did you get a picture by chance?
  2. Thx May end up having to go down that route but would prefer modern frame with modern geometry and ergos if possible. I need to find some bikes to measure but I think the KTM single cam 525 motor is quite tall so that might be a good donor chassis. A mate of mine is just finishing a KTM 640 Adventure build which is a pretty big engine so that chassis might work also.
  3. I like the KTM frame idea as I run a 200EXC so I have some experience of their chassis having run them since '99 What's my choice of air cooled wet sump motors? Hondas are out so I guess XT/TT Yams or DR350 with a big bore kit?
  4. Thanks for your responses. Clearly a lot to think about and some measuring to be done! I'm going to need to use a steel frame most likely 4 stroke for space and ease of modification. I like the idea of the xr400 motor as it should be shorter in height and I can hop it up to c. 460cc Cheers G
  5. Hi Just joined Thinking of fitting and old skool air cooled single e.g. XR600 or XT/TT500 into a modern MX chassis e.g. Honda CRF or WR/YZ frame - most likely pre aluminium as I don't think there's space in the aluminium frame. Anybody done this or seen it done?