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  1. Pipester

    Front wheel not spinning freely, troubleshooting?

    Easyday, If I were you this is what I would do. Have a look at the brake pads, how much meat is left on them. Are they fairly symmetrical in wear? Are they down to the metal? Remove the whole caliper. Loosen the axle slightly and spin the wheel. Have a look at the rotor. Does it look true? Move the wheel side to side. Grab the top and the bottom and move in opposite directions. If there is play your wheel bearings are knackered. Make sure your pinch bolts are not seized and that they are properly torqued down in the correct sequence. Take the wheel off and take the rotor off. Multiple ways to check if it’s out of true. Sounds to me like you need new pads and a rotor. Depending on how many hours and terrain I’d install new bearings/spacers and seals as well. Then you have a new front end. Cheers.
  2. Pipester

    New boots: gaerne vs Fox

    Once you try a pair of Gaerne on your credit card will fall out of your wallet.
  3. Pipester

    New boots: gaerne vs Fox

    100% personally helmets and boots is one area I’ll save and splash more cash for. Super happy with the SG12’s. I won’t wear anything other than Gaerne from here on in. Cheers.
  4. Pipester

    New boots: gaerne vs Fox

    I recently replaced my A stars Tech 8s with Gaerne SG12. It’s single handily the best boot I’ve ever owned. Simply awesome. Cheers.
  5. Pipester

    how fix crappy ktm wiring?

    Looks like I’m a granny. I haven’t had any electrical problems on my ‘17 500. Maybe when I reach the hero status of riding my wires will fail. Must try harder.
  6. Pipester

    Leader of the pack?

    Hans, your hat is on sideways mate.
  7. Pipester

    18 exc 500

    I don’t hate the guy by any means. Nor do I think he’s a snake oil salesman. I agree with on almost everything, except..... the guy could talk a glass eye to sleep. He’s about as entertaining and animated as watching a cat clean itself. He needs to get some proper microphones, some video editing and maybe a few beers before hand to loosen up lol.
  8. Pipester

    Leader of the pack?

    That’s a good point. If I’m riding with anyone slower than me they sometimes want me to go in front of them for that reason. It’s paramount everyone in the group feels comfortable and is having fun with no pressure to keep up. That’s when accidents happen.
  9. Pipester

    Leader of the pack?

    I primarily ride with my one dedicated riding buddy. When it’s just two of us we usually discuss where we are going to before hand. Both of us use gps to leave bread crumbs. We are at a similar level so we will switch up who’s in front. Same goes for river crossings and huge mud holes. We take turns. When there is more of us we do the same thing. Only put the slower guys up front. I’m with Hans on that one, I like staying behind a less experienced guy. That way I can help him if he’s hung up, passs on a pointer or two and generally enjoy myself by taking in the scenery. One thing to note. What we do have is excellent ‘convoy discipline’. We are mostly ex army. What I mean by that is it’s very important to do a shoulder check periodically to ensure the guy behind you is still there. Everyone in the line has to do this or it breaks. As I’m sure you all know it’s easy for someone to go the wrong way, or worst case down a ravine and hurt and the group is still moving. This is the one time to be THAT GUY and be anal about looking out for one another. Just my 2 cents. Cheers.
  10. I don’t usually hijack, but is that a 991 turbo in the background?
  11. Pipester

    18 exc 500

    It turns the bike from a lamb to a lion. Make sure you post up after you rip it with the vortex. Good luck and have fun.
  12. Pipester

    dirtbikes safer than ATVs?

    Throw six beers in their gut and a shit ton of heart burn from the breakfast burrito and it’s recipe for disaster.
  13. Pipester

    Is there a tool for measuring idle speed?

    Ddddddeeeeerrrppppp???? good thing I’m not that clever.
  14. Pipester

    Why is EXC running too lean again?

    Check your fuel pressure. I’m willing to bet your fuel pump is slowly dying. It happened to mine. 2017.