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  1. mrpike18

    supercross NBC sports SUCKS!!

    This network is &%$#@!ed! Streaming a Supercross ever since NBC sports took over has been terrible. FS1 was awesome. NBC sports gold cost $ and you get additional coverage of practice and qualifying for $50 or $10 per event. I wouldn’t trust this network to cover any sport! I cannot believe there isn’t more outrage because of this shitty ass network! Rant over.
  2. mrpike18

    Lectron or Smart carb? And will it fit?

    So you are aware of the 95 piston and head combo? One off year. I wonder if i can make my head match the 94 head and simply use the 94 piston??
  3. mrpike18

    Lectron or Smart carb? And will it fit?

    No head mods. It’s a 300. I always heard the 360s had that issue. I do run a FMF Gnarly system. Boysen reeds.
  4. mrpike18

    Lectron or Smart carb? And will it fit?

    Thank you 👍🏻 Love it lol 😂
  5. I have a mint condition 1995 KTM 300 MXC and I’m thinking about a new carb because of the finicky Keihin stock carb is rich and lean at the same time. I know I KNOW! my bike is 23 years old. I’m willing to spend the money. Serious reply’s only please. I deal with smart asses all day, every day. Very proud of this bike and I want to keep it. I’m less then 1000 ft above sea level In Michigan. Thanks.
  6. mrpike18

    Detroit back on the schedule

    The good old days in the Silverdome. Never missed a race there. The only track that went up into the stands at the time.
  7. mrpike18

    Detroit back on the schedule

    Michigan gets its Supercross back! Very very happy. Huge motocross community in Michigan. Always has been. Michigan Mafia district 14. 🤘🏻
  8. mrpike18

    95 300 exc piston

    The plastic is somewhat easy to find. The biggest issue with the 1995 is the piston. That piston is not interchangeable with any other year. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Unfortunately it is a fact! Everything else is pretty much interchangeable from 1993 through 1997! Everything else is pretty much interchangeable from 1993 through 1997. I can tell you this, it is an incredible bike and it’s worth the love.
  9. mrpike18

    3/4 to wide-open throttle bog

    I have a 1995 300 MXC with a Keihin PWK 38. 20 hours on complete rebuild. I have a bogging condition in the last 3/4 to wide-open throttle . I currently have a 175 Main jet, 42 idle jet, needle position 3. My air screw is darn near all the way in/ closed clockwise. Plug is older but is dark brown with no Excessive oil. This is the chart that I have for my bike from the manufacture. Any ideas on which way I should go?
  10. mrpike18

    New Owner - 1995 KTM 300

    This very well could be true for the 250cc but for the 300cc it is a one off year. Do we agree on this? When I say agree, I mean if he insists on keeping the 300cc, he will not be able to use a 94 or 96. I just want to make sure That we are talking about the same thing. I never thought about going to 250 cc option but I do know for a fact that 300cc will match from year 94,95,96.
  11. mrpike18

    New Owner - 1995 KTM 300

    I have a 1995 KTM 300 mxc and i have found almost all the parts for it other then a piston kit. You can find a rear wheel for that bike on E-bay. Your gonna have to be patient and your going to be searching alot. ALOT!! Being that the previous owner of your bike put a Yamaha wheel on the rear, makes me question what else the guy did. The piston kit for the 1995 is a one off flat top piston with a head to match. 1994 and 1996 will NOT work on that bike. Good luck on your search's I seen the rear wheel for that on e-bay about 2 weeks ago.
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    F#@ckin Austin Powers lol
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    Thats after all the photo shop tricks availaible lol
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    I can assure you that i cannot eat an apple thru a chainlink fence lol
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    Ouch! lol