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  1. Arrowtree551

    Seemingly poor MPG

    Just remove smog and keep it on the shelf, if you need warranty just re-install;)
  2. Oooo blue ride parkway! Beautiful ride. Loved the tail of the dragon also. stayed at kickstand Lodge for a week riding all those areas. As for the xrl, I have built mine for longevity and reliability. I spend alot of miles in the Backcountry. I've installed an oil cooler, fritzco sprocket, bigger tank, baja designs headlight and better tires. The things I've installed I don't really need are grip heaters which I LOVE. I'm 6 ft and I like how tall the seat is. My next upgrade will be suspension. I was going to do a usd swap, but I'm now convinced to upgrade the stock stuff with racetech internals. I love my xrl. And my xl. I will keep both for as long as possible.
  3. Arrowtree551


    8 years later lol
  4. Arrowtree551

    Why do people like the Honda XR650R?

    I have 2 trusty xr's and I have no plans on getting rid of either. Plenty of miles on both! And going up!
  5. Arrowtree551

    Are air filters necessary?

    I worked at k&n and let me tell you they are JUNK! I will never run anything k&n in any vehicles or bikes.
  6. Arrowtree551

    XL600R/XR600R Dual Carb Question

    I worked on an 86 that had the 5th valve head. My machinest took the valve out and welded it closed.
  7. Arrowtree551

    What you did to your XR today?

    New chain and sprocket setup 15-45 for the trails, 14front in the toolbag for highway (Trans has 2nd and 5th mod) riding
  8. Arrowtree551

    Brand new XR60L oil doesn't register

    There must be something wrong with your engine then cause I have a 87 with 24k miles and a 95 with 16k and they both show oil after checking per manual instructions. The 87 even has a little drain back if sits for a while
  9. Arrowtree551

    Brand new XR60L oil doesn't register

    Hey Gary ever find a quiter sprocket?
  10. Arrowtree551

    Brand new XR60L oil doesn't register

    Any news?
  11. Arrowtree551

    Are air filters necessary?

    Just run it
  12. Arrowtree551

    ‘18 500RR-S Flaming Out

    I agree with you. Not trying to trigger anyone! I had my 650l long before the beta. There's just something about riding pro for the better part of my life then trying to get a heavy bike like the xr to do things it shouldn't lol
  13. Arrowtree551

    ‘18 500RR-S Flaming Out

    Say what you will, that ktm is still out there somewhere getting hammered on the street. I was surprised at how well it held up because the kid riding it was not very smart lol. Traded a few pounds of weed for it and didn't know Jack about taking care of stuff....and it's still going to this day lol can't say that about my beta
  14. Arrowtree551

    ‘18 500RR-S Flaming Out

    Are you talking about the PO?
  15. Arrowtree551

    ‘18 500RR-S Flaming Out

    Had other tunes installed. Bottom line I didn't like the fact I had to reset the bike before every ride with a long warm up. For that amount of money spent on the bike I wasn't happy. I should have done more research so that's my bad before purchase. All of these little problems where amplified because of my riding partner and his ktm 500. Not a single problem with his bike. just start and go. While I was coughing sputtering and flaming out. They never did tell me what was wrong with it, I'm blaming the dealer and not beta. Dude was a dick about it. Maybe I was annoying, but I know for a fact I was respectful about the whole deal.