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    My 2001 DR650 pics and mod list

    Over the past year, I decided to work on her a little bit. Don't know how the original owner will feel about it, but it sure is fun to ride.
  2. Michael Hanlon

    My 2001 DR650 pics and mod list

    Oh, and now the bike has 41k miles on it. I've owned it for a few months.
  3. Michael Hanlon

    My 2001 DR650 pics and mod list

    Wow, just came across this topic via Google search for 'DR650 Modded'. I took one look at the console and thought "Hey! thats my bike!" I bought this bike a few months ago from a guy who let it sit since 2012. (last inspection) It ran horribly! I pulled the float bowl and found the inside was literally green. After much scrubbing with a toothbrush and cleaning, I finally had it running better. Sadly though it still wasn't 100%. It suffered from a very very loud backfire during decel. Made the jump and installed a TM40-6 pumper carb and it's been fantastic. Also replaced the stock exhaust with something about 15lbs lighter. Besides all that I've put new tires on it and ride it daily. Unfortunately, though it did suffer from something that was truly terrifying to me. Who ever installed the rear spring used an aluminum base that literally tore in half due to tension. The bike dropped all the way to the ground upon acceleration. I was very fortunate the girlfriend wasn't on the back. I had a box of parts they guy gave me that contained all the stock parts so I simply reinstalled them. The rear end is now back to regular height. I'm also happy to read the front end WAS lowered and plan on raising it again this winter. It looks like the original poster Wybs hasn't been here since 2011 which is when he probably sold the bike to the dude I bought it from. But I just want him to know its in good hands and still rips along better than ever.