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  1. OP, what part of PA? I'm in Pittsburgh Edit to ad: Nevermind. I watched the video. Good review by the way.
  2. I called a few places today and was told Nov / Dec ­čś┤
  3. i am thinking of upgrading from my drz-sm to the 701. the local dealer has a left over '17 enduro model. is there anything too different between the enduro model and the SM that wouldn't allow a simple wheel swap? my thought was to buy the enduro, keep the knobbies and buy warp9 or excel rims to make it a SM. the drz wheel swap is supposed to be easy, but it depends on who you ask. the swing arms are different, the kick stands are different, the forks are different lengths and styles, some people say the hubs, spacers, and axels are different, others say it's not true. this is why i haven't done the wheel swap with the drz yet. i don't ride off road, but if i had a set of knobbies laying around, i might.
  4. corey4

    gearing change

    how many should go up in the rear?
  5. corey4

    gearing change

    i am looking for a bit more punch for my DRZ-sm. should i go down one in the front, or up in the rear? does it matter which one i change and why? im not worried about losing top speed.
  6. corey4

    Used Drz400SM - Need help

    As someone else stated, why did it need the rebuild? Why so early? To me, what I read between the lines with fresh rebuilds is, " fresh rebuild cuz I made a boo-boo it up so now it's your problem". I'd walk away. For what you pay for it, then potentially have to re-fix the rebuild, you might as well just buy a new one. Keep looking bud. We only have 2 months of decent riding weather left in PA (im in Pittsburgh)
  7. corey4

    looking at a DRZ400E

    Is there anything on the VIN that designates a CA model?
  8. corey4

    looking at a DRZ400E

    how do i tell if it's a CA model from just looking it over? i haven't made it out to look at it yet, hopefully saturday. our schedules haven't been cooperative.
  9. corey4

    looking at a DRZ400E

    i'm taking a look at a 2005 E today to possibly go a long with my SM. the seller says it has the fcr39 carb. to my shitty recollection, are there 2 models of fcr39 carbs? fcr39mx and just a fcr39? is there a slant carb, or is that what the fcr actually is? i remember reading that the earlier models came with different cams. does this year have the hotter cams? when did suzuki stop putting the fcr in? any thing i should look at, be wary of? thanks!
  10. i have zero dirt experience and didn't start riding til i was 21, so take my suggestions with a grain of salt. nothing wrong with good ol' 50 to get started. i bought my son a crf50 when he was 7 in january of '17. he still doesn't ride it much, but it still has enough ass to haul he and i around, with a combined wight of 280 pounds. i weighed 230 back then, and he weighed 50. now he has grown a bit and probably too tall to ride 2 up (him sitting in front of me, his feet on top of my feet on the pegs), weighs 60 and im down to 200. i think a used 50 is a good place to start. after she gets used to it, sell it for probably close to what you paid, and get an 80.
  11. with all of the suggestions, i'll probably stick to a road race helmet or ADV. like i said, it's probably going to be the arai xd4. i'm not worried about cost. i'm not one of those guys that going to go out and buy the cheapest helmet just because it's on sale for $100. i had the unfortunate pleasure of crashing 2 arai's (one of them twice). one was a guard rail head on at 60ish and the the other was a high side at 80ish. how well do the roost deflectors act as a sun visor if that isn't the main desgn?
  12. im going to be needing a new helmet soon. i currently have an arai corsair-v which is a road race helmet. when i was at cycle gear trying dirt helmets on, he told me that that dirt helmets whistle and are loud. he also mentioned a few other reason that i can't of right now. i have a drz400sm and really don't do too much highway riding, but i do get up to 75-80 (that's all it pretty much has in lol) on the back roads. my initial thought would be the arai vx-pro4 since i have been wearing arais for 17 years. he pointed me to the arai xd-4, but...meh...i dunno, i'm not into it at all. the reason for the switch from road race to dirt is the sun visor. i really don't recall the sun getting on my nerves as much with crotch rockets as with the drz. maybe because the on the crotch rocket you are leaned forward more, putting your head down at an angle naturally, and the drz is upright? what are your thoughts on dirt helmets on the open road? i see lots of people that wear them.
  13. corey4

    sidi crossfire 2 vs 3

    most of my riding is street and supermoto. i have zero intentions for hitting jumps, i had back surgery a few years ago.
  14. corey4

    sidi crossfire 2 vs 3

    How would they compare to the A* techs? This are pretty narrow as well for me. I don't wear wide shoes, work boots or hockey skates.
  15. some background info first. i come from 17 years of crotch rockets, never road a dirt bike until i got my '17 DRZ400SM in sept of '17. i have 1000 miles on it now. my type of riding is 95% street. in fact, in 1000 miles of my new DRZ, i haven't even gone off road yet. i do intend to go off road, but i don't know when. i have been to the local kart track and they let me slide with just my work boots. so far, im not liking the whole foot off the peg, push the bike down etc. im used to hanging off, dragging toes and knees. i am considering the sidi crossfire boots. i have watched the comparison videos on what was updated. is it worth staying with the old model so that the entire sole can be changed? right now im not sliding my foot, but i might. it seems dumb to take away that a feature with he new gen 3. i was originally going to go with sportbike boots, but after some research on sportbike boots and supermotos, i have decided to go with the MX boot. o am open to all suggestions. thank you.