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  1. Just took a look at the website and there is no in depth information on the fuel settings. Should the 3 fuel dials all be the same setting number?
  2. I get that the x10 dial is for your fuel map, but what are the other dials for? Is there a guide or chart for settings?
  3. Your 450L extended warranty was $300? How many years?
  4. I'm should be getting my vortex and yosh today. Other than that, what is the advantage to pulling off everything else? I've seen a few different items mentioned and honestly don't even know wtf most of it is. Catch cans? Charcoal canister? Air pump? Other than weight, what is the performance benefit? I do know I am keeping the thermostat and over flow bottle.
  5. corey4

    drz-sm fatbar

    it's torquey! the seat sucks, throttle sucks (it's actually more of a light switch) and im getting low frequency vibs that don't seem normal. everyone says how smooth the bike is. mine isn't smooth at all. i only have 30 miles on the bike. i ordered the ecu and full yosh. im waiting to put those one before i go play in the mud, which i should have them next tuesday. i might be able to get out tomorrow and saturday for some road miles. i'm more interested in a supermoto for the 450L than a woods bike. it's nice to have power in a bike again, thats for sure. the drz was fun, but it was slow. the drz-sm only had the jd jet kit, 3x3 and full yosh.
  6. i recently sold my drz-sm and picked up a honda 450L. i am looking at replacing the OEM bars on the honda and would like to use the same bars that came on the drz-sm. does anyone know exactly what bend the fatbar is? there are quite a few different bends to pick from and since i have experience with the one that comes on the drz-sm, i'd like to stick to that.
  7. picked up my 450L last night and it is a huge jump from my drz-sm. i have always been a sportbike guy, i never had anything like this before and have never been off road before. my first impressions and gripes so far: -torque!!! i'm finally back on a bike with a soul!!! when i first bought my drz-sm, i cracked the throttle, looked at my watch, checked my email and then i could finally upshift to second. good god that thing was slow...but fun. -it is not very smooth as everyone suggests it is. i was getting tons of vibes thru the bars and seat while riding which i think might be the knobbies; i have no idea since i have never been on knobbies before. sitting at red lights it was very clunky at idle and buzzy. -i did ask the dealership to set the idle at 1900 as some of you have suggested to help with the flame outs others have complained about and the on/off throttle light switch...and that's exactly what it is, a light switch lol. it reminded me of the first few times learning how to operate a clutch, booping and lurching around lol. -the throttle doesn't react until towards the end of it's travel. is this normal for this bike? i do not recall any bike that i have had that reacted this way. -the suspension is set way too stiff but this should be a simple fix. -the seat should have been outlawed by the geneva convention. i gave up sportbikes because they aren't fun unless you are doing 150+. i can't afford to lose my license anymore. trading in my ninja 1000 for the drz-sm was kinda of a spur of the moment thing. i sold the drz-sm about a month ago with the intention of getting a bike the wife and i could pal around on. we used to ride all the time, then the boy came along and she didn't want to ride at all. i figured it was time to get something a bit more age appropriate and went to look at the indian dark horse. she asked how much they were and i told her 20-25k. she paused for a moment and said, "why don't you just buy us all dirt bikes instead, that way we can all ride as a family". SOLD!
  8. Is the new FI crf110 worth it over a carb? I am looking at getting my son another bike. He out grew his crf50. One of the local dealers has a left over carbed 2018 for $2000. These bikes usually run $1500ish used in good shape so I'd rather just spend the extra and get the left over 2018. Unless the FI is worth the extra over the carb.
  9. Dang, i was going to pick one up Tuesday or Wednesday. So I can't take delivery at all?
  10. Where in PA? I'm in Pittsburgh.
  11. OP, what part of PA? I'm in Pittsburgh Edit to ad: Nevermind. I watched the video. Good review by the way.
  12. i am thinking of upgrading from my drz-sm to the 701. the local dealer has a left over '17 enduro model. is there anything too different between the enduro model and the SM that wouldn't allow a simple wheel swap? my thought was to buy the enduro, keep the knobbies and buy warp9 or excel rims to make it a SM. the drz wheel swap is supposed to be easy, but it depends on who you ask. the swing arms are different, the kick stands are different, the forks are different lengths and styles, some people say the hubs, spacers, and axels are different, others say it's not true. this is why i haven't done the wheel swap with the drz yet. i don't ride off road, but if i had a set of knobbies laying around, i might.
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