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  1. Pnw117

    Fingers Stiffen up/get fatigue.

    Sounds like a heavy form of arm pump ! Work on not holding onto the bars so hard an gripping more with your legs? Iv had this happen once or twice an i chalked it up to severe arm pump. Hard to avoid sometimes if the track is rough !
  2. Time for me to get a new bike folks. I’m coming off a 2015 crf250, Iv been doing a lot of racing recently and trying to decide between a 250 or a 450. I’m 6 ft, 170lbs, mid pack c rider. I seem to feel cramped on the Honda’s sometimes though anyone else think there cramped ? I owned a 2016 kx450 an it fit me perfect but I feel like I’m faster and ride better in general on a 250? My options at my dealer are 2018 kx250 or kx450 2017 crf250 2016 crf450 All brand new in my price range of $5000-6400 any luck with the new Honda’s or kawis? Reliability ?
  3. Pnw117

    2016 kx450 smoke 15 hours

    I think you mean white smoke. Blue smoke is oil .black is fuel. But my bike hasn't smoked since the one time must have been fuel issue. It's for sale now though I've been riding my cr250.
  4. Pnw117

    2016 kx450 smoke 15 hours

    Yeah I agree could only be dirt but I'm really good about my air filters an I've never seen a spec of anything in my air boot ever or inside of filter. I think the dealer is full of it! Although they are a big name dealer they give gared steinke a ride an a few other big guys. The smoke really only concerned me the one time ever since I haven't really noticed it . Im not gonna worry about it anymore the thing still rips !
  5. Pnw117

    2016 kx450 smoke 15 hours

    The way I see it they just wanted to do top end and cylinder as a way to say "well it's fixed" I haven't taken it back to the track since the day it smoked , but I've rode it in my drive way about 6 times since then trying to duplicate the smoke to No avail . Beats me lol just runs to good to need a top end just weird it smokes once in a while ? The bike is for sale currently I just wanted to make sure nothing's wrong with it first . Going back to the 2 stroke world.
  6. Pnw117

    2016 kx450 smoke 15 hours

    Yeah they said the rings are worn. Just seems hard to believe at 15 hours. Just funny you look in the owners manual an it says piston and rings at 15 hrs. I think I'll get a look in the cylinder myself an know for sure .
  7. Pnw117

    2016 kx450 smoke 15 hours

    Yes they said it needed a top end and a cylinder because the scratches they said they saw in there and said it didn't pass leak down test. Everything else was in spec valve wise they said. I personally wouldn't even think about the top end until 30-35 hours on my crf450 I had, but this thing does smoke once in a while not crazy but you can see It if you look, just didn't know if this was a kawi trait. My cr250 smokes but I didn't think my 450 should lol shops very busy couldn't even get me in for 3 weeks.
  8. Pnw117

    2016 kx450 smoke 15 hours

    So the deal is I have a 2016 kx450 that started smoking at 15 hours . Mostly does it when cold but sometimes a little bit when warmed up although it seems to be intermittent and color appears to be blue from what I can see . Bike never smoked all the way until now I've owned it since new, always did maintenance as I should I've had a lot of bikes never really had a four stroke that smoked. Took bike to dealer I bought it from because I thought smoke was strange on a bike with 16 hours. They confirmed my 16 hours on the bike and did a leak down test . Said bike needed a top end and put camera in cylinder and said inside cylinder has light scratches . None of that sounds right to me at all . Bike has never seen the rev limiter. I just ride practice days at the tracks. Sorry for the long post bike still starts second kick and runs and rides great. anybody have any input ? Thanks