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  1. Thanks for commenting. Whereabouts are you located? There is a decent number of closed courses (something I have enjoyed in the past) in this state and a number of small fee places. I have ridden the national forests that you speak of and while it is a place to turn the bike loose it is just a huge letdown from what got me into the sport in the first place. I am used to being able to free-ride is you will, and being legally confined to given path is the furthest thing from that I could have imagined. And while closed courses are fun they again are just a different sort of deal. Just southern boo hoo's. Gave up riding mostly due to financial issues long ago and ended up here is the south never considering that that would have come to bite me in the butt. I am lucky though and run my own business and have the ability to move for simple love of the sport and that is what I will be doing. I feel for you, and everyone unfortunate enough to live in places that are not as dirt bike friendly as I had become accustomed to. .
  2. Names Joel, known as J, used to ride a split black and green 97, kx 125 (tricked out) back 98ish to 2006. Looking for people I might have once known. Used to ride with a guy named Tyler H (he rode a Cr 125 and then later changed to KX himself around 2002).
  3. Where I grew up, south side of Pueblo Co, I could ride from the Pueblo all the way to the very front range. This happened in two ways, one by having a single land owner (40 acres) who under stood the law, that he in fact had no liability, as long as he had not be informed of anything that could cause harm on his land (and ignored it e.i. a large open pit that one could fall in such as a mine) and did not charge any money. There was a group of us that rode this land and then soon other owners took notice and via informing them of the truth, they in turn opened there land up to us until a man named (unsure of spelling) Bernard Parson owner of nearly 500,000 acres of land opened his land to us also. Admittedly my friends and I protected our right to ride with not just taking anyone out and not tearing up things that were not ours to damage. And that was it, simple as that. We rode everything in sight for 13 years (until I moved at 18-19 years old). I learned to ride every condition and had serious skill back then, have some old injuries and got lucky riding in backs of trucks with them for miles back home hoping it was just broken collar bones, clavicle or what ever it was that time. Now here is what pisses me off. I hear, read, listen to riders spout nonsense that land owners do not open their land due to liability. That is complete bullshit. While I respect a land owner that does not want riders on there land. I cannot stand by while uniformed riders help scare the land owners that might very well be the key to them actually having good riding land. Most states are like I describe, simply google your state name and Recreational Use Statute. Protect your right to ride and do not scare land owners that might otherwise be our friends! In Alabama, were I currently reside is as follows:
  4. When I was growing up in Colorado, from the time I was 5 years old, I would go out to the garage at any time of day, pull my bike out and go riding. On any given Sunday I would find all of my best friends out riding simply by being out. I would ride, I sh*t you not, from sun up to beyond sun down (navigating home by trail knowledge build from a decade plus riding the land). I lived and breathed riding (my first love). So, that was that. It was just that simple to go riding. Did I grow up in some place with a magical portal to sending it, or is the south just this bad that I cannot find private land to ride on. I am just seeking what I once had, don't mind trailering to it, but is it too much to ask for somewhere to ride without all the nonsense? The owners of the land I grew up on never care what we did, and we built full tracks with jumps and free rode everything in sight. As a side note, I met my second love (my wife) 11 years ago and sold my bike way back then to start our life together, but I am ready to ride again all that is missing is the location. Anyone know where. Located in Northern AL, Harvest area. Rebuilt a 2002 kx250 from the ground up for this, so just itching for it.
  5. Duplicate