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  1. COOBER installed. I pulled the baffle out of pipe , running it open pipe, as I was told I may. It sometimes stalls coming to stops. It seems to idle low. I put the less restrictive baffle in that was deemed OK with pipe. No stalling. Hmmmm. Message out to Wings pipe (who recommended and set me up with COOBER). We shall see. Additionally: Top speed same as stock on same road different day: 120 mph. I'm not above poking Rottweiler to hurry up and get their airbox/powercommander set up done for this bike (Will the Husky 701 stuff work as is?)--then dynoing both in name of research. To me--stalling is unacceptable and could be dangerous. Again--waiting response/possible insight or remedy from Wings. ill search--anybody point me to that 701/COOBER discussion?
  2. He was coy--he didn't want to bad-mouth other companies. He went on saying all changes he recommends are verified improvements , do not lose the engineered airbox velocity--do not change airbox. Said they even test engine oil so no durability compromises. Dare is he inferring a Rottweiler-Type open air box mods compromise durability? Rotty does offer velocity stack options to tweak velocity. I still want to de-canister it via Rottweiler. Possibly powercommander timing map tweaks also via Rottweiler? Sometimes Intend to over "improve."
  3. Quickshifter is not as seamless and smooth as my 1290 bikes. Would be nice if they could revise and upgrade the program a bit via dealer computer?
  4. Anybody hear anything about COOBER ECU remap device which is a plug and play piggyback tuning device like a PC 3. The Wings exhaust rep strongly recommended this which had a pre-set map and then just maybe do a DNA air filter--not an open airbox design/product. He was very explicit and it seemed this was the best way to go on this motor.
  5. I bought the Wings and installed yesterday with baffle in place. I bought it directly from wings and he was fairly explicit that I want to do a ECU plug and play device from COOBER. And NOT modify airbox--maybe add a DNA(?) filter which I don't know if the Husky 701is the same? Interesting as he was dead set against open air box mods like you-know-who from USA. Maybe just in this motor?
  6. Is it a power adder--or just for looks? Where is a USA source please? Thanks!
  7. Cant really find anything when I search 2019 "KTM Powerparts" online. Anyone know if anything is available? the seat is ROCK hard and needs attention. I can get it reupholstered. The pipe is HUGE and needs to go too. Thanks!
  8. TRIED to pick up my SMC R Friday but a locktite issue internally needing attention/recall/hold. Cams followers maybe? Will be ready Monday.
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