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  1. Howdy folks- Have a 1994 DR250SES. I want to change the gearing for more-off road. After searching the forums I find lots of info for the 350 but not the 250. Gearing now is 14/42. OEM parts show a 49 rear but not for the S model. Questions: can I go to a 13 in front without stressing the system? What brands offer a rear sprocket that will fit this bike. All of my searches so far (Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, Partzilla etc..) show tons of sprockets, but I cant't find one for my model or year. Any help appreciated.
  2. Thanks all-unfortunately the local bearing house is 2 hours away--hoping for an online purchase. Good quality, unnsealed--check. Thanks again--Boondocks
  3. Hi all- Bought a 84 xr250 with a blown head gasket cheap. Have fixed the head, but during fix noticed the camshaft bearings are worn pretty bad. No longer OEM available, none on ebay. Any aftermarket options? Thanks in advance. Eric
  4. I love learning. At the start of this thread I had convinced myself that I had a fuel problem. JoeRc51 and SOANZ thank you! I just went for a ride to check if the problem really did get worse with heat. Rode for 45 ride I ever had on that bike......NO issues at all. Never stuttered at all. All I can think is that the stator plug was loose, and after it got plugged back in it was tight. Still feels a little slow on acceleration from a start. Looking forward to a new plug. Oh and Unswitched from above, yeah the tank is vented. Thanks again to y'all. Until next time.......
  5. Just dug into my clymer manual some more and see that I missed some wires somewhere, for the pickup and source coils. I am running out of time tonight and will check these things tomorrow. I hope you'll be around--you've been a great help. Boondocks
  6. Joe- I believe there are only the three yellow wires coming out of the stator plate. I should say that after following it to the plug from out of the plate and then unplugging it there were only the three yellow wires. Perhaps I missed some wires leaving the housing before getting to the plug?
  7. So to test the pulse generator test the resistance of the stator wires to ground --correct? I have not checked ignition coil, and will do that tomorrow. By the way, thanks for the help!
  8. Did that already--see above
  9. I can't get to it as I am not near the bike now. But will pull it tomorrow. Any other ideas assuming the plug is OK?
  10. I should also note that this bike starts immediately--no problems there. I will replace plug soon. I live in the middle of nowhere and do not have easy access (hence the name Boondocks).
  11. Also --the exhaust is clean. Unkown age on plug
  12. Okay-checked the stator--resistance within spec. Air filter clean. Next?
  13. Okay-will check the stator. But could you explain why the problems are amplified when the bike is hot?
  14. If electrical, why would the the engine run worse when hot?
  15. No I have not ruled out electrical. This back was backed-into by a flat bed pick up, destroying the headlight/speedometer. I have routed the ignition line to a 12v switch so it doesn't drain the battery when not used. I have heard this could be a CDI problem as well?