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  1. I dont know if it is water or coolant but i did replace the clutch maybe its getting in through the gasket but i dont see it leaking and i did wash the bike with a power washer then road it in mud snow and water so how would i find out what it is
  2. I have noticed my coolant dropping a little bit after a few hours so do you think its that or water or both
  3. i changed the oil on my 2004 yz125 put new 10W-30 oil in and when i went to top it off after a few hour ride, the oil that came out of the check bolt was gray (has water in it) so i was wondering how would i figure out how its getting in the engine?
  4. i live in lakeville but ride in prior lake i havent raced motocross or endurocross but thats something id like to get into someday
  5. i know friends with dirt bikes and quads but they never want to go riding so im always riding by myself is there a club or something i could sign up to for group off-road rides (i live in minnesota)
  6. when i turn my yz125 off all the gas starts to come out a overflow line so i have to turn the gas off. i dont know exactly what it is but i think its the float or something
  7. i put a new clutch in and everything works right so thank you guys for the help
  8. ok
  9. ok so im not very qualified in working on dirt bikes (im only 15) but compared to doing a top end kit and splitting the cases which is all ive done really. how hard is it to put new friction plates and all that fun stuff in?
  10. i bought a heynes one from motosport. yea its nice to have one totally worth the money
  11. so i rode the bike and put it in 3rd gear and shifted down to 2nd and the rpms didnt rise so i think its slipping for sure
  12. i grew up riding a xr100r but never got into it till i bought a bigger bike
  13. yea i hope that too
  14. i dont know all i know is that the guy that had it before me brought it in because there was something wrong with the clutch and then just traded it in thats all i know i got it from a dealer out of state
  15. yea its an 04 but thats still a great price