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  1. Matt Champion

    Think I am screwed!

    Hey Titanman, You’re not alone in feeling let down! There are plenty of us in the same situation. It would be interesting to hear what you find, if you make that trip to Oregon! I have read on this forum that his shop is closed after the building was sold earlier this year. Apparently, he is trying to earn enough money doing the disaster recovery work to re-start his business. Despite this happening, Terry has continued to take deposits for parts and services which, it would appear, he cannot deliver. I sent him $600 and cylinder head back in Sept 2017… since then I’ve had nothing but excuses.
  2. Matt Champion

    XR200R Cam options

    Thanks for the replies. Made me realize that the 214 was way too much cam for my motor! I have ordered a 389a, springs and hardweld rockers from Web-Cam and will run this until, hopefully, Terry Miller comes through with the torque cam.
  3. Matt Champion

    XR200R Cam options

    Has anyone here used the Webb Cams 214 grind for XR200R? Thinking of using it in a hot trail build... 11:1 CR, mild port job and pipe. Aiming for good torque and useable power. Terry Miller was going to supply me with what he called a '714 Torque Cam' but that hasn't happened so looking for an alternative? Grind:214 Intake/Exhaust Valve Lash (Inch): .004".004" Valve Lift (Inch):0.375 0.375 Valve Lift (mm): 9.53 9.53 Advertised Duration:280° 280° Duration @ 0.050":250° 250° Lobe Center:106° 106° Intake Opens 19°BeforeTDC Intake Closes: 51°After BDC Exhaust Opens: 51°Before BDC Exhaust Closes 19° After TDC
  4. Matt Champion

    Team Rude

    No parts as yet... although some contact with Terry last week, he explained that he has been full time firefighting, worst wildfires in decades on the west coast so he has been away for weeks on end. I know there are others waiting for parts, engine builds etc from Terry. I wish him well in getting back on top of things, once he is back in his shop.
  5. Matt Champion

    Team Rude

    Thanks Chuck and MX4god for your comments. I have just spoken with Terry. The porting is being done today and he has all other parts in hand, ready to dispatch. Terry explained the reasons for the delays and all is good! I will post a picture of the parts when they arrive
  6. The bike is a 1983 XR200R I have had the forks done by Bruce’s Suspension- Damper rod mods and heavier springs and now want to sort out the too soft rear suspension. A respected suspension guy here in the UK says he can have a spring made to suit my weight. He will also overhaul the shock, anodize and plate the parts so it looks like new. The price is very reasonable and I’m thinking that is probably all it needs, considering my very average riding abilities. So, my question is, is there anything wrong with the design of the original Showa shock that means I would be better off buying a new Hagon or similar? Also, I am a bit of an originality nut… so re-working the old shock is appealing.
  7. Matt Champion

    Team Rude

    Update…. Terry has messaged to say he has done some porting work on the head that I sent him and that he is still involved with the fire crew work. I try daily to contact him by phone, hopefully my efforts will be successful at some point… Terry, if you happen to read this…. Can you please answer your phone!!!
  8. Matt Champion

    Team Rude

    Thanks for the info adnohoy and chadzu. I’m locked in with Powroll, having handed over my money already. I will keep Engines Only in mind as a backup plan.
  9. Matt Champion

    Team Rude

    From my recent experience, I wouldn’t hold out much hope of making contact with Terry Miller - Teamrude - Powroll I paid Terry a large wedge of money back in Sept 17 for a stroker crank, parts and head work to build a 218 motor. Terry said a turn-around of 2 months was achievable and sounded really switched on about the whole deal. 10 months later I still have nothing to show for it. There has been the occasional message from him over the months but now he doesn't respond at all! I’m down $700 + the mint XR200R head and camshaft that I sent him. I’m trying to stay positive that he will get sorted out and do the right thing in the end!