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  1. The T63 is a dual sport/desert tire, so probably need to go for a wider rim for those, I'm also thinking that it might be handy to have a set of wide rims for road tires for winter, hmmm, interesting.
  2. Thanks for the knowledge Bomb. You wouldn't happen to know whether any tyre manufacturer's have a min/max rim width for rim size would you? That'd be a really handy chart. Thinking about running 90/90 - 2154S TT, Michelin T63 Front and 130/80 - 18 66S TT, Michelin T63 Rear and wondering whether I can get away with stock rims or do I need to upsize to a 1.85" rim on the front and 2.50" on the rear? Thanks in advance and apologies for the slight thread hijack.
  3. And as if by magic, the 2018 Rally Albania details have just been released as well as a terrain map for the Hellas Rally in Greece My intent would be to do both of these as they're fairly close together... Right, best get on squaring away this build then...
  4. And that's my point, trying to manage maintenance, so it plays to my strengths which is non-engine stuff. It also helps that I know a couple of guru's in Australia with a stack of experience making 400's run in sand etc. In europe, most of the Rallye's are mountain and not that Sandy, for instance Rally Albania and Rally Seres in Greece, it's Morocco that is the sandpit...
  5. Totally understand that, this is more about me having a piece of kit that allows me to do a number of Rallye's at the back of the grid and build experience, or even just get away for weekends and practice. In a race setting obviously you need the maintenance tempo and the only way of working out how good or bad this will be is by cracking on. Having said that the evidence would suggest that a DRZ will be less intensive in tuned format than the highly strung even un-finger poked KTM's etc. I've had some experience with the 400 platform in the desert and they're pretty bulletproof in it's unaltered form.
  6. Right, this is the FB Message I sent and received, really rapid response, happy with that, will see what the Dyno chart looks like. Me: I saw you offer a Myers Racing 434cc Drz giving 59.2hp, could you build this engine with a machined head with manual decompression for a kickstart? If so, at what cost? Currently looking at building a DRZ Rally Raid bike for Rally's in Morocco and Europe (about to be posted to Spain), so reliability at high power outputs is a must, happy stripping the bike once at home plate for maintenance, but would like to keep field maintenance to oil changes only. Myers Racing That 434cc bike has a kick start on it. It has a newer head on it so no manual decompression. I did machine my head on my 462cc that makes 65hp for the manual decompression. There is no power loss from doing it. As for reliability the 434cc bike is daily driven and has not had a problem yet. Where the 462 has about 4000 miles of me trying to break the bike with no problems with this setup. Most of the stuff I use is modified oem parts and if I change something out it's with better then oem so reliability is no issue.
  7. Good point well made, asking him for the chart now
  8. The Dyno chart is on the facebook link I posted earlier, see here
  9. Thanks, will check his Youtube channel, had already sent him a message on Facebook, as I am indeed serious as a heart attack about this. In fact, I've just realised he's based out of Tampa, where I have to be next month for work, so might see whether I can drop into his shop, the more I see here, the more I think this is going to be a cracking plan, a former colleague in Australia has just given me an inside track with a fairing builder for the 28litre Safari Tank, with the rest of the bits being either easily fabbed up, or available off the shelf.
  10. And, through my ninja like google-foo (, Myer's racing are claiming the following HP/Displacement numbers off the same dyno: Myers Racing 462cc Drz - 64.66hp Myers Racing 434cc Drz - 59.2hp stock Drz - 29.65hp Now, if they can work the 434 magic with a kickstart and reliability, that's almost too good to believe, but they'd get my money...
  11. That's really interesting, thanks, have asked what displacement that engine is, unfortunately the upper limit is 450cc and with the bore and stroking I cannot see how this beast would still be under. Have asked the question and will post the answer. Reliability, it's a question of whether you can get away with oil changes whilst in the field for the 4-5 days of a rally, followed by a tear down at home base, or whether at this HP you've just moved to a KTM type maintenance regime. Finally, burning money, maybe, I was about to buy a new r1200gs adventure before news of my new posting hit, so I have a reasonable budget, I figure I can pick up a cheaper 2nd hand gs in europe for highway mile munching...
  12. What engine displacement would this be now with the big bore and stroker? And dare I ask the question of how reliable this engine has been? Looking at building a DRZ 400 Rally Raid bike, but need to keep displacement under 450cc. What kind of reliable power does Myers Racing think they can get out of the lump if kept under 450cc with kickstart?
  13. Thanks for your input into this conversation, as you rightly point out, there might be better options, however, only by asking specific questions and getting the answers can I make a value judgement, so if we could keep focused on answering the questions asked about the engine build rather than going down the buy a husky or buy a honda or buy a KTM, that would be great.
  14. Yeah, this I think is going to boil down to whether there is a tangible benefit from chasing a couple of extra horses? Not really worried about long term maintenance, it's the mandatory valve clearance check at the end of every competition day on a KTM that worries me as a single competitor. No drama's spending a couple of evening's after race week doing a tear down in the garage, but that could sap the enjoyment out of racing if I have to do it every evening in the paddock. Whilst I want to try and be competitive, it's more important to enjoy the time I'm spending out of work at the moment, that could all change if I discover hidden riding talents, but...
  15. Well, a DR can be road legal in Europe, huskies some countries only, rmx, just no and swm/beta no experience of those bikes and of course, light 500cc bikes would be over the 450cc or less race category I'm targeting.