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  1. Nicknickranger

    PITSTER pro lxr190

    Good to know. I’m kind of hoping I would have went with the Daytona over the zongchen.
  2. Nicknickranger

    PITSTER pro lxr190

    I have seized more then my fair share of majors. But I get it. Hopefully this bike will work out for me. I just have a hard time with people that say these bikes are trash when everyone that does a bbr build uses the Daytona motor which is Chinese, or so I thought. I also have a klx so if this one takes a crap then I will take all of the suspension components off of it and put it on the klx. That’s what everyone does anyway, they either put gpx, fast ace or marzoochi front ends that cost anywhere from $900-1900 so how am I going wrong? I appreciate the info. I’m not trying to start a hate group here so please keep it friendly. Just for some words of wisdom, the klx isn’t made in Japan. Read the tags on your bike.
  3. Nicknickranger

    PITSTER pro lxr190

    I recently purchased a 2018 Pitster pro lxr 190. After a little bit of trial and error I got the thing going. First let me tell you some of the issues I had. I received the bike in a crate shipped to my house. I got the thing out of the box and started putting it together. I instantly noticed that the front wheel wouldn’t allign with the front brake caliper. After further review I noticed that the pads were binding up inside the slots keeping the caliper from moving all the way in. Not a big deal. I noticed that there was a ton of wiring that I just didn’t need so I plan to re wire the entire bike. I went to change the oil and noticed the site glass on the clutch cover was broken. I called Gary at Pitster pro and he shipped one right out to me along with a entire engine gasket kit. I thought that was pretty cool. When I went to get the clutch cover off I couldn’t get it out of the frame without grinding down the punch tabs on the clutch cover. I sent Pitster a pretty nasty email about a lot of the confusion from this whole project. They responded with basically saying that it was my fault and I didn’t know what I was doing. They said that they have sold thousands of these without having that issue. When I got the replacement clutch cover I noticed that cover also had to be grinded down to make fit. I’m not trying to bask the guys. They are actually pretty darn helpful and good at responding to emails and problems. I can see how they would think it’s my fault being that I’m having all the issues. I have a lot of knowledge with all of the major Japan models but this is my first Chinese bike. Maybe I was expecting too much. All I can say is after all the bs and back and forth I finally got it going and holy cow! This thing is bad to the bone. It feels like a 250f. I plan on changing the bars to maybe a higher bend, lowering the rear just a tad, it’s kindof stink buggish, and re wiring to delete all of the head light and tail light wiring. Also I plan to change the front fork oil to a heavier oil. Other then that I just want to say if you plan on doing a klx build and don’t want to spend $5000 then this is a awesome option. There is no way that anyone on the track with a klx and a big bore kit will keep up with this bike. I want to say thank you to Gary at Pitster pro for being so helpful and patient with me during th process, Shawn with the pitbike dr, and t bolt for all of the help. All pretty awesome people.
  4. Nicknickranger


    Thabks for the reply Whyme. is there anyway you could call me? I have a few questions about how you re wired the bike. I’m doing the same as we speak and can’t seem to get rid of the dang clutch engage to fire the bike. 337-258-1996 nick
  5. Nicknickranger

    2019 Pitster Pro lxr190

    Let me start this with letting you all know that I also have a Klx 110 that I was planning on building but wanted to try the China bike to see if it was good enough to rip around on without spending $5000 on my klx build so don’t tear my head off please. I just have some questions for those of you out there that have owned these bikes and what the plus and minuses are. I was looking at doing a wheel change, front fork, rear shock, clutch kit and big bore kit on my klx. That was going to run more then this bike cost, plus if I don’t like this bike I can take all of the suspension components off and wheels, swingarm and throw it on my klx I think. I just got the bike and took it out of the crate and was in the middle of tearing it down to grease and loctite everything but was called out of town for work. I like the fact that the bike is 1 down 4 up and it has electric start. Surprisingly after unboxing it didn’t look to be a cheaply built bike. Kind of had the same build quality of some ktms that I have bought brand new. I’m sure I will find some things that I don’t like and change it but time will tell all. I definitely want to change the shift lever. It is really cheap and looks like it will be in the way. I will also probably rewire it with a ktm wiring kit I have laying around and change the electric start to be on the right hand side . Another reason for rewire is to remove that stupid key ignition. What in the heck is that about? Feels like it belongs on a Harley Davidson not on a pit bike. Please let me know if you have any input.
  6. Nicknickranger


    Hello whyme, i just ordered a pirated pro lxr 190 14/12. I read your review on vital Mx. How is the bike doing for you? Did you really have to change the whole wiring to make the bike run right? What parts did you find to make the bike better? Sounds like they had a lot of bad information on there website as far as the equipped parts and what was said was supposed to be standard . Did they make it right? Sorry, pitster pro not pirated pro
  7. Nicknickranger

    2019 Pitster pro lxr190

    I just ordered a Pitster 190. My questions are, is it a dependable bike if it’s treated right? Overall thoughts of the bike? Also, where can I find different shift levers? Does someone make a good aftermarket piece that isn’t cheap like the one that’s one there?
  8. Nicknickranger

    2006 crf250r jetting

    I’ve checked all of the boots for leaks, nothing! Any other areas I can look?
  9. I have had this bike for about a month. Bought it barely running. You had to leave the choke on to get it to run. As soon as you closed the choke it would die. My first step was to clean the carb and just check the valves while I had it apart. The carb wasn’t super dirty. The valves weren’t off by much. The only way I can get this bike to run was to install a 50 pilot with the air screw 3 1/2 turns out. Then it would idle. Upon further review I noticed it had a big or cut out 1/4 to 1/2 throttle. I figured it was the needle so I lowered the clip position two positions down. I also did the print mod to get rid of the big when you whack the throttle. I just have never had a bike down here on Louisiana need a 50 pilot and the needle to be set in that position. The bike is completely stock from what I gather.
  10. Nicknickranger

    Metallic shavings in oil under stator cover on 2003 crf450r

    Sorry my post got messed up at the beginning. What I meant to say was “main bearings look to be in good shape and move freely.”
  11. Nicknickranger

    Metallic shavings in oil under stator cover on 2003 crf450r

    Ok so I tore down the motor. Main everything looks to be in good shape. Crank bearings down look to have and missing metal, they both roll freely. No signs of rubbing or grinding on any of the moving parts. I’m stumped guys. The crank rod has side to side play but nothing crazy. Almost not up and down play at all, at least I can’t feel any. I’m just trying to get my head around it being “seized” and then rocking it made it free up and it fired right up. Then checked the oil and found small metal bits. Enough to know that something was wrong and thought it would be a easy thing to spot. I truly can’t find anything . I haven’t torn the head apart yet, do you think it could be from the valves? The fragments are magnetic . I appreciate the Info
  12. I just picked up a 2003 crf450r that seemed to be taken care of cosmetically but had some issues. First off, the guy said it was seized. I got the bike, rocked it back in forth in 5th gear and it was no longer seized. I took it home, drained the oil and replaced both oils, trans and crank case. I noticed some small grey and silver shavings in the the oil filter housing. They were magnetic. I put some good gas in it and kicked it over. It ran like it need some carb tuning and maybe a valve shimming. I didn’t run it too long . Today I took the stator cover and head cover off and didn’t see anything out of place or any rubbing but I did find metal bits and shavings behind the case cover. Before I go tearing this motor out and rebuilding it is there anything suggestions? It still has the original tires on it with plenty of life left so I doubt it has over 50 hours but that’s just speculation. I will spend the money if I have to but if I can get lucky then that’s good to. I appreciate it guys.
  13. Nicknickranger

    2007 yz 250 jetting???

    Just installed the boyesen rad valve and WOW!!!! I love the power of the bike even more now. It is more like a four stroke but still has the two stroke feel. It flat out pulls every gear. I ordered a fly wheel weight to install and use in woods but I don't think I need it now. I'm not sure I want to tame it at all.
  14. Nicknickranger

    2007 yz 250 jetting???

    I man in Louisiana so I'm at sea level to 100'. I'm at a 178m,50p. Ran awesome with stock pipe and reeds. I changed to fmf gnarly and boyesen reeds. Should I still go with a 175m and 48 pilot?
  15. Nicknickranger

    2007 yz 250 jetting???

    I plan on using klots 40:1