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  1. Unstoppable120s

    Milsaps Retires

    I never said I was a heavy weight. I’ve had huskys, Honda’s 2 strokes and 4 strokes. What’s your point? You don’t like Beta 300’s? I like to ride. Is that ok with you? Maybe I ride a PW50. Lol. Who cares it’s about riding. To much shit talk on here.. unreal
  2. Unstoppable120s

    Milsaps Retires

    You’re a big man on line forums huh?.. you talk a lot of Sh$t. You are an As$ hole. I’d love to punch u in the neck you little As$ wipe. I happened across this comment of yours. I don’t live on forums like you. I’m sure you’re a ass in real life too. I’m sure when you look in the mirror in your studio apartment all by yourself you say. Man I was tough on line today. Yup! I’m gonna go talk shit again tomorrow! You’re pathetic. I’d love to run into you. Message me and we can meet up I I can show what will happen if you’re an shit talker to me in real life. By the way. &%$#@! off
  3. Unstoppable120s

    Enduro GP 300 ?

    Hey Hawaiidirtrider. I started reading TT a couple years ago. I was injured and had lots of free time. I recently started reading TT again. Most of this is good fun. Yes the new Gas Gas seems awesome from what I’ve read and seen. It sucks to read the same people on TT that verbally bullied me like I was a non local on their wave are still doing it. Geezus talk bikes have fun. Stop the BS. You know who u are. There’s more than one. Oh.. but I’m a new guy. I have no right to talk. Lol. Whatever.
  4. Unstoppable120s

    Show me your...BETA !

    I just love Betas. I can’t figure why everyone doesn’t own one
  5. Unstoppable120s

    Emig grips

    After years, like since the 80’s I got some emit lock ons. Had issues with the throttle cam but that was prob on me. I switched to ODI and I’ll never go back to old style grips again. Love them
  6. Unstoppable120s

    300 race edition

    My first hand knowledge is that I have two friends with 2017 KTM’s one a 250xc the other a 300. They both went with Lectron carbs for around 500.00 each. Yes they live the improvement. They got them cuz they don’t want to fiddle with their carbs for ever. My 17 Beta 300, I had some fine tuning to do do.. I raised the clip on my needle. $0.00 if I was a pro I’m sure more mods would be needed but all I want is a clean no spooge carb. I have that in my stock Beta.
  7. Unstoppable120s

    300 race edition

    Wait what?? What do you need for the Beta that u have to have to ride it off the show room? I bought the 17 300 rr race. Closed cartridge forks, the faster I go the better the respond. FMF everywhere, large foot pegs, speedometer thingy, one button seat removal, I raised the clip on my needle, now it’s clean and crisp, quick release axels, VFORCE reeds, great shifting, 2.5 gal tank. There are always after market improvements we can make but.. KTM costs more and you get less. If you like Orange fine but don’t knock a stock better if you don’t have your facts straight. The Race version can be raced straight off the show room floor with confidence. My local Beta, KTM, Husky dealer claims he has 4 times as many KTM’s come back with warranty issues than Beta. He sells all of them. He’s not bias. Yeah I love my Beta but, because it’s awesome if it wasn’t I’d be riding something else
  8. Unstoppable120s

    speedometer problem

    On my 17 Beta 300rr I was riding up a gnarly single track up hill section and my front wheel locked up. Thought it was a brak e issue somehow. But what had happened was the small magnet came loose of the front rotor and jammed between the rotor and brake pad. Took me a minute to figure it out. And like 20 min to get it out and free up my wheel. So I bought a new magnet and it comes with a snap ring to hold it in place. I decided to add a small amount of JB Weld on it to avoid a repeat.
  9. Unstoppable120s

    Whelp, I’m done riding for a while.

    I feel ya. Last March of 2017 I had a crazy crash like u. Was off for a full year. My leg will never be right.. hope you get better as soon as possible. There are times when you’ll be up and down.. just hang in there.
  10. Yup, was riding behind my house and I was coming to a stop. Standing on the pegs, front wheel jolted to the side. I dabbed my right foot and whammm. On the ground. Felt something wrong with my right knee. Ended up breaking the top of my Tibia off and MCL & PCL shredded. A 7 hour surgery, a year off work and I’m still limping. I still don’t know what actually happened.. [emoji849] I’ve been riding and racing since early 80’s so.. stuff happens I guess
  11. Unstoppable120s

    Show me your...BETA !

    Badass! I have a 17 300 Race. I love the white on the 18’s so fresh
  12. Unstoppable120s

    Yz426 new to the bike

    Today I thought well maybe that’s the only bike he has access too. My bad. I really didn’t meant to be a dick. You’ve got a bike and many hours of fun on it. Sorry Bro. Good luck and have fun!
  13. Unstoppable120s

    Yz426 new to the bike

    I know it sounded bad wasn’t intended. My buddy had one years ago. Always had issues on hot start and super heavy.
  14. Unstoppable120s

    Yz426 new to the bike

    No offense intended but there are like so many newer bikes you could get. Why waste time on a 426?. Even if u make it right it still sucks
  15. Unstoppable120s

    Best Cross Country Bike You Can Get Today?

    I rode CR250 2 strokes forever. I felt it was a time for a change. A bike that was actually designed for off road not motocross. I went to buy a husky 300 or a 350. (Or KTM) I discovered Beta while at the dealership. Did research. In the end I bought a 300 Beta. I do really love it. I’d say do research as you are. But elevation changes present an issue for carburated bikes. But like the guy above said u can fix that with s Lectron Carb. The 300 rides light, handles well and saves me in technical situations all the time. I’m not saying 4 stroke are bad at all. It’s a preference thing. Good luck!