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  1. Unstoppable120s

    Hey Eli

    I have a hard time smack talking these guys with such talent. Except Alessi and Friese.. but what you said sure seems to ring true. American racers are in general soft compared to the MXGP guys for sure. But I wish I had the talent of the last place supercross guy.
  2. On my utube you can here me saying F-ing quads as I rip past them.
  3. Oh then there was the time I was on the moto track and some MOM yelled at me to slow down. Her kid was on there. He was on a full size bike. It’s not the 90 cc and under track. I pulled up to her. I’m like what? Huh? What are u saying?. Then I reslized she was yelling I’m a jerk and need to slow down. I shook my head and said something like STFU. Her first day at the track I guess. I would have been cool if she wasn’t calling me names
  4. A couple years ago. I had my new bike. I had ridden a few trails and at this point I came to a long straight, slight bends but pretty straight. I figured I’d see how she felt at high speed. I saw a guy I was coming up on, on my right. I was prob going about 50 mph. As I was coming closer I was making sure I was clear of him. The road was about 15 ft wide. Trees on the sides. Right as I was about to pass him there was a slight ride on the trail and on the other side was a puddle covering most of the trail. That split second I realize I was a half a bike length ahead of him as I hit the 10 or 12 ft puddle. I knew I soaked him, I’m like oh man. He prob thinks I’m a jerk. I pulled up at the next intersection. He came up and turned his bike off. He had water dripping off his visor, he was soaked! I tried to apologize but he wouldn’t let me get a word in. F- this, F-that! What do u think this is a race!! He said. It wasn’t on purpose. I just smiled and said sorry. My buddy rolls up, shaking his head. Lol. You’re always pissing people off, omg he’s soaked he said. Oh well shit happens.
  5. Unstoppable120s

    Best off-road helmets under $350.00?

    LS2 check it out. 225.00
  6. Unstoppable120s

    Post your Beta video here..

    Hollister Ca
  7. Unstoppable120s

    Increase turning radius on my 2018 300 Race.

    I notice on my 17 300 Race the radius sucks. I’m gonna look into this. Thanks!
  8. Unstoppable120s

    New exhaust pipe repair tool

    Oh I see it’s hydronic oops yeah that’s safer than air
  9. Unstoppable120s

    New exhaust pipe repair tool

    Well my nitrogen tank has like 2000+ psi. Now I just need the proper end fittings. I’m sure I can work that out
  10. Unstoppable120s

    Milsaps Retires

    I never said I was a heavy weight. I’ve had huskys, Honda’s 2 strokes and 4 strokes. What’s your point? You don’t like Beta 300’s? I like to ride. Is that ok with you? Maybe I ride a PW50. Lol. Who cares it’s about riding. To much shit talk on here.. unreal
  11. Unstoppable120s

    Milsaps Retires

    You’re a big man on line forums huh?.. you talk a lot of Sh$t. You are an As$ hole. I’d love to punch u in the neck you little As$ wipe. I happened across this comment of yours. I don’t live on forums like you. I’m sure you’re a ass in real life too. I’m sure when you look in the mirror in your studio apartment all by yourself you say. Man I was tough on line today. Yup! I’m gonna go talk shit again tomorrow! You’re pathetic. I’d love to run into you. Message me and we can meet up I I can show what will happen if you’re an shit talker to me in real life. By the way. &%$#@! off
  12. Unstoppable120s

    Enduro GP 300 ?

    Hey Hawaiidirtrider. I started reading TT a couple years ago. I was injured and had lots of free time. I recently started reading TT again. Most of this is good fun. Yes the new Gas Gas seems awesome from what I’ve read and seen. It sucks to read the same people on TT that verbally bullied me like I was a non local on their wave are still doing it. Geezus talk bikes have fun. Stop the BS. You know who u are. There’s more than one. Oh.. but I’m a new guy. I have no right to talk. Lol. Whatever.
  13. Unstoppable120s

    Show me your...BETA !

    I just love Betas. I can’t figure why everyone doesn’t own one
  14. Unstoppable120s

    Emig grips

    After years, like since the 80’s I got some emit lock ons. Had issues with the throttle cam but that was prob on me. I switched to ODI and I’ll never go back to old style grips again. Love them
  15. Unstoppable120s

    300 race edition

    My first hand knowledge is that I have two friends with 2017 KTM’s one a 250xc the other a 300. They both went with Lectron carbs for around 500.00 each. Yes they live the improvement. They got them cuz they don’t want to fiddle with their carbs for ever. My 17 Beta 300, I had some fine tuning to do do.. I raised the clip on my needle. $0.00 if I was a pro I’m sure more mods would be needed but all I want is a clean no spooge carb. I have that in my stock Beta.