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  1. I said a long time ago.. him and his whole clan can just go away. We’d be better off
  2. EKS are good. I have 3 pairs of them. I have 100% as well. All tinted style. They are all the same in my opinion. The question that comes to me is “replacement lenses” mine have all gotten scratched bad very quickly. I use the bag they give you too. All my stair goggles are in large zip lock baggies too. [emoji848] I can’t just keep buying goggles so I’m gonna look into spare lenses. My eyes suck now and being scratched is actually a hinderance for my vision. That’s my two cents
  3. I have 4 tinted and one clear. I see tinted everywhere now. Not sure why u don’t.
  4. Omg hilarious. And some music. Actually I’d love to make some videos. I can haul ass (bacon) at times and my videos suck as in lack of being able to edit. Yes they are boring. I guess a guy needs to invest in a new GoPro rather than my hero 2. And buy a computer. Nope.. I don’t have a computer. It’s true. I’ll just watch other guys ride I guess. [emoji22]
  5. A little harsh. Lol. Metcalf pretty much sucks. But if u live close, a guy can deal with it. Hollister is legendary. Is about as safe a place to ride that there is. Yes it’s over controlled. I’ve been going there since 1983. Soft spot for me I guess. Carnigie- I agree. Again if u live close by it’s cool but it’s over controlled too. We used to call it gnarligie. It’s kinda nasty and the dirt sucks. So I kind of agree with you. I moved to southern Utah a while ago. It’s rough out here. Kinda Moab’ish unforgiving terrain. It will Buck u off if u lose concentration. I miss Hollister. Clear Creek was awesome. Yes Stonyford, foresthill, the Sierra National forest all of it, wilseyville, Tahoe and all in between is really good
  6. Looks like your going plenty fast but under control. Nice. Place looks epic!
  7. So I guess it’s open to duel sport only.. (clear Creek)
  8. About 6 months ago there was documentation that Clear creek was open again. Clear Creek Tahoe national Forest Hollister.
  9. California is so screwed
  10. I’m From Ca. Now living in Utah. All Utah jokes are warranted. Funny place man. I like it. I don’t miss the craziness of Ca st all. But yeah, Utah is a funny place.
  11. That begs the question we all want to know. Why is he hiding?
  12. Wouldn’t it make sense for him to do what McGrath and Carmichael and Villapoto do.. get a bike sponsor put a number 7 on it. And tour. Pick up sponsors and live off his brand?
  13. Funny, when I first saw kyle’s videos like a year ago, I thought cool! A regular guy like me. Let’s be honest. We are knit picking the dude.. right?. I don’t really agree with a lot of what he says. I’ve been riding since the early 80’s. On the other hand his info is good for guys who are new to riding. I’m pretty opinionated at this point and sure about technique, tech tips and safety. I did get offended when his Beta videos came out. I’m like WHAT?? Lol. Yes he loves KTM. I have two friends the are blinded by orange [emoji521] so frustrating cuz it seems they are close minded. But hey, it’s not 1990. We have a lot of great bikes to choose from not just four Japanese brands. In short. I don’t watch his videos much. He kinda aggravates me now. But I’m jaded so. Barry is really great in my opinion.
  14. Ha! Yep I broke my femur when I was 20. Never had problems with it
  15. A certain dealer also used to sell Gas Gas. Said the lost money and had to stop selling them. Wasn’t worth the headache. Not saying Gas Gas is a bad product. I’ve never ridden one. Just what I heard.