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  1. Well I guess things could change in the future but for now my better is so much better than my 07 CR250R that is stay with Beta. Most Japanese bikes are not set up from the dealer. As in,.. FMF pipe, v-force Reeds, very good suspension off the shelf, and Beta offer more extras. Just sayin. If I was a motocross Race I guess I’d go Japanese. But 95% of the public is into off-road. The European mfg’rs offer bikes totally set up for off-road. So why would I buy another Honda..
  2. For the record, I’ve had my 2017 Beta 300 for a year now. I have yet to use the kick starter. I’m glad I have it but I’m gonna see how many years go by before I use it. By the way. As per the original question: I was a Honda CR250R guy since early 90’s the Beta does everything better! I’ll never buy a Japanese bike again.
  3. So funny, a close friend of mine just bought a 2001 XR400 (this is thumper talk after all) [emoji23] him and I were riding some desert stuff. We swapped bikes cuz I had to try that XR for old time sake. Last time I rode an XR was when I had my 1986 XR250. Man is was like a soft pillow. Not really in a good way.. I was swapping through sand whoops really bad. All could do was try to survive. Yes I’m smiling right now because it was like a time travel experience. He sold his 2003 CR250R and kept the XR. Honestly. After 15 min I wanted my Beta back really bad. But he loves his XR. That’s what it is all about. As long as you like what you ride and to share time with your Bros out in the country. Tell stories how you roosted me and I almost went over the bars etc. good times. Keep’em coming
  4. There is a pattern here. There is no perfect shocks out of the box. As interesting as this thread is.. it’s simple. Send out your forks, buy new forks, send out new forks, etc. a lot of talking in circles. And I still love my CC Sachs.
  5. Not and never will be in the same league as the YZX?? Bullshit on that. Really? Have you done a sided by side comparison? Beta vs YZX? I guess you can feel how ever you want. I've ridden a new KX 450 a 2015 in 2015. The forks sucked so bad it was crazy. That's why Jap bikes suck now, u buy a bike and before you ride it u gotta pay to get it to work right. I've ridden 17' KTM 350 and a 17' KTM 250xc two stroke. My stock Beta suspension was better. I've said this before, the KTM 250 XC turned quicker than my beta. But everything else, the beta was better. I haven't tested against a YZX but I find it hard to believe the YZX suspension is better than my CC Sachs forks.
  6. Throwing down on the Hawiidirtrider.. was gonna make a MaiTai joke but I like the Hawaindirtrider and I'm sure he gets it out of 2nd gear. Kind of a cheap shot eh. He deserves more respect [emoji110] Bro can ride. Oh. I love my Beta and my CC sacks forks. And yes, in the desert I can shift past 2nd gear also. [emoji23]
  7. I'm 48 also.. let's tally up my injuries. 3) broken callar bones. 1) badly broken femur. 1) broken tibia plateau with MCL and PCL ligaments. 1) separated shoulder. At least 1 concussion. 1) broken face back when I jumped wooden ramps as a kid. My point is I'm not gonna stop riding. Everyone in my family has told me to sell my bike. I won't do it. I'm 5-9 190 lbs. I'd like to be 180 but I love beer. Not gonna worry about it. I go to the gym at least 3 times a week sometimes 5 day a week. So go get fit! It feels great! When I ride aggressively in sandy whoop sections for mikes I get winded, tired! I'm not 20 anymore but so what.. ride to live- live to ride. I got my wife a Polaris RZR. I think I said that already a few days ago. Man that thing puts a smile on your face. Go have fun. Don't give up. By the way.. I'm on marriage #3 (my last) we all get depressed. My point is, I know what it feels like to be down. Just be thankful your alive and take control of your life. That's my advice. [emoji106][emoji481]🥓
  8. Yes I had the forks revalved. The guy in San Jose Ca who did it "Blonnix" set it up for my level and XC riding. Was really plush. Since I'm not doing big jumps, well the occasional large natural terrain jump but that's it. So bottoming never really was an issue at all. I loved it. But it was still a CR. I never put a heavy fly wheel on it. The reason I sold it was: it felt when I was really pushing it, pushing my own envelope and going fast. It felt as though the bike had a limit. Like hey, I'm getting sketchy now! Is how I felt. My Beta gets better the faster I go. Super confidence inspiring. Slow speed obsticals and high speed desert whoops. It says, give me more. I see how guys like older bikes but for me the new bike is set up right off the shelf. Gearing, gas tank is 2.5 gallon. 3 would be better but the CR was like 1.9 gal. I added a larger tank to it. For me the new bike was a better option. I have absolutely no regrets going new.
  9. I hesitate to join the thread here. I rode a 1989 CR125 in motocross then stopped riding for personal reasons for a bit then got a 2001 CR250r then an 07 CR250r. I totally rolled the dice after doing some homework. I bought a new 17 Beta 300 Race version. Bring on the beta jokes.. anyway. I love it. It handles amazing, low center of gravity, power is linear and sings at high rpm. Low end, just chugs.. in technical terrain it blows my CR away. I loved my CR's. If you're looking new and for a woods bike[emoji106]. That's all I'm saying. Sorry to invade your YZ thread.
  10. Man, some great info and perspective! I really like my Sachs forks so far (CC) 17 Race 300. I came off of a 2007 CR250 two stroke. Had those forks revalved for XC type riding. At the time all my riding buddies loved those forks. I'm not a pro rider obviously. I think I'm skilled for a weekend warrior. Never sounds good trying to say I'm a good rider.. anyway. I love my Sachs so far. I guess fro what u guys are saying, longevity might be an issue. Oh well if so I'll send them to Beta or Stillwell I guess. My riding habits have changed since I destroyed my leg and right knee. So hauling ass and taking risks based on adrenaline isn't in my future. So with that said, the stock Sachs CC forks are plenty good for me. Those are some nice pictures on this thread. Betas sure are pretty bikes. Thanks for the knowledge guys.
  11. Dang, serious jungle!
  12. Thanks Hawaii guy! I have googled etc. I was not sure if the 15, 16 and 2017 were same on most parts or not. That was a question I had. If they are the same, perfect! I'm not complaining at all. I'm in love with my 17 RR300 "Race" phenomenal bike. It's funny how there are beta haters out there. Like me, I was on CR250 two strokes since the mid 90's I just found out about Beta like a year ago the bought my 300 last feb after doing research. These guys on here saying things like. "Beta, the only bike heavier than the truck that it came in on" full on hate. I just shake my head. I've ridden 450's, husky 350's, KTM 250xc's XR's CR's KX's new and old. In my opinion my Beta from the crack of the throttle to the high RPM's it's the best thing I've ever ridden. "My opinion" I bet the 2018 are even better. Not for motocross "but I swear I could race moto on it and do well" but for of road riding the thing rocks. Not there aren't other good bikes. I just think for my type of riding I'm on the perfect machine. I could never say that before. The CR's ripped! But that doesn't mean they will work well on wet uphill tree roots and up rock faces or funky slow technical single track like in Moab Utah. Enough said. Thanks for the help guys.
  13. As for bikes- look at Beta. They make an Xtrainer which is like an enduro play bike. It inspires confidence. Utube it. I have a Beta RR300 it's so amazing I can ride it slow or fast. The Xtrainer is like it's little brother. It's not as tall and the power is less aggressive. I also got my wife a Polaris RZR. Damn that thing is fun! That can take your mind off two wheels real quick!!
  14. I respectfully disagree. Depending on the type of sand. Basic sand like at a beach, desert sand wet sand, dry sand or brown sandy dirt. Yes there are different types of sand. Bottom line "the faster you go on sand the better your bike will work" I've ridden in all types of sand. Pismo Dunes, the sand is fine but there is moisture in it, that's good! Unless it's hot and the sand gets soft in a hurry! As you ride your body learns the terrain and after a short time your throttle and steering adjusts to the sand. But I will say-- in Utah the sand is very difficult to ride comfortably. It's very challenging. I've raced all types, I'm not a novice. You come out of the rocks and technical stuff and into the super dry super soft sand. It's crazy difficult. Basically you have to steer with your rear wheel and stay on the gas, being very aggressive is the only way, if not your front end dives and washes.. I don't care what tire you use. Watch the pros in sand. The front is barely on the ground. But you need to be fit or you won't last long. Sand will get you! It gets all of us! Going slow and plowing is NOT the answer.
  15. Well, in my experience I had a Honda 07 CR250, 01 Cr250 and an 89 CR125 and getting parts was easy, the price I guess was expensive at the dealer but like say, a moto tosanari rad valve" I'd was the same for every bike right? But Honda factory nuts and bolt etc might kinda expensive but I wanted factory stuff, anyway, with the new Beta the parts website is not that great and funky to navigate. I haven't bought much for it yet. I'd like to eliminate the thermostat with a new hose kit. It's 180.00 for some hoses. Kinda expensive no? Do you have a better place to get parts for beta? The closest dealer is 3 hours away from where I live. I'll take any recommendations. I also noticed on the factory Beta parts browsing a lot of 2017 parts options aren't even there. It only goes to 2015, 2016 parts not 2017. I love Beta but all I'm saying is from what I see the on line parts are hard to navigate etc. let me know if there is a better way. Thx