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  1. Badass! I have a 17 300 Race. I love the white on the 18’s so fresh
  2. Today I thought well maybe that’s the only bike he has access too. My bad. I really didn’t meant to be a dick. You’ve got a bike and many hours of fun on it. Sorry Bro. Good luck and have fun!
  3. I know it sounded bad wasn’t intended. My buddy had one years ago. Always had issues on hot start and super heavy.
  4. No offense intended but there are like so many newer bikes you could get. Why waste time on a 426?. Even if u make it right it still sucks
  5. I rode CR250 2 strokes forever. I felt it was a time for a change. A bike that was actually designed for off road not motocross. I went to buy a husky 300 or a 350. (Or KTM) I discovered Beta while at the dealership. Did research. In the end I bought a 300 Beta. I do really love it. I’d say do research as you are. But elevation changes present an issue for carburated bikes. But like the guy above said u can fix that with s Lectron Carb. The 300 rides light, handles well and saves me in technical situations all the time. I’m not saying 4 stroke are bad at all. It’s a preference thing. Good luck!
  6. That ladder at the end!
  7. I haven’t read all the comments but like 6 months ago I got a Garmin Dakota. All I’m gonna say is I’ve got over 300.00 into this thing and all the down loading of maps sucks. I hate it. Friggin pain in the ass. My Cell phone is way easier. Multiple apps to choose from and less headache. Personally Garmin sucks in my opinion. Out dated ant too much work. Waste of money
  8. At this point we (America) could easily put a good dirt bike brand out there but we need someone who’s Passionate about it and RiCh like Elon Musk money. All u have to do is use KTM/Honda etc as template and improve on it. But it takes CASH
  9. In southern Utah it’s rock and sand. I’ve been riding for a long time and as far as I’ve read and seen the only way to beat sand is be on the throttle. Slowness is not your friend. Keep the front light and steer with your rear wheel. Makes u tired but it’s the only way. My problem is with rock faces, rock steps and sharp edges I can’t drop my tire pressure or I’ll get flats. So you just make do.
  10. It’s like when someone dies, talking shit after isn’t cool. What do u expect. Unless u have personal knowledge shut the &%$#@! up. Have some class
  11. I think that was more of a Candlestick thing. But maybe both.
  12. Oh.. yes most of us struggle with corner speed what’s great about cornering is there is always room for improvement. Tire pressure, sag, rebound, dampening, tire choice, body position, throttle control all play into it. As you well know.
  13. Watching your video you seem fine. Most of us have a hard time getting to the next level. It’s all about being comfortable at speed. So you have to push out of your comfort zone, then that becomes your speed comfort level. Let your body work with the bike but when u get tired the first thing to go is body position then crashes happen. I’ll say this. I’ve never accomplished anything such as like pro level racing. I have raced scrambles and motocross. I’ve ridden with pros. To me the fast guys, really fast guys are aliens. Cuz I just can’t do what they do. Except your limitations. Especially at 40+ be happy you’re riding. I’ve had so many injuries. I’ll never walk properly due to injuries. When you find yourself in traction at the hospital on morphine.. you’ll wish you’d realized you’re not 25 years old. Not to be a downer. We on here all love bikes, obviously. Just have fun man. Enjoy the time with your son that’s what’s most important
  14. If it truly only has 24 hours on it.. that’s nothing.. I have the same bike and it has way more hours on it and I’ve had zero issues. Beta did a great job greasing bearings as I’ve checked most already. I’m in a dry part of the USA [emoji631] so I’d say you’re a little over kill but do what u want. Never seize the spokes? (In comments) never heard that before. Maybe if you’re in water a lot [emoji848]. Why would they change the reed system? It’s V-Force from stock.. another head scratcher. The only issue I had was the little magnet on the front disc for the odometer came off. I got a new one. Good luck. I think you’ll love it. Make sure the power valve is turned out all the way
  15. I’ve seen reviews on the RK and the S3 but not directly compared to one another. From what I seen, RK costs more and is better than S3 by a bit. RK is 325.00 ish. And S3 is 220.00 ish. I heard the increase of low end snap with RK is crazy good, like really good! The S3 has moderate reviews, as in definite increase but RK is better. I like the way S3 looks better. I’m gonna make my choice soon as well. A guy I know got the S3 for his Husky 300 and loves it. As you said HDR, stock is pretty good. I’m really looking for the low end wheelie snap cuz in the step up rock formations here in the desert it would come in real handy. For stand up snap wheelies.