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  1. justkipp

    Random pics.

  2. Yeah I'm from the Inland Empire(909) as well, when I bought my Dual Sport last year I bought her a Polaris 2up quad, which she loves. I've been considering getting her a TW200 just for fire roading, just not sure if she's up for the challenge, the quad nearly drives itself.
  3. justkipp

    2018 XR650L Build Log

    I have a 17, with the same tank, spitting image of mine. I did do mirrors and a fritz. Just bent my bars so I have CR high's and risers on the way, just had to get thread, I got 2100 miles out of the stock pair. Looking forward to your log continuance. You have a link or name of the pegs you have??
  4. justkipp

    Looking to get into dual sporting

    I wish I had gotten mine sooner, kicked the idea around for 10 years before I pulled the trigger.
  5. justkipp

    Brake Light issue, 2017 XR650L

    Yeah if it happens again, I will probably do that
  6. justkipp

    Brake Light issue, 2017 XR650L

    I appreciate all the input, it ended up being the rear brake switch being stuck, had a very tiny pebble stuck in it and it was out of adjustment. Works like a champ now. Had to go order some new tread and I mentioned to the tech and he said yeah it happens all the time on these, which is strange because I adjusted that thing every which way with no change, but he hit it with some air and a couple of turns, blamo works fine. I felt like an idiot
  7. justkipp

    Brake Light issue, 2017 XR650L

    Yeah I tried two bulbs, same result, appreciate the input
  8. justkipp

    Brake Light issue, 2017 XR650L

    Both filaments are equal brightness, but it appears to be normal brightness. I do hear the front switch clicking and I adjusted the rear switch both directions with no change,has to be something simple.
  9. justkipp

    Brake Light issue, 2017 XR650L

    I appreciate both of your replies, going to check it out tonight. I did see the rear switch but honestly never looked for a front switch. I'll be check this is out the second I walk in the door.
  10. 2017 650L, So I noticed my brake light was out, I replaced it with an OEM lamp 12V 5W/18W, but I noticed both filaments on the lamp are on with ignition on. One filament should be for taillight and the other for brake once the lever is engaged correct? I'd rather not take it to dealer, although it might be covered under warranty, just like to get it fixed myself have my DMV test next week. Any ideas where to start? Bad ground perhaps? Everything else is fine, turn signals, horn, headlight.. Many Thanks
  11. I just find it a little strange, Dillon Road Sunday night at 11:00 pm? Not many people out there at that time. I just find it hard to believe the officer would shoot for no reason, perhaps they tried to strike the officer in the SxS? Why didn't they stop when asked? The last thing the officer wants to do is fire his weapon, unless provoked.
  12. Ok I figured it out, I did match the wattage, but realized whomever built the lamp at the factory forced the bulbs in the socket and shorted the leads, on both lamps. I repaired that and all is well. If you have this issue down the road you should check this.
  13. So I need to replace my rear right side turn signal from a very light tip over. I purchased the Baja design bulb type replacement, but with the new one connected the lights both front and rear just stay on solid when the turn signal switch is activated, the left side is working fine. Do I need to replace both front and rear so they match? I only did the one I need to replace, right rear The strange thing is the busted stock one works fine, beside the broke part. I did notice that the stock OEM light says it's 23 watt, yet the baja design is only 10 watt bulbs, could this be the difference? It's for a 2017 XR650L Many Thanks
  14. justkipp

    GPS recommendations?

    That sounds like a fun ride, familiar with these areas myself. I would imagine up through ridgecrest maybe? Just a guess I use Gaia app on my phone and get a few of my files from gps exchange, I bet there's a route on there you can upload if needed. Let me know how that holder works, I'd been to leery to attach my new phone to a mount for dual sporting. Please update during and after, really like to know..