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  1. Oh, yeah. Forgot to update here. Looked around the market since last posting here and opted for a Meta Alarm DefCom T for the KTM. Same thing as KTM sells as a Powerpart for triple the price. For the DRZ, an Abus Detecto will be enough I think. Haven't come around to getting it yet though. If the would-be teen-gangsters are able to get through the triple heavy-duty chains and the four pad/U-locks they deserve the DRZ... For a home alarm, I initially opted for a subscription type with guard response and included home-alarm, but upon calculating on it and also talking to friends with home alarms, I opted for a basic DIY-install with an ir-detector, some door/window sensors, mobile apps, keyring arming/disarming devices and an indoor siren. Added an optional outdoor siren and an indoor ip-cam for good measure, which I plan to point out from the kitchen window. Future upgrades may probably include an outdoor ip-cam and moving the indoor cam to point at the backyard instead. The DIY-alarm was pretty cheap considering, but had several users among the buddy-group. Good enough for me.
  2. My suspicions were right regarding the previously mentioned cover that seemed to have been tampered with. Yesterday a neighbour alerted me re three teens first checking out my bikes then left for about five minutes to confer. Neighbour's wife was up due to ramadan, it was about 0230 in the morning, and went out to check when their cam system alerted them. Teens fled but Neighbour's wife called the police anyway, and they showed up shortly after. The squad looked around for a while but didn't find anything suspicious so left again. The teens showed up again after half an hour, did a quick check on bikes again then swaggered away after Neighbour's wife and now daughter popped out again and called the police. Nothing happed then, I couldn't see anything on the bikes the day after. I guess the U-locks, several chains and padlocks dissuaded them. They seemed to have been more interested in the DRZ400, as it looks more like a moped, than the 990 SMR and 650 Dominator. They (probably) also stole the fairly new Aprilia 50cc ofroad moped another neighbour's son had till recently. Focus might be on easy-to-strip or sell mopeds. Moped insurance premiums sore for a reason I guess... Anyway, after having been alerted yesterday of the theft-attempt, I stocked up on another chain and the beefiest insurance classed padlock I could find and also rearranged the bikes. The KTM and the DRZ are now chained together with two separate chains, then another two chains on either bike to a sturdy fence post. Four classed padlocks and a similarly U-lock are used. For the rusty and dinged Dominator I have a chain and a padlock connected to yet another fence post. Also U-locked our four bicycles with a wire and locked the U-lock through the Dommie-frame into the 40 kg-ish m/c lift it currently sits on. Then I set up my gopro very visibly in the kitchen window to take a still pic every minute. Will check out the results today, if needed I'll change the setting to one pic/30 seconds if the sd-card can handle that. The alarm system I ordered for the KTM will arrive next week. :-( Checked the insurances on all bikes, only the dommie didn't have the theft clause, but that is now taken care off. Talked with wifey and we are most probably buying a home security system in the next few days. Will probably opt for a DIY system with a cam. That or going with a basic package from one of the common big-name security firms in our town. Dunno' what else we can do. We live in a row house, and no garage which is a PITA. Feels kinda' rotten that some sleazy kids touched MY bikes with an intention to steal one or more of them. MY bikes GDI... I almost feel violated. :-/ Edit: No reason to beat about the bush, I do feel violated. &%$#@!...
  3. Thanks. Turns out my adblocker hides the share-icon...
  4. How do you pick a particular comment from a thread?? I tried to do what you did and failed, resorted to Google and eventually reddit...
  5. See these pics from this reddit post. Edit: "oil level check bolt" is the official name apparantely. :-)
  6. After having reviewed phone based tracker solutions, I've come to the conclusion an alarm might be a better idea for me. A really simple solution that doesn't burden the bike's electrical system is a simple lock with built-in alarm. I keep the bikes near my living quarters, so a loud alarm will work just fine.
  7. Been there, done that, had to wash the t-shirt... I have now learned to check via the level-screw on the case instead, after bike's been sitting for a while with no use.
  8. Hello eBay! ;-)
  9. Are similar contraptions still around??
  10. Oh, those! Thanks, didn't quite connect. :-)
  11. I apologize, english is not my native language; How do you mean "combo padlocks"? You use two combined somehow?
  12. Figured as much. Too bad. I like the idea though!
  13. Is that a pelican case on back there? Details? I bought it a local branch of a Swedish nationwide chain called Clas Ohlson, probably similar to Home Depot or some such.äska/Pr314142000 It's not branded AFAIK, it's however possible Pelican makes it for Clas Ohlson. Details on the above link under the "Detaljer" tab. Summary: Water protected IP67, 1,6 kg, outside measurements (W x H x D, cm) 33 x 28 x 9, inside measurements 30 x 22 x 9, ready for a lock. Stuff I have in it: 1x 18" inner tube, light-weight. 1x 21" inner tube, light-weight. 1x Kamasa 1/2" ratchet. 1x 22 mm socket (front and rear axles). 1x 12(?) mm socket (for front axle pinchers). 1x knife. 1x wrench with filed off end doubling as an extra tire iron. 0,5x roll of toilet paper (I know, but it's usable for so much!) 1x pair of mechanics gloves. 1x roll of electrics tape. 1x Y-shaped small-socket/allen combo. 1x Leatherman knockoff multi-tool with pliers. 2x bicycle tire irons (20 cm) 2x hose clamps 1x 10 mm nut (I have no idea why there is only one, or why it's there at all) A bunch of cable ties, short and long A bunch of unsorted allen keys. All of the above packed between two soft and thick layers of foam.
  14. This is a common solution in the US? Any idea whether this is as common in Europe/Sweden?
  15. I need more chains and padlocks...