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  1. adrian_vg

    This didn't end well for my son...

    Your son has a great attitude!
  2. adrian_vg

    Advice on dual sport boots

    Lol. That the way they come Dammit'. Hit by the pre-worn fashion trend again it seems. I'm too old for this... 🙄😀
  3. adrian_vg

    Advice on dual sport boots

    May I ask how you manage to wear the outside, just opposite the "shifter" protector? Had a crash maybe?
  4. This! Quantity, practice, that's what it's about. I too make it nine times out of ten and feel like a million, then I find out in brush, that no, maybe I just happened to pinched the tube...
  5. I log fuel, insurance and parts costs etc for each of my motorcycles, but don't dare check the summaries except for the mileage...
  6. Interestingly several of my more serious offroad-colleagues now use 7" android tablets and some or other free topo map apps from Play Store. I recall hearing that the only other alternative was Fugawi which is awesome, but the maps were prohibitingly expensive or some such. They too were more or less rabid Garmin Montana users in earlier years. Can't tell if the change to "big" screen tablets is an age thing or not. Most of the partners-in-dust are in their mid 30-40s and the eyesight you normally have by then... Me, I use a Garmin Zumo 350LM for my dual-sporting on the DRZ, as well as on the Dominatrix winter-commuter. Seems it's capable to figure out most of the smallish gravel roads I normally frequent as well as most of the single-tracks in the brush. It's only some, shall we say "unofficial", tracks it doesn't quite cope with. I have the Europe and Scandinvia maps installed on the Zumo, and I live in mid-Sweden BTW.
  7. adrian_vg

    650R battery location?

    Really?? Thanks for the keyword/s and link. I have some researcing to do now.
  8. adrian_vg

    650R battery location?

    Good call! 😄
  9. adrian_vg

    650R battery location?

    Interesting! Hypothetically, suppose you connect a few of those capacitors together, could you use them to crank a 650cc thumper? How long would the cap charge last approximately? I have a hazy memory about a guy on Youtube who had a huge capacitor pack to crank his japanese compact car or some such.
  10. I do that. It prolongs the tire-life substantially!
  11. I'm cheap. I don't replace any offroad tire until there's only three-four mm left of the middle knobs. My friends just laugh at me of course, and replace the tires as soon as the knobs get a little rounded. Personally, I fell this is when the fun begins. Braaaping is never as easy as when the tire is almost completely worn out! As an offroad m/c-instructor, this makes my "job" easier when demonstrating.
  12. adrian_vg

    Music and Riding

    Nursery rhymes, hah! I do something similar, but add kid's dino-pop in my m/c-music list. Things like this. This particular track is called "Hunted by a T-rex" by Daddy Bottlecap. The tunes are strangely addictive...🙄 .
  13. Oh god, that's a heavy beast! Tried it once. I don't dare thinking about lifting it up for the umpteenth time on an icy road. Hold me back guys!! 😉
  14. Ah, Googled that, found something scootery and mopedy; https://www.google.se/search?q=yamaha+town+mate&rlz=1C1GGRV_enSE759SE759&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiYm7bxuZ7dAhXnDcAKHbJ6BLkQ_AUICigB&biw=1920&bih=1063. Spot on, I however try to stay away from bikes that need to be driven at 300+ km/h in order to make the long fork actually do its thing. 😉 My dommie is MY88, only one featuring both kick and electric start - ideal when winter-commuting for a person of a certain age when he's done kicking and prefer the comfort of push-button starting, while still retaining the kick for those awkward times featuring a dead battery at -20 centigrades. Also, RFVC rocks. At 65000 km the valves and rockers are set for the remainder of the bike's lifetime basically. Checked them a year ago, all good. Honda's are also rather rust-proof, as compared to eg Suzuki et al. Honda seem to have a better quality paints. Saw no reason to change brands from my original winter-commuting premiere with a XL600R eight years ago. Had two quads in between the Hondas for winter-commuting, but that's a diffrent rusty story.
  15. Found this. Will investigate further, but is half the price of a Scottoiler and needs no vacuum or electric power. https://www.tutorochainoiler.com/collections/frontpage/products/tutoro-auto-automatic-motorcycle-chain-oiler-standard-kit