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  1. Mmm.... I could tell you to check if your skid plate is vibrating or if your pipe is touching a bit the frame , but it seems a clutch noise . What kind of gear box lubricant are you using ? I think there is only one way for you to be sure : use your bike for 20-30 mins and let the oil be hotter , take it out and replace your rekluse with the stock clutch , put the recommended oil Liquimoly 10w40 offroad and hear if there is any noise , then with the same gear box oil install again the rekluse following factory specs and manual then hear the difference ( also you could make 2 different videos with and without rekluse and compare them together ) . You will lose 1-2 days but it's the only way to be sure at 100% if the noise comes simply from your automatic clutch or not . If you say that your rekluse was not noisy when installed , I think you need just to set it up better . Surfing the net with these keywords ' noisy rekluse beta ' you will find a lot of people with noisy rekluse problems / wrong rekluse set up .
  2. Consider that nothing has changed here ... . Anyway six days kit available from Boano website ( just plastics and graphics ) , the full bike includes ohlins hydraulics , carbon parts , white seat and so on ... a bit expensive to send one from Italy to US in my opinion - maybe it's possible to use the BYOB program to order a custom bike made like that with Boano parts , but I'm not sure .
  3. Yes , our design is pretty unique and recognizable . So you served here in Italy ? Where ? Italian soldiers maybe looks a bit good but no one speaks english !
  4. Without talking about feelings , 17 has better suspensions , better clutch , better ev system, better head/cylinder , reinforced steering tube (...) , better graphics . But the feeling makes the difference ... , I don't remember if 13 has OI from stock . A lot says that 17 needs a bit of revalving for stock OC forks , I don't know because I have CC on my 17 race edition which works perfectly for me .
  5. 1) Beta RR 300 2018 with kickstarter 2) GASGAS 300 2018 3) Sherco 300 2018 2s ( expensive ) Ktm/Husqy have a big on-off effect and they are too hungry . A 500 4s would be heavy in my opinion . Go to some dealers and try a couple of 300 smokers , you will be impressed about them .
  6. Ok , what can you tell me about the temperature that I used to heat crank bearing on ignition side ? 70/80°C for 15 mins using the heat gun wasn't enough ? Is it necessary to freeze the crank shaft ? Also another thing : is there a special tool to find the correct position of the forks drum ? As you know the drum bearing bored hole on clutch side doesn't have a machined shoulder like beta , ktm ... so it's pretty difficult to know if you have placed that bearing correctly ( my first error was to place the bearing too close to the drum and it wasn't able to rotate ) , this is why I supposed that there is some kind of spacer to install the drum. Thanks for your help
  7. I've forgot to ask you a thing as you are a TM dealer : do you have a workshop service manual for a TM 300 2007 ? Or maybe please tell me how the hell I can close back my engine : after splitting I've changed all bearings , placed back gear shafts and crank , also used some high temperature silicone on surfaces . Then I should put cases back together so I used some heat on crankshaft bearing ( the one on ignition case oviusly ) 70-80 °C approx , in the beginning it seems to work but when I push all together I'm not able to close perfectly cases as they block at 2 cm before touching each other . Where is my error ? Not enough heat ? Which would be the correct temperature for crank-bearing assembly while closing cases back together ? I've checked crankshaft dimensions and tolerances and everything is ok , same on cases holes ... so I went to my dealer and he solved that , but he doesn't want to tell me how to do that correctly ( payed 300 euros ! ) . Thanks
  8. Ok now it's clear ... , I don't understand all this secret about it , we are talking about TM , not Honda . Ktm has showed some pictures of the tpi some months before the official presentation , just to make customers more curious ( and it worked ) , it would be appreciated the same from TM factory . Hope to see new TMs soon .
  9. Wait wait wait .... nobody knows anything about 2019 TMs here in Italy and now you are telling me that your father has already ordered a 300 en smoker 2019 , with 6 speeds , efi and electric start ? Are you sure at 100% about these updates ? Your dealer should have an insider at TM's factory ... any picture ? Don't tell me that you have ordered that bike without seeing it . There is a video online made from TM for the 40th anniversary and at a certain point during the video you can see for a couple of seconds a 2s bike ( or it seems ) with a completely different EV mechanism : no wires , it looks like a Ktm valve , maybe electronic ...
  10. I use Michelin supercross star for extreme enduro but my father is using this tire and it's crazy : Metzeller Extreme Enduro Super Soft , you can climb a vertical wall with this one !
  11. I've seen that video yesterday ! These guys are awesome , 77 years old and keep riding , no words needed ...
  12. ktm 150 killer ...
  13. Betas 2019 don't have KYB , but Shercos 2019 do : https://m.facebook.com/shercousa/photos/pcb.1581676935274698/1581676645274727/?type=3&source=49&__tn__=EH-R https://m.facebook.com/shercousa/ KYB both on 2s and 4s , FMF on smokers and Akrapovic on 4s ( not clear if it comes from stock or on request ) . They are silent about 2s use efi or carb .
  14. Yes Arrow has been choosed just because they give exhausts pipes and silencers at a lower price , but FMF was better for me , maybe Scalvini was too expensive too - the same has happened with Sherco which has leaved the american manufacturer for Fresco's pipes . Graphics looks not so good in my opinion , the 2015-16-17 red RR is still the best . Hope they have updated engine , forks , oi and electric wiring quality as they do year after year . Any 2s injected ?
  15. Yes , as I said hundreds of times 2s efi doesn't work for me , carb is the best . Luckily I'm not a millennial , I'm 25 years old and I love to ride and work on my carbed bikes , normal maintanance or complete engine rebuild . I've studied mechanical engineering ( not university luckily ) and this is why I'm interested about efi , but I don't want it in my garage , anyway I think that something new must happen in order to shake offroad market (even if enduro gold ages won't come back anymore ) .