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  1. ged93

    Did you read about.....

    Hey dirtbird , I was reading the italian TM forum yesterday , there are some official news from Pesaro : 250/300 2s EN bikes will use efi , oil mixing system , electronic ev ( it seems with a brand new mechanism ) , 6 speed gear box , electric start , probably fuel tank will be placed in the back like 4 strokes en models , not sure about a counter balance shaft like KTM , same hgs exhaust , kyb forks , available in february 2019 , still carburetor available for US . Price for Italy 8990 euro taxes excluded . No one knows if they have already passed emissions tests . I've said a lot of times which is the problem : until now manufacturers had the possibility to make some tricks in order to pass Euro 4 ( blocked carb , fake exhaust , small air filter and so on ) , consider that the same happens with Tpi : bikes comes with a fake exhaust and a fake ecu program then the dealer makes some changes with a ktm program and job is done ( seen a couple of unboxings online ). So with efi you can still make some kind of tricks and pass Euro 5 , it doesn't exist a bike which can pass those tests without cheating ( Japanese street bikes are 4s direct injected but they don't pass 'officially' ) . So , unless Beta and Sherco find an alternative way to pass Euro 5 tests , there are only 2 ways : efi or manufacturing only XC carbed models which don't require any emission test because they are not street legal , I think GG will go with the 2nd . Thanks European Union... UK has made the biggest deal ever leaving you . A BMW M5 2019 with 625 HP gasoline twin turbo engine can pass easily but my Beta doesn't !!! COME ON ARE YOU SERIOUS ???!!!
  2. ged93

    RR 300 gearbox oil ?

    You work with NILS , so you mean you are a local dealer or a supplier of some secret chemical substances? Just joking ... I got only 50 hours on my bike so I'm trying different things , for premix I'm looking for a product which would not get wet my spark plug during slow extreme rides ( with Motul and Belray it was terrible ) so I found an oil ( Gmotion , Russian but made in Italy at Gazprom Italy Spa factory ) which lubricates and leave engine clean enough and spark plug has a beautiful brown colour , if you say me that Nils has such a product I will certainly try it . Same for gearbox oil : - Motul : no thanks - next - Liquimoly : good , but not great -next - Motorex : I will try in these days , not a ktm fan but who knows - Nils : now I'm curious so I want to test it dirtbird , there is another italian company called WladOil which supplies lubricants for cars , bikes , industries ... do you know them ? I've met them months ago during a work meeting at my local Milwaukee electric tools supplier shop who keeps on stock their oil ...
  3. Hi , I got a Ciarlo carbon guard in the beginning but it doesn't protect at 100% your pipe , so my idea was to manufacture myself an aluminium skid pipe plate but it would have needed too much time ( 3D cad design , laser cut then welding with a lot of tests to find best fitting ) , so I've bought one from Carapaks and mounted together with my carbon guard , I think it's the best now . Consider that I ride only in hard places with rivers , rocks , tress ...
  4. ged93

    RR 300 gearbox oil ?

    Do you believe me if I say I was convinced that NILS was american or something like that ? I'm trying different oils to find the best fitting , liquimoly , motul , now a guy from Boano told me to try Motorex , if it doesn't work maybe I will go with nils . Russian oil ( Gmotion ) for premix costs 13,50 euros and it works , this is why a I'm using it . I tried also Belray ( 25,00 euros ) but it was too 'heavy' expecially for low speed rides . Do you use nils products ?
  5. ged93

    RR 300 gearbox oil ?

    Motul 10w-40 transoil expert , works fine on my TM but my Beta hates that oil , clutch works badly using it .
  6. ged93

    RR 300 gearbox oil ?

    I'm using recommended liquimoly 10w-40 offroad oil for my RR 300 transmission , changed every 10 hours , it's ok but sometimes it seems that my bike doesn't love it - I've tried Motul , bad idea ... . Which oil do you suggest me ? I was looking at Motorex or Bardahl ... .
  7. ged93

    New 300RR oil sprray

    All normal , same on mine . I solved using high temperature silicone inside the gummy joint between silencer and pipe , cleaned valve mechanism and changed jetting ( no oil injection on my bike ) , I use Gmotion 2 stroke synthetic oil , from Gazprom . To clean your bike from burned oil , use WD 40 or some gasoline , then wash everything with water .
  8. ged93

    Tm 250 mx to enduro conversion

    Hi , I got Beta and Tm too ( RR 300 17 Race and Tm en 300 07 ) , pretty different bikes , Tm is more aggressive and made for fast classis enduro races like official GP or cross country , but Beta is extreme enduro king in my opinion and kills TM very easily on hard terrains ( no TMs at Erzberg , Romaniacs , Megawatt , ... , maybe 1 or 2 ) . Mx to enduro conversion needs time and money , and at the end you will obtain a cross country machine , not a pure EN model oviusly . Head , pipe , silencer , ecu , jetting , suspension , ignition timing , vforce spacers ... is what you need to change to get closer to the result you want . Ask to TM Gravity USA for more infos I'm sure they will supply all parts and technical help you need .
  9. Thanks to all of you for your help . Mmm I don't like the idea to shorten my silencer , or spend money for a Fmf shorty , anyway I will buy the 18 silencer plastic holder that's a beginning , then probably I will manufacture myself something , no problems for that at all . GP can you post some pictures of your forks protection ? With EE you mean enduro engineering ? I've seen their hand guards on Tokyooffroad but they look easy to be broken , or not ? Skf mud scrapers ? From Inntek ?
  10. Hey there , step by step I'm mounting on bike some protections , got only 50 hours so ... . I've started with carbon pipe plate , then kevlar engine covers , unbreakable levers and radiators guards , now full aluminium skid plate-pipe cover is coming ( and I will apply a polycarbonate plate to protect my swing arm ) . BUT , I've noticed that there is nothing good to protect my silencer , so I've seen the RR 250-300 2018 black plastic silencer holder ( it's very similar to KTM one ) , it looks great for me but I don't know if it fits to my 300 '17 , from Boano a person told me probably not but not sure at 100% , can anyone help me ? Or maybe an alternative product would be appreciated . Any other suggestions for extra protection ? I'm looking also to a solution which can reduce the possibility of bending my handle bar after crashes and ,not the last , a kind of fork saver , yes I'm building a war tank not an offroad bike ...
  11. Don't push it too hard now guys , HDR is free to think what he wants like everybody here . Pros are pros and we , poor sunday riders , are here talking . Maybe I will buy the Thumpertalk sticker which gives 2 hp more , if I cover completely my bike and miself with them I'm sure there won't be any hill too high ... endless power for sure ... Mandi Mandi
  12. Wow every time someone starts a topic for Beta-other brands comparison it starts a real war here ... Beta!No!Sherco!No!Ktm!No!Husqy!No!Yamaha!No!My bike has a flame thrower!You're a pussy mine is 4 wheel drived!Mine can fly and kick you like Chuck Norris!I don't have a bike but I'm a Pro trust me! It's really funny at the end ... all bikes are good , it depends on which fits to your requirements , but just to be clear : Beta it's not inferior to others brands , 20 000 bikes sold , this must mean something ... the perfect bike doesn't exist anyway . But if a enduro dirtbike works good in hard enduro , I think it's a good bike ( so TMs aren't ! ) Pros bikes are stock ? Come on ...
  13. Hey there , for enduro models it's available a simplified electric plant which is allows you to run the bike without blinkers , clacson and so on ... sometimes TM owners start to cut and connect wires in order to obtain the same effect , and at 90% they finish with problems like this ( same on my 300 2s ) , maybe you got this problem . If you payed a dealer for the bike , go back and let them solve it , for free , but it seems that you have electricity only in your plug and the rest is died , if it was working in the beginning I think that there are some wires that are not connected correctly ( take out gas tank and seat and check cables , also ones that are placed near the cylinder between radiators which comes out from ignition case ) Have you checked carb jetting ? Plug ? Electric wires with TM drawings ? Do you have mechanic EV or electronic ? I'm not a TM dealer or mechanic , just giving some ideas
  14. ged93

    Smashed Muffler

    Heat gun works but this is not the best solution , I got the same problem with my fmf sticker so I've used this spray : MAFRA DECA FLASH , it melts all types of glue and you can take out the sticker easily ( you can use also diesel fuel ) , then you can clean the area from melted glue with a soft rag , finally apply new sticker and a couple of gummy tubes with zips around the muffler ( the same zips used to hold carb and airbox , they go inside tubes oviusly ) , you can make yourself or buy them , or buy a bigger plastic cover from acerbis , or maybe Boano https://www.amazon.it/Mafra-Flash-Pulisce-Catrame-Colla/dp/B00GA4Y9ZM https://www.petrogallimoto.com/shop/it/accessori/12404-Protezione-4MX-per-silenz.html https://www.kijiji.it/annunci/ricambi-moto/palermo-annunci-carini/anelli-salva-marmitta-scarico-terminale-moto-enduro-cross/108742103 https://m.ebay.it/itm/ACERBIS-PROTEZIONE-ANELLO-SILENZIATORE-SCARICO-CROSS-ENDURO-ARANCIO-/173354778498?_mwBanner=1&_rdt=1
  15. ged93

    Beta vs KTM/Husq

    Hey there , again Beta vs Ktm ... . They both are good bikes , I can tell you this : 1st : you have to see bikes at your local dealer and do a simple thing : ask yourself how do you feel seating on them and what kind of feeling did you get from the bike when you saw it , I'm not talking about seat height , suspensions or others , just the real mystical feeling . I've seen the RR 2017 Race at Eicma and after 5 secs I've decided to buy it . 2nd : you need to understand how these bikes have been developed and designed : Beta has a long story with trial bikes and you can feel it when you ride one , a smaller and compact frame , very easy to move it with your knees , an engine with a lot of torque , very easy and fun ( fast or slow , calm or hungry , it depends on you ) , the perfect bike for hard enduro , the RR Race 300 has 50 HP more or less , very smooth , and this is why a lot or riders got one ( sunday riders or pros ) , you need to spend some money to reach Ktm power ( head , pipe , silencer , carb , some cylinder machining ) . Ktm , the monopolist about offroad market , for a good reason I suppose , carbed 300 exc has 53/54 HP , 57/58 on tpi six days , great quality and solutions , more aggressive engine with a big torque , good frame but a bit too bigger for me . Ktm has a bigger story on classic enduro gp and it's pretty clear , but now bikes has been updated and changed a lot in order to follow hard enduro , and they work ( but very expensive , what the hell ... ) . The real story is that Beta and Ktm engines are the same , talking about 250/300 2s : around 2008/09/10 Beta has 'stolen' a 2s engineer from Ktm to manufacture engines themself so they get some solutions from them , but using also their big know how from trial bikes , they also applied some good solutions on ev and cylinder , with a great result .