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  1. Well , big news for 2s will arrive in 2020 with the efi and maybe counter balance shaft, it seems that they want to test prototypes as much as possible ( 125 2s with efi is ready , but still has some problems ) , for 4s I think there won't be radical changes , oviusly every new model comes with something new , but if you spend your time waiting for the 'perfect' 390 , you won't never buy it . 2017 race graphics were awesome for me , 2018 is a bit less aggressive in my opinion . At this point wait the end of summer for 2019 models , 2018 bikes will be available anyway .
  2. ... my father GG 300 ... sorry ...
  3. Hi , I got a TM 300 and I'm rebuilding the engine in these days , so I can tell you...DON'T BUY A TM !!! ( this is just my personal opinion ) From outside the bike looks good , alu frame , kyb forks and so on , but all bad stuff is inside and I've discovered it on my skin , mechanical solutions are not so good as they tell you , and re-assembling engine/gear box is a pure tragedy , and you have also electronic ev , which is another bad thing because it needs a continuous maintanance . Reselling a TM here in Italy is pretty hard ( a guy here is selling his 250 en 2s 2018 because he doesn't like it , and it's still there ) , so I think it would be even harder for you , then you won't find easily accessories , after markef parts , exhausts or other things , also spare parts are expensive , very expensive ( my faster GG 300 piston costs 140 euros , mine costs 185 ) . In my opinion : consider ktm , husqy or yz for mx races ... why don't you take a look on enduro-cross and cross-country world ? Beta and Sherco have brand new 125 2s now , maybe your son will be interested.
  4. Chinese manufacturers has only a lot of money to spend and invest but in this case it's pretty clear that they don't have a know how , a 'DNA' for dirtbikes , they can only copy other brands or use different pieces to build a 'thing' ( come on , these are not dirtbikes , these are THINGS ) . They want only to make money offering us a low cost product , but don't tell me that they have quality products as quality means higher prices , oviusly . When you buy a real dirtbike ( beta , ktm , husqy , tm , sherco ... you decide ) you don't buy just a 'thing' with an engine and 2 wheels , but you buy a state of the art product , made by passionated people with a 40-50 years background , when you buy a real dirtbike , you are not buying just a piece of steel and plastic , you are buying a dream , you are buying a story , your a buying tons of wins and fails , you are buying years and years of days and nights spent inside a workshop , you are buying months and months spent on race tracks and in development-research offices , you are buying a magic object which can make our hearts beating faster and faster , because when we ride our bikes we feel free and alive , and under our helmet you will find only one thing : a big smile . China ? No , thanks .
  5. Take a look :
  6. I've found this https://enduro.live/graham-jarvis-rides-4-stroke-in-2018/ but what about ktm riders ?
  7. Hey everyone , I was looking some extreme enduro races ( Though One , Bassella Race , Hell's Gate ... ) and I was taking a look about Beta riders , Teasdale and others , they had great results and race tracks were great but ... I've noticed a little thing : Jarvis , Bolt , Walker and Blazusiak were riding with ... a 350 4s !!! No 2s tpi for official ktm/husqy team ! At the moment the only one that has used it is Cody Webb at TKO , so I think they don't want to ride one because it doesn't work or maybe there is something that we don't know , it's really strange as top riders should use always the last model available
  8. Thanks , I've found the neutral position , probably without oil the shifting it's a bit harder than normal .
  9. I've solved it , tons of grease and fingers work , it takes 2 hours... Now 1 more question : I've closed completely the engine ( controlled 3 times al gears sequences and all gearbox components position before closing ) , now if I try to change gears it works , but it seems hard to find neutral position , also bike has 5 gears steps but I hear the classic sound ' click-clack' just 2-3 times ( the gear box it's not blocked ) , do I need to use the clutch to know if gearbox works correctly ? Oviusly to do that I need to assemble the bike completely .
  10. Hi , my beta dealer here , who works also on forks for mx/enduro , has suggested me to try a couple of things on my sachs forks before re-valving ( in case of bad feeling ) : use a kayaba oil with different density , change the fork spring and/or change the pre-load on forks springs. I have a RR '17 300 Race and I've tried this forks set-up , which comes from the same person : 20 clicks on up side and 15 clicks on down side and it was pretty good also for forks break in , in these days I've tried to close 6 clicks on down side and it feels much better . Revalving is the cheaper way , and you don't have to spend tons of money to make a big difference in your suspensions , also you can buy ohlins complete hydraulics on Boano website , if you want the best .
  11. Great job , what a beautiful bike ! I've seen a KTM 500 exc supermoto build on this channel : Supermofools , these dutch guys have transformed the bike from enduro to supermoto , with new wheels , forks , plastics and accessories , take a look , they have done the same on a husqy FE 501 . I think a lot of ktm-super moto conversion items fits to beta
  12. Thanks a lot
  13. Hi , first of all you need to know that ktm/husqy 500 4s are really hungry bikes , I mean they are so hungry that you need to focus every second on the bike in order to don't lose control , so you can't enjoy you riding , and they are heavy ... Try a RR 300 , you will be impressed , cheap bike ( if compared to others ) , beautiful graphics , well engineered structure and solutions , cheap maintanance , it works for sunday riders and also for pros , so easy to ride and control , and so much fun !
  14. Hi everyone , I'm rebuilding my TM 300 2007 engine , at this point I'm mounting crankshaft seals , the problem is the one on the clutch side : it doesn't want to go in . I've tried everything but it doesn't work , probably there is a trick ... does anybody know how to do ? Rebuilding this is engine is a real tragedy... Mandi Mandi
  15. Hi , bike complete restoration needs a lot of money and at the end you still have an old bike , even if it looks new . You need to disassemble completely the bike , sandblasting and pc on frame , then new plastics , new graphics , new wheels , forks set-up , some accessories , a new seat , new hand guards , exhaust restoration and so on ... too much money . Pay attention : tpi is having big problems here in Europe , expecially with electronics ( ktm is upgrading software non-stop without solving problems ) , oil pre-mix tank can break itself just with vibrations so you can blow up , you must go to a ktm dealer every 20 hours for maintanance ( software , injection system ) if you want to keep ktm guarantee , this tecnology is too young , if you want a good efi 2s you need to wait almost 2 years ( consider that from 2020 all 2s must use efi so you will be able to choose between ktm , husqy , sherco , beta ... honda ? ) , this tecnology will be certainly updated and prices will be more reasonable , now ktm is monopolist for smokers efi tecnology so they can apply high prices .