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  1. ged93

    Italy tour via moto?

    Ok now I understand , so take a local bike is the only way . Normally there are not security problems here ( this is Italy at the end , not Russia or Romania ) , oviusly in big cities there are a lot of tourists so it means a lot of thieves , scammers ... same happens in Paris or Berlin . From the north to the middle there are not problems of security , just keep your eyes open because you are a tourist - south is a different thing and I don't recommend you to travel there alone with a bike , unless you have a guide and a couple of friends with you . Rome at the moment is a real disaster , full of rubbish around the streets , rats , everything is dirty , cars everywhere , not a good place at all .
  2. ged93

    Italy tour via moto?

    Mmmm , so you mean you want to rent a bike here and then ride around ? This could be an option but you shouldn't rent it in big cities like Rome , you will pay a big amount of money just because you are a tourist , it would be better to ride with your personal machine , if you got . Places like Rome , Venice , Milan , Florence ... are always full of tourists , I mean completely FULL of tourists , so you won't enjoy your travel and you will spend a lot . I don't suggest you to travel alone in South ( Naples , Sicily and so on ) . On the other hand I can tell you that I got a friend who rides a lot with his BMW GS 1200 around Italy , he says that Tuscany and Sardinia are the best for bike travels : great roads , beautiful places and good food , he says also that you should travel with a couple of friends because it's safer in case you got little problems and always book hotels before starting your travel , keep always a GPS with you . My father says the same about Tuscany , simply beautiful . And yes , nobody speaks english here ...if you have other questions , just ask .
  3. ged93

    dirt bike for old man

    ' Riders don't leave dirtbikes because they get old , riders get old because they leave dirtbikes ! ' I got this from CROSS TRAINING Youtube channel , and it's true : my father still keeps it wide open and rides extreme enduro with me ! He is an old school enduro rider and comes from offroad-2 stroke golden age ... So don't consider yourself old . I can tell you this : 1) Buy a 2 stroke : simple , cheap , powerfull , light - expecially for low speed hard trails inside forests , with rocks , rivers , hill climbing ... 2) 2 stroke doesn't mean that you have to buy a beast like YZ 250 , CR 250 , SX 250 and so on , I suggest an easy bike like Beta Xtrainer , or a standard Beta RR 250/300 , or a KTM Freeride 250 , even a GASGAS would be a good choice . 3) if you like to ride in closed tracks or cross country trails , a 4 stroke would be a better option , probably a 250 or a 350 . Leave the idea to buy a very old bike , you will waste your money and your time . I suppose you will find something better for 3000-4000 dollars ...
  4. ged93

    Italy tour via moto?

    Hi , I'm italian and probably I could help you . Which parts if Italy are you interested to visit ?
  5. ged93

    2019 TM Motorcycles: what's new?

    Which TM do you own ?
  6. ged93

    2019 TM Motorcycles: what's new?

    EFI for Europe , carb and just a couple of bikes with fuel injection for US , on request probably . Finally electric start has arrived , but the servo motor case is just ridiculous , Sherco has the same system but half the size . My question is : why a customer should buy an injected TM and not a TPI Ktm/Husqy ? Probably they hope to improve their sells with a brand new bike but in 2020 Beta and Sherco will arrive with efi too , so nothing will change : tons of KTMs/Husqys , Betas and Sherco sold and just a couple of TMs around , unless ... their system is better and more reliable compared to others , who knows ... Showed at Eicma 2018 in Milan ?
  7. ged93

    Did you read about.....

    Hey dirtbird , I was reading the italian TM forum yesterday , there are some official news from Pesaro : 250/300 2s EN bikes will use efi , oil mixing system , electronic ev ( it seems with a brand new mechanism ) , 6 speed gear box , electric start , probably fuel tank will be placed in the back like 4 strokes en models , not sure about a counter balance shaft like KTM , same hgs exhaust , kyb forks , available in february 2019 , still carburetor available for US . Price for Italy 8990 euro taxes excluded . No one knows if they have already passed emissions tests . I've said a lot of times which is the problem : until now manufacturers had the possibility to make some tricks in order to pass Euro 4 ( blocked carb , fake exhaust , small air filter and so on ) , consider that the same happens with Tpi : bikes comes with a fake exhaust and a fake ecu program then the dealer makes some changes with a ktm program and job is done ( seen a couple of unboxings online ). So with efi you can still make some kind of tricks and pass Euro 5 , it doesn't exist a bike which can pass those tests without cheating ( Japanese street bikes are 4s direct injected but they don't pass 'officially' ) . So , unless Beta and Sherco find an alternative way to pass Euro 5 tests , there are only 2 ways : efi or manufacturing only XC carbed models which don't require any emission test because they are not street legal , I think GG will go with the 2nd . Thanks European Union... UK has made the biggest deal ever leaving you . A BMW M5 2019 with 625 HP gasoline twin turbo engine can pass easily but my Beta doesn't !!! COME ON ARE YOU SERIOUS ???!!!
  8. ged93

    RR 300 gearbox oil ?

    You work with NILS , so you mean you are a local dealer or a supplier of some secret chemical substances? Just joking ... I got only 50 hours on my bike so I'm trying different things , for premix I'm looking for a product which would not get wet my spark plug during slow extreme rides ( with Motul and Belray it was terrible ) so I found an oil ( Gmotion , Russian but made in Italy at Gazprom Italy Spa factory ) which lubricates and leave engine clean enough and spark plug has a beautiful brown colour , if you say me that Nils has such a product I will certainly try it . Same for gearbox oil : - Motul : no thanks - next - Liquimoly : good , but not great -next - Motorex : I will try in these days , not a ktm fan but who knows - Nils : now I'm curious so I want to test it dirtbird , there is another italian company called WladOil which supplies lubricants for cars , bikes , industries ... do you know them ? I've met them months ago during a work meeting at my local Milwaukee electric tools supplier shop who keeps on stock their oil ...
  9. Hi , I got a Ciarlo carbon guard in the beginning but it doesn't protect at 100% your pipe , so my idea was to manufacture myself an aluminium skid pipe plate but it would have needed too much time ( 3D cad design , laser cut then welding with a lot of tests to find best fitting ) , so I've bought one from Carapaks and mounted together with my carbon guard , I think it's the best now . Consider that I ride only in hard places with rivers , rocks , tress ...
  10. ged93

    RR 300 gearbox oil ?

    Do you believe me if I say I was convinced that NILS was american or something like that ? I'm trying different oils to find the best fitting , liquimoly , motul , now a guy from Boano told me to try Motorex , if it doesn't work maybe I will go with nils . Russian oil ( Gmotion ) for premix costs 13,50 euros and it works , this is why a I'm using it . I tried also Belray ( 25,00 euros ) but it was too 'heavy' expecially for low speed rides . Do you use nils products ?
  11. ged93

    RR 300 gearbox oil ?

    Motul 10w-40 transoil expert , works fine on my TM but my Beta hates that oil , clutch works badly using it .
  12. ged93

    RR 300 gearbox oil ?

    I'm using recommended liquimoly 10w-40 offroad oil for my RR 300 transmission , changed every 10 hours , it's ok but sometimes it seems that my bike doesn't love it - I've tried Motul , bad idea ... . Which oil do you suggest me ? I was looking at Motorex or Bardahl ... .
  13. ged93

    New 300RR oil sprray

    All normal , same on mine . I solved using high temperature silicone inside the gummy joint between silencer and pipe , cleaned valve mechanism and changed jetting ( no oil injection on my bike ) , I use Gmotion 2 stroke synthetic oil , from Gazprom . To clean your bike from burned oil , use WD 40 or some gasoline , then wash everything with water .
  14. ged93

    Tm 250 mx to enduro conversion

    Hi , I got Beta and Tm too ( RR 300 17 Race and Tm en 300 07 ) , pretty different bikes , Tm is more aggressive and made for fast classis enduro races like official GP or cross country , but Beta is extreme enduro king in my opinion and kills TM very easily on hard terrains ( no TMs at Erzberg , Romaniacs , Megawatt , ... , maybe 1 or 2 ) . Mx to enduro conversion needs time and money , and at the end you will obtain a cross country machine , not a pure EN model oviusly . Head , pipe , silencer , ecu , jetting , suspension , ignition timing , vforce spacers ... is what you need to change to get closer to the result you want . Ask to TM Gravity USA for more infos I'm sure they will supply all parts and technical help you need .
  15. Thanks to all of you for your help . Mmm I don't like the idea to shorten my silencer , or spend money for a Fmf shorty , anyway I will buy the 18 silencer plastic holder that's a beginning , then probably I will manufacture myself something , no problems for that at all . GP can you post some pictures of your forks protection ? With EE you mean enduro engineering ? I've seen their hand guards on Tokyooffroad but they look easy to be broken , or not ? Skf mud scrapers ? From Inntek ?