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  1. Ah ok. Thanks guys
  2. Me and a friend own identical 2003 wr450f bikes, both bought used. I did the valve clearance check on mine as per manual, all good. However when I opened my friends bike I found the cams were completely out of position, looks like 180 degrees. Bike ran fine but was almost impossible to kick start. Any idea why the cams would be lined up this way instead of the way as per manual? Thanks
  3. Also, if the squirt is good but short lasting then you possibly need to go to a smaller leak jet Smaller leak jet cured my off idle quick throttle bog completely
  4. I'm the same height, slightly heavier. I had the same dilemma trying to decide between a 250 or 450 4t. I test rode several newer ones and ended up with an 05 WR450. They're a fair bit lower on the power than the new ones though approximately the same weight. Not a light bike and it definitely tires you out, but if you're in decent physical shape it's manageable. I found the 250 required way more rpms to maintain momentum than the 450, especially on steep hills. As mentioned before, street skills don't transfer over, mine certainly didn't other than using the clutch. It's a lot easier to get bent out of shape on a 450 than a 250 or one of the friendly leaner bikes like the ttr230 or crf230. But if you're careful and respect the bike I don't see why you couldn't learn on a 450. I certainly did.
  5. Nice looking 300.
  6. Fantastic video on valve shimming.
  7. Right on. Glad you got it working. I've always found that starting at the battery and following the line until you find the problem works well. Learned that lesson on an old truck that I replaced the battery on and then it wouldn't start. Changed starter, relays, wiring etc etc... Whole day of part swapping. Turned out it was a dirty contact on the +ve battery terminal... Lesson learned.
  8. By supplying the brown wire with 12V you're effectively bypassing the main switch which would indicate that everything downstream of the brown wire is working correctly. Something upstream is the problem.
  9. Correct. I would also check to make sure that your main switch is supplying the starting circuit with 12V when turned on. The brown wire gets 12V from the main switch.
  10. On the 05 the clutch switch or neutral switch ground the diode do that when you hit the starter button power flows through the starting circuit cutoff relay which in turn connects the starter relay to send power from battery to starter
  11. Ok. Wasn't sure. Mine's an 05 so I think our electronics are different. I'll take a look at my schematics when I get home.
  12. Could it be the neutral safety switch? Bike thinks it's in gear and won't power up the ignition electronics. What year WR?
  13. I have the Mobius X8's. Very happy with them. Had them a couple months now. My knees are already shot from downhill mountain biking and I didn't want to risk messing them up further. That said I just ride some trails, fire roads and backcountry exploring so nothing insane really. The braces stay put and I forget I'm wearing them after a while. I'm guessing they are going to be hot in the summer but I'd rather be hot than a blown out knee.
  14. 2005 WR450F