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  1. hermtrails

    Show me your...BETA !

    Had a fantastic trip down the south east of south AUS this week. Some great sand riding on tracks weaving through the dunes and onto the beach on the 350. No pics of the tracks as I was having too much fun!
  2. hermtrails


  3. hermtrails

    Show me your...BETA !

    I picked up my 2nd hand 2018 beta 350 this week- I couldn't be happier I've got some bark busters to go on and will add a linkage guard. Other than that it will stay as is for now
  4. hermtrails

    2018 beta 350 race

    Got the 350rr this week. Conveniently we've finished harvest and had a bit of rain to make some of the area I ride a bit nicer for 1 day anyway (summer here and drought this year). I expected it to be a fair bit better than the drz but it's far exceeded my expectations in every way! I couldn't be happier ATM- things that were difficult on the drz are now easy
  5. hermtrails

    Fork oil is BLACK

    Thanks for that. Looks like I'll have to keep a close eye on it
  6. hermtrails

    Fork oil is BLACK

    I've seen a fair few posts about this issue but still haven't been able to determine this--- Are the black OC forks on the 18 model being affected by this issue? The brochure mentions something about "fork with new sleeves" so I'm hoping they are upgraded
  7. hermtrails

    2018 beta 350 race

    Well instead of buying the new 350 race I've got a demo 2018 350rr coming with 15 hours on it. Not getting the pipe for now so That will be a future upgrade
  8. hermtrails

    2018 beta 350 race

    That’s what i want to hear!
  9. hermtrails

    2018 beta 350 race

    Thanks for the replys everyone. I think if the sound is bearable with the power core and spark arrestor I'd go that way. I live on a farm and mainly ride where there aren't any neighbours to disturb. Also I agree with you on that widebear- part of me thinks I should just go larger motor and not bother with a pipe. Problem is I really like the idea of the 350 motor and also I'm a sucker for a good deal
  10. hermtrails

    2018 beta 350 race

    This would be ideal. I don’t want to throw money at it for no reason
  11. hermtrails

    2018 beta 350 race

    Im planning to upgrade my drz400e (Australia) for a beta 4t. There's some great deals to be had on runout 18 models including a 350 race that's cheaper than an 19 rr here. I've read many threads on the fork differences and am happy enough to take a chance on the race forks not being too stiff for me. So my questions are in regards to the exhaust- seeing as I will be buying from interstate I wondered if I should add the fmf exhaust straight up and have it mapped (Closest dealer is 4 hours). I believe it is a power core 4 that they will fit to it. If anyone has done a similar mod I'm just curious if it is worthwhile on the my18. I'm not interested if it's just all noise. Reading this forum it seems some have thought it worthwhile and some maybe not so much. I will be using it for flowing single track and some more technical logs for fun with the odd commute between trails. The 2t betas have me interested but I think I'll stick with 4t. I will not have an opportunity to test ride anything unfortunately
  12. hermtrails

    Australian DR-Z owners thread?

    We call them sleepy lizards here in South Aus. See them constantly once it warms up
  13. hermtrails

    Changing My Sprocket For Off Road Use.

    I will add that with 14/47 at 100kph (62mph) it’s only 7000rpm
  14. hermtrails

    Changing My Sprocket For Off Road Use.

    I'm not sure of real figures but from what I understand my Aussie "e" would put out a few more hp standard and the motor is the same (maybe different cams?) but has fcr carb. My point being the motor is designed to handle much more than your restricted setup gives it. Also I have 14/47 on mine and find its comfortable for 100kph on the road - tops out at 140kph. First gear is still fairly tall for some stuff I've played around with so I'm going to try 14/50. I hardly ride on the road at all- never seen sealed road on it