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  1. Also seems lack of oil causing heating up? Too rich carb set or valves improper/ idling too long?
  2. Bad bearings? left side has play cam moves slightly side to side causing cam sprocket bolt to rub against valve cover?
  3. Missing wave washer on rocker arm? Could that be the noise i was hearing? N it is somewhere in motor?
  4. Are any of the torque specs in the helm manual incorrect?
  5. Thanks rx7man n Stewart that bike looks stellar i planned on powder coating, it shouldn't affect the oil in frame setup where there heating it? The link will deff help me with mods and getting it to run like the champ it is. thanks guys will update further this week
  6. Weird cause with the cam up top level with head, it shows the mark i took pic of crank, it looks off sideways i didnt take pic level but that straight line it exactly at top. scratch beside it aswell or tiny flake off. Also how do i get tensioner out it has no bolt jus pull that pin out? N pop up?
  7. Sooo much dirt behind intake manifold geeze weird design for airflow id imagine. Doesnt help when full of mud
  8. What mark am i looking for here?no T? Line was straight up and down with too level with head.
  9. Timing looked solid?
  10. So finally had some time to open up ole xr, cam bearings feel loose,
  11. Keep it oem or any good aftermarket? What parts of the assembly should be ordering ? #5 is what lets go? thought #4 was tensioner. 3 is stated as the tensioner
  12. Yeah she still has good compression, but im praying minimal bolts are messed! that would be blessing if just the tensioner and reset cams n voila i will pull valve cover off tonight and post some pics thanks for help
  13. I have a youtube video for the 600r that ive followed and they are basically same with a few differences, i know how to get to the timing chain, need help check the cam and cam sprocket wear as well as tensioners and guides. I can pay 450$ to have done but wouldnt mind learning myself since im a diy kinda guy and i could put that money elsewhere if some things are major wrong. Plus i have the time and space. I know i should get paper manual for torque specs and tolernces but people should have access to these specs without purchase. I have downloaded one for my kfx and its helped a ton. Why isnt there one for these old bikes?
  14. Nice good to see some resurrection going on with these old tanks. Got one cple years ago love it. Mine suspectedly jumped its timing still ran but made lotta noise after i ramped a small hill, shut it down right away, just got motor out ready to tear down need engine specs. Using xr600 off youtube to go from for tear down. Wanna know what feeler gauges i will need for this procedure or jus have someone look at for 450$ n replace what it needs. I started a thread on its own ^83-84 xr500r jumped timing could use the property specs aswell as i kno manual not 100%