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    Tahuya new rider\childrens area going in

    This is great news. I know much of the success that the MTB community has enjoyed in expanding trail development and project funding is a direct result of showing high usage by families and children at MTB trails. Places like Duthie Hill Park that see lot's of kids are frequently showcased and used to market new projects. Developing new riders is good for the future of motorized trail use for sure. A big cheers to the people who are making this happen.
  2. Orion Watson

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    Thanks - that place looks like a lot of fun. It has been on my hit list for a while now. Pretty lucky to have that in your backyard...
  3. Orion Watson

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    Is that McNutt?
  4. Orion Watson

    Teanaway - Recreation Planning Process

    The comment period is open for the recreation plan and is available at the following link. https://www.dnr.wa.gov/teanaway-recreation-plan Motorized trail access is currently listed as a secondary goal while non motorized access is the primary goal. It is probably too little and too late to get a change, but we may as well give them an ear full.
  5. Orion Watson

    Bro forest?

    Submit your comment here https://www.dnr.wa.gov/teanaway-recreation-plan
  6. Orion Watson

    Bro forest?

    Thanks for posting this; I went to the DNR comment link in the article to lodge my opposition to removing any motorized access in the Teanaway and asked to make summer motorized access a primary goal. The recreation plan currently lists motorcycle access to single track as a secondary goal. I encourage everyone to add their comment before the 11/7 deadline if they haven't already. I am not sure it makes a difference but I at least have to add my voice! To be fair to KUOW, the article seemed fairly unbiased to me considering their audience; it quoted people who had concerns with the DNR plan as well as the DNR recreational planner. The part of the article you quoted seems to be paraphrasing the DNR recreation planner Doug McClelland, which I agree is bull...
  7. Orion Watson

    Documentary Video: Foggy Dew of the North Cascades

    First, let me apologize to TigerTanker for the post hijack; that is poor form, especially for a first post! Yes, I understand loss of access is frustrating. It is doubly frustrating that moto access is shrinking while other user group's like mountain bikers are enjoying a boom in trail development and access. And historically it is true, lot's of the older mountain bike areas were once moto areas. That has changed in recent years though. All of the new mountain bike trails are fresh cut and purpose built for mountain biking. The thing is, mountain bikers are not responsible for loss of moto access, and gains in mountain bike access are not responsible for loss of moto access. It is the host of public and private land managers and their perception of liability and user priorities. Mountain bike access has exploded in the last 8 or so years due to an extremely organized Evergreen along with the luck of getting some DNR land managers that see the value of mountain biking. In my opinion, the recent wave of mountain bike development is a potential opportunity to for moto development; land managers have had a paradigm shift and the moto community could benefit from trying to squeeze in and ride the wave. I occasionally have the ear of some folks at DNR and I try and use that opportunity to promote moto access. Take it for what it is worth, but general resentment and alienation of other user groups does not seem like the winning strategy. yeah, sorry, I just don't agree that that particular post was trying to do anything but be informative about the trail. I would imagine if you met me, you might consider me a "green", but yet I drive a p/u and ride a smoker - wrap your head around that. Many of those people might be quite a bit like you people if you get to know em... Orion
  8. Orion Watson

    Documentary Video: Foggy Dew of the North Cascades

    Good grief, he didn't say anything negative about motorcycles. Here is the excerpt where he mentioned motorcycles in his trip report. "The trail doesn't have much flow in it's long mid portion, it's pretty rutted out at parts from the horse traffic and motorcycles that share the trail. That is fine by me because that is probably the reason the trail exists in the first place. The last 3-4 miles are fun and flowy on the way back to the car. A nice break after all the scree." I have lurked on this site for a while and the general resentment towards mountain bikers is a turn off for folks like me that enjoy trail riding with and without a motor. More on topic, the Foggy Dew trail looks amazing and I hope to make my way over there next season. Orion