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  1. BigDutch81

    Why Do YOU ride dirtbikes?

    I'm with LSHD. One added point - its great to do with the whole family.
  2. BigDutch81

    2 stroke silencer repacking

    Repacking a silencer is a regular maintenance item. Nothing worse than listening to a 2-stroke with no material left.
  3. BigDutch81

    Does your wife/GF ride motorsports or nah?

    Yup, my wife rode street with me up until a couple years ago, now everybody is getting dirty! Next to find a PW/CRF50 for the boys.
  4. I was back and forth whether or not to install mine. I do a mix of MX and woods. I decided to put them on with the intent of taking them off for MX occasionally. First ride in the woods after the install, I slammed a good size tree hard with the right side. Would have been a shattered hand for sure. Won't ride woods without them.
  5. BigDutch81

    2004 PC Platinum pipe fit a 2005 KX 250?

    Thanks KDXGarage. So, is this an '04 or an '05-07 pipe? Seller has me confused.
  6. A quick google search tells me '04 was a stand alone year, but does anybody know for sure if a 2004 KX250 header pipe will fit a 2005? Thanks for the help.
  7. BigDutch81

    Dog for Trail Riding - best breed?

    My Rhodesian Ridgeback loves a good mountain bike ride through the trails. They'll run forever and look at you like, "that's it?" at the end of it. Trail riding on a motorcycle though? Roost, speed and quickly varying terrain are all elements of serious risk to the dog. Keep in mind they typically won't slow down as they tire or get sore, they'll keep up until they....can't - Hard to judge when you're in the zone on your dirt bike.
  8. BigDutch81

    Kind of spray paint for touch up?

    Any spray paint will rub off fairly quickly. Powder or Ceramic coating if you want it to stay. Usually some local shops will toss them in with another job for fairly cheap (provided its a standard colour - ie. black or grey....NON-factory colors)
  9. saw a thread on here about carving a spot in your bar pad under the pad cover for a sparkplug and wrench. Thought it was pretty slick. Could size the carved out portion to suit a little ziplock bag with your key in it.
  10. BigDutch81

    Not enough time...

    2 in diapers over here. I've been lucky to even make it to the garage to stare at the bike and make engine noises...
  11. BigDutch81

    When is it time to replace the rear tire?

    Whenever you lose confidence in it. I've replaced tires that looked brand new still because of feel and I've continued to use tires that looked worn, but still had bite and felt good. All down to the terrain and the rider. Sorry, there's no steadfast rule in my opinion.
  12. BigDutch81

    *Post Your Kawasaki 2 Stroke Pics Here*

    Just picked up this beast 2006 KX250
  13. BigDutch81

    Nothing better in the world

    This post just made my day! My boys are 2 years old and 3 months old. Just bought my wife a CRF150r to get her started. A few years from now a couple mini bikes and we'll be riding as a family too. Can't wait!
  14. BigDutch81

    Who lives/rides in Ontario?

    Just picking up dirt bikes again after many years on the street. Live in Burlington area. Anybody here a member at The 15 Practice Track? Would like to ride there, but don't know a member to sign me in. Also, what do they charge per day?