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  1. Brock granberg

    Wise I Clutch basket Replacement

    I havent ordered the plates yet. gotta get some cash first!
  2. Brock granberg

    Wise I Clutch basket Replacement

    Just soak it in the same motor oil I use?
  3. Brock granberg

    Wise I Clutch basket Replacement

    Alright, I will give replaving the plates a shot! Thankyou! Appreciate the help!
  4. So I recently replaced my clutch basket with a Wiseco clutch basket. I am sure I put the basket together correctly as I followed the instructions on how o take off the old gear and put it on the new basket and then I followed my manual on putting in my new basket. I did nor replace anything but the basket! I still have the original plates inside and te hub and pressure plate. I put it all back together without the cover on top and I pulled the clutch and the pressure plate went out like it should but when I put the cover on and I put it in neutral and kicked it over, I pulled in the clutch and tried to put it in gear and it just stalled, almost like the clutch lever wasn’t disengaging the clutch! I adjusted my knob on the handle bar both ways as much as I could and it did nothing! I don’t know where else I can adjust it or what to do! Please help! Thankyou!
  5. Brock granberg

    Adhesive For Cam cover/Valve cover Gasket

    THAnkyou all for the help, I got the cover back on and the silicon adhesive works great!
  6. Brock granberg

    Rough shifting

    SO we problem began a while ago and I hadn’t changed the oil for way longer than I should have so I changed it and it still shifted rough and then I changed the oil again tonight and I haven’t ridden it yet. After the first oil change failing to fix the problem I am not too confident it will fix it this time:(
  7. Brock granberg

    Rough shifting

    My Yz250f has had shifting trouble for a few months and has trouble finding neutral while the bike is running. I enjoy wheelies on the bike which wears down my clutch and when I’m stopped the bike still wants to creep forward like the clutch isn’t being activated completely. I have adjusted the clutch cable with the big knob at the top of the cable on the handle bars but it either won’t activate all the way when I let it all the way out or I adjust it and it wont activate when I pull it all the way in so I was hoping there was another way to adjust the clutch on the bike and I was hoping the shifting problem is just being caused by the clutch not activating completely. Please help! Thankyou!
  8. Brock granberg

    Adhesive For Cam cover/Valve cover Gasket

    Alright, so do I need a special heat resistant silicone? where can I get some? Hardware store?
  9. I just did my valve adjustments and put my YZ250f back together as far as the valves, shims buckets and cam covers on but I need adhesive for the plastic valve/cam cover and I am stumped as far as what to use and where to get it or even what to call it! Need to get some soon im in need of a ride!
  10. Brock granberg

    Valve Shim for Hot Cams

    I have a 2009 yz250f with Hot Cams and it is in dire need of a valve adjustment takes about 30 kicks to start and I am planning on doing it myself I just need the correct valve shim kit and I don't know what size kit to order so I was hoping some of you guys could help me out, and the bike has a big bore kit so it is 290cc idk if that matters but please help!!!
  11. Brock granberg

    Tusk enduro lghting kit

    I am just about finished setting it all up, I just need to find a spot for the horn and then connect the headlight and I will be finished. The brake light and rear blinkers work like a charm. I am hoping to put everything else on tonight! I will keep you updated!
  12. Brock granberg

    Tusk enduro lghting kit

    Oh great! And I have a 2009 yz250f, I didn't think it had a stator. But if it does do you know if it is powerful enough to charge the battery?
  13. Brock granberg

    YZ250F Tires

    I am in the process of street legalizing my yz250f and am currently looking around for tires either street or dual sport tires, I was hoping someone could help me find stick sized tires that are mainly for the street but if know of any dual sport tires that would work too! Thankyou!
  14. Brock granberg

    Tusk enduro lghting kit

    So to connect the switch I won't be needing a pre existing headlight or electrical for a headlight? And I am not worrie about the availability of the bulb but if I am ever in need of replacing the headlight I will surely test an H4 bulb headlight. Following what you said on the battery, so the 12v battery pack won't have trouble powering both the headlight and tail light? And how will the setup connecting the headlight be to the wiring harness? I don't necessarily need lights while the bike is off, just find this way of setting up the lights easier than hanging the stator and all the WR parts the bike would want to run righ. By the way thankyou for the help!
  15. I recently bought the universal Tusk Enduro lighting kit for my 2009 Yz250f and the Polisport MMX headlight in hopes of street legalizing my bike, I ordered the kit and the headlight but shortly after found that to connect the compact control switch I need a pre existing headlight and the wiring from the headlight to connect it with, and then the battery that comes with the kit is not said to be powerful enough to power both the headlight and the tail light. Could some one let me know how I can possibly hook up the headlight separately or possibly a larger battery I could use to power both the headlight and taillight easily?