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  1. Michjay586


    What’s everyone’s thought on fmf vs pro circuit? 300 xc
  2. Looking for the hardware for these bark busters, where could I find it, do they even sell it? Thanks
  3. As Bryan says is spot on, example last weekend there was to bikes I rode in single track both were not set up for me. Rode both each about 20 miles the one I was super confident on and the other no nearly comfortable on. Whether it’s bigger smaller doesn’t matter as long as the confidence is there
  4. I agree wouldn’t say I dislike the 4t but definitely not a 2t. I was able to ride a 17 in hare scramble in Florida. Was hooked ever since
  5. I pick up my new 2015 ktm 300 Xc tomorrow extremely excited going back to a 2. Looking forward to all you and your ktm knowledge.
  6. Looking at buying a 300 with really low hours anyone have a good review they want to share on this model?
  7. Thanks for the reply I’m actually from north Macomb county, I’m surprised I’ve never seen one on the trails. As I been researching bikes I really like the beta has to offer so far. May have to check the dealer out.
  8. Have been looking at buying a ktm 300 Xc couple years old at most. I have ridden one several times and like it my question is how are betas and gas gas? We don’t see a lot of those bikes in my area are they worth looking for?
  9. Congrats on the bike, I’m at that same point as you getting ready to pull the trigger for a new one
  10. So pulled it out same response hesitation slow speed, every gear could the jetting be thrown off by the repacking being that there was next to none in there the first place
  11. 04 crf has yoshimura trs pipe I repacked it this weekend and bought this insert and when I hit the throttle I had a hesitation every time, and then it would come out of it strong. Ideas why?
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