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  1. Hi thanks for your reply as well. I sat on the CRF 150R which is lighter then the F and I know that is a great bike, but it seems just a little bit too tall for me.. I know I could handle it, but my feet are just almost flat to the ground with the 125 and the klx 140 but not even quite flat.. so to start I think I don't want anything any taller.. They do make a big wheel for both of those bikes, but I am small so I like that they are small and the big wheel would be too tall for me. thinking about getting a new bike, but looking at options! thanks again
  2. Thanks for the info I appreciate it! Where I'm at it looks like I can get all 3 bikes for around the same price give or take a little bit.. Ive sat on the klx and crf and both seem like a good fit. I didnt even know or think about being able to add a kick start was a an option! interesting. Im thinking a new bike, but we will see, giving myself time to think about it, and want to test ride before making a for sure choice! thanks again
  3. Hi, I am looking to get my first dirt bike, female 5' 2" 125lbs.. I have experience riding quads, and a little experience just playing around on pit bikes and kids bikes.. Checking out the CRF 125, KLX 140, and TTR 125.. They all seem like a good place to start, especially being short and new to the sport. I think ill pick up riding pretty quick but want a bike thats gonna be a good starting point, not to big/tall/heavy, yet reliable and fun.. Ive looked at the CRF and KLX so far, I like the idea of a little extra power with the klx.. but like the kick start option of the CRF and in general kinda like Hondas.. Another friend recommended the TTR so just want opinions/comparisons and input from anyone willing, thanks so much!