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    Fifties and 05 crf250r
  1. xr5orider

    Masters of Mini Video Clip Round #1

    that was a great teaser...i hope to go to rocky hill for round 2
  2. xr5orider

    hard trottle

    like the storm said, the pro taper throttle tube with the bearing in the tube is awesome...what a huge difference...its a little pricy though
  3. that is a sick lineup of venues...ill be signing up
  4. xr5orider

    So Southwick sucks huh?

    there are some good spots to watch but it is packed on sunday
  5. xr5orider

    Vids Of Bubba??

    yeah the video on oakley's website is real good
  6. xr5orider

    mobil one sux!!!

    Dan Crf is right...i run 15 50 and have 0 problems
  7. xr5orider

    Rain Damage in Maine

    Do you live in Ogunquit?
  8. xr5orider


    pro taper synergy grips are real good
  9. xr5orider

    Cleaning air filters??

    i clean my twin air with kerosene and it works out pretty well
  10. xr5orider


    yeah get the elka if you can afford it
  11. xr5orider

    Mods for crf50

    get the yoshimura exhaust....i heard it's real good
  12. xr5orider

    What Channel/Time?

    I though it was 6pm on CBS
  13. xr5orider

    what kind of helmet do you own?

    i have the one industries bailey replica....it's real nice