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  1. KableXL

    A2 Post race Press Conference

    First question, what if someone steals your starting blocks?
  2. KableXL

    Anderson! What A Fluke!

    NOTHING to see here- haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa HA.
  3. Barcia stacked it,,, (came off the bike in the air, ejected) his leg is jacked, he might be out for a while. Anderson may be out as well.
  4. NBC has blowed up,,, Barcia IS DOWN>
  5. chad reed smashed anderson,,,, SEE YA.
  6. aldon better be in the white pumpkin trailer putting some magic on 21's wrist. Hey Chad's bike is working GO WEED GO.
  7. SOMEONE better drug test BLOOPER, Aldon broke out the chemistry set in the REDBULLSHIFT KTM trailer. Him and Ricky both called Colt Nichols Curt, LMAO.
  8. You worry about chad's bike, MR. macrel rath is stepping UP.
  9. Is DW15 on his own DIME? I think he gets a free bike no? Good news for 21, he has 10TH place on LOCK!!!
  10. WEBB has it all tonight, hope he wins the last Main,, GO BLOOPER GO>
  11. Anderson could be a mental job, if he doesn't have an injury, it's one of the two. he had the second fasted lap in the last main but fell off pace.
  12. He hurt his wrist,,, and he isn't taking anytime off, he is calculating points, but it wont help him.
  13. He has somting wong,,, injury issues me thinks.
  14. 21 had some bad lines,,, needs to change that poop NOW> something is wrong.