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  1. revilingfool

    Rear rack for '04 WR450?

    I would go to a fabrication shop and have them build you something. That way it will fit your needs specifically, and also wont be any more expensive that a purchased unit.
  2. revilingfool

    Thermodynamics question

    holy smack lol This is way cooler when you study liquid metal solidifying. Phase changes need an undercooling to initiate the phase, then the phase change happens at a constant temperature. In the case of water, its just whichever sample gets to the undercooling period first. On paper results can differ slightly based on pressure and size.
  3. revilingfool

    Forgot to replace oil before riding

    the cam journals look fine, especially since you cant catch a fingernail. even then, as long as youre in clearance and dont have pressure issues you can run them.
  4. revilingfool

    Selecting the perfect bike mathmatically

    as someone in engineering school i will refrain from talking about the math lol but your right
  5. revilingfool

    Weird warm weather no-start condition

    have you checked spark during the episodes?
  6. revilingfool

    2016 WR450 engine oil

    i understand how the notation works. I guess i was thinking the 10w60 were offered with something higher than 10 for some reason. Im not sure lol. still, there is no such thing as thin enough oil at start up.
  7. revilingfool

    2016 WR450 engine oil

    If you enjoy mobile 1, you should look into their 0w-40 as well. You do get better startup protection, and its only a point lower viscosity. from 14 with the 4t to 13. I have done a bit of oil analysis with common "heavy duty" oils and landed with the 0w40 having the best wear characteristics in high HP turbo motors. Not to mention, its like 23 bucks for a 5 quart jug off amazon a few times a year. Regardless, im happy you like the mobile 1 stuff, i think their 40 weight series is all around great. with regards to the general topic, i think you will be hard pressed to find a 60w that offers good startup wear protection. 50w for heavy duty use is probably sufficient unless you expect your temps to get super high, which is probably not the majority of riding.
  8. wr450f. stock gearing. you dont want to take in on the highway but it will do the open trails and roads around town great.
  9. revilingfool

    31 year old beginner. 250f or 450f ?

    get a wr250 or something similar for the first year. Then go up to the 450 and give the kid the 250. if you are in the mountains, you are gonna want the 450. It will tractor through all the single track and hillclimbs you can throw at it. You are also gonna want to be able to hit the road on it for ~10mi bursts. Also, elevation comes into play too. all these things bode well for a wr450f. When out in the bush you need something that can handle it all.
  10. revilingfool

    Wr450f Electrical Question

    its the same bulb. there are two filaments, if i remember correctly. a filament is a resistor, so there would be less current going through to make it brighter. but its been a little since i studied electricity.
  11. I read that as your bike had a 170 main and 50 pilot installed. red pipe means you're running hot. running hot means you're running lean. I would put around in the yard at slow speed and see if it indeed a lean condition, then jet up need be. Sitting at a high idle is not grounds enough for me to make a decision as thats not a riding condition.
  12. revilingfool

    Wr 450 hard to start jetti g decisions driving me nuts

    the starting sequence for this bike does not require you to hit the throttle. in fact, unless im super hot/flooded i don't touch the throttle when starting. my sequence on a cold bike is to choke, electric start for 5-8 turns. stop. electric start an by 3/4 turn she fires. Kicking is similar, it never starts 1st kick. cycle through, and then kick, starts after a few kicks. I have a 2005, tired from extreme Colorado single track, and burning plenty of oil. something is off on your bike. Whether its valves, pilot jet, timing etc. Start simple. I also dont run the TPS, you dont need it. I ride at a minimum of 9000ft so my jets are 42/150 de-restricted. I might be going up to a 45 pilot too idk.
  13. revilingfool

    Need help with wiring

    https://www.summitracing.com/parts/prf-80115?seid=srese1&cm_mmc=pla-google-_-shopping-_-srese1-_-painless-performance&gclid=Cj0KCQjwqsHWBRDsARIsALPWMEOB2hpp3LQ6PezKdlgnUyzH2oG4yJsOLJqFd1MBEqG4be3gy0DZs3caAoUuEALw_wcB try that
  14. revilingfool

    Need help with wiring

    gone are the days where you could head down to radio shack and rig something together. All your parts are gonna be found online now. Why dont you cruise through some electrical sites and see what comes up. search for an 8-point distribution block. should be easy to mount and they are circles so they take up little space.
  15. revilingfool

    CRF250R First Dirt bike

    maybe im the minority here, but i wouldn't recommend riding that bike on the street. Its gonna be super strung out at speed. If you want a street bike, get one and learn. Then get a 450 or 500 to ride on the street with. Keep the 250 for the dirt. Maybe start with that and then work your way up to street.