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    100 Pilot Air Jet - Need a 2018 Discussion

    At a total loss now....UHHHHHHHHH I started this season with a 42 pilot jet and if i screw the mixture full closed or 3 turn it ran the same. Now this afternoon i put a 45 pilot jet (Kept the PAJ in) and it stalls at about 2 1/4 turn and runs fine fully closed. Should I have gone down in pilot jet instead of going up? With the 42 or 45 a throttle blip almost stalls the bike Problem I am trying to fix is that 0 to 1/4 throttle (Want it more peppy). PLEASE HELP! Its a PIA to keep taking the carb on and off
  2. Shaun Small

    100 Pilot Air Jet - Need a 2018 Discussion

    Thank you. That makes a lot of sense (You know now that I am an google carb expert now. I stayed at a Holiday Inn Last night too...LMAO). The only thing I haven't messed with is the float height. I do have the R&D Flex Jet (Got real old, real quick, to jump under a hot bike and try to adjust mixture). Maybe you can help me a little here: I ride with two other guys One has 2015 and the other a 2016 and mine is a 2017 2015 SM = Powerbomb (Only difference than mine) I know this because i do the work on his 2016 SM = Same exact set up but has stock carb with rejet (Dont know his jet settings) 2017 SM = Listed above When I ride their bike's, they seem to have a little more pep and thier bike doesn't pop on decal When I do the below method, it doesn't stall when all the way in OR out
  3. Hey guys, I think its time to ask a 2018 FRC MX 39 question. I know theres a thousand discussions on this (But most prior to 2011 and its 7 years later... just saying) Do you leave the 100 Pilot Air Jet in or not??? Look it up and you get different answers (Both with good reasons). Just want to know leave it in, and why? Or take it out and why? My Elevation 1,200ft Temp = Pennsylvania (Means it could be 80 degrees today and 40 degrees tomorrow) My Mods MRD Exhaust 160 main jet 45 pilot jet EMN needle clip 3 200 main air jet 100 pilot air jet 2 turns fuel screw o-ring mod
  4. Shaun Small

    Don't Ride Naked

    I like #2, just like a few other said, #1 and #3 look washed out. I can tell I am going to have to watch this movie then immediately go for a ride
  5. Shaun Small

    Need some help installing zeta Ed skid plate.

    Thank you. I agree that I dont want crap entering my frame either. I see that 10mm will do the job and won't bottom out on the frame. I'll just use good loctite
  6. Shaun Small

    Need some help installing zeta Ed skid plate.

    On the M8 set screws, do you remember how long they were? They come in 10mm 12mm 16mm and 20mm
  7. Shaun Small

    Skid Plate Protection

    I would than need a Skid Plate for my 200 skid plate..LMAO. It is real pretty, and I wouldn't want a scratch on it
  8. Shaun Small

    Skid Plate Protection

    Looking for people opinion on Skid Plate Protection on my 2017 DRZ SM. I've decide that I do NOT want aluminum and it seems like the only options on the market now are Hyde or Moose ELine skid plates. Yes the Moose is 160 new and the Hyde is 95 New, but Hyde does not ship for free so they add 27 dollars for shipping. At that point they are almost the same price. Just looking to see what everyone thinks if I ask Moose vs Hyde, what would you choose. If you guys have pictures that would be great
  9. Shaun Small

    Zeta Skidplate

    I guess I should have read this post first, because I just ordered the Zeta ED Skid plate and came across the same exact problem See below pics
  10. Shaun Small

    Crooked exhaust clamp

    I had a little trouble with my MRD exhaust too. No troubles on the header side though. I just had trouble on the exhaust side. I actually had to re-thread it. But I caught is it as soon as it wouldn't screw in properly after a turn and a half. You need to send photos, looks like it didnt come through on your last post. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT TO KEEP IT THAT WAY. Why cant you tighten the screw? Cant get to it? Its stripped? Need more info to help you
  11. Shaun Small

    Convert your Dry Sump to a Wet Sump

    After you watch your buddy drop 2,500 into a 7,000 bike, you become an expert REAL FAST!!!! LOL
  12. Shaun Small

    Convert your Dry Sump to a Wet Sump

    Thanks, I was just asking because my friend's DRZ (Only has 3000K miles on it) already blew lower bearing and his Case is opened and the mechanic wants to see if anyone has changed the sump to wet on the DRZ (Because he was saying it has been done before on other bikes and there are kits out there for other bikes). So he wanted me to reach out to others and see has it been done before on the DRZ's. Is there a way to move the pump? Is there a way to add a hose to the pump?
  13. Shaun Small

    Suzuki DR-Z 400 E engine oil

    So you really ride 10W30? We're pretty much in the same temperature bracket ( I assume you're in Ohio) because im in PA. 10W30 is good for our conditions?
  14. Shaun Small

    Suzuki DR-Z 400 E engine oil

    Do you have a link to the Honda HP4S 10w40?
  15. Shaun Small

    Convert your Dry Sump to a Wet Sump

    It sitting up in a wheelie for at least 40% of the rides, I know a wet sump would be better. I know Im going to get a 10000 different replies, why it shouldn't matter. I just want to know, is it possible and is there a kit out there?