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    Acting like a kid...CRF450x, single track woods riding, working on my bike...trying to finish my house.

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  1. Pierre Legrand

    1990 CR125R Suspension

    Finally have time to start working on rebuilding a really beat up 90 CR125R. Have a 2004 125r that the kids and I really like so thus will be fun. Everything I have read seems to indicate that the suspension is terrible...is it so bad that we I should be looking for rebuildable later year suspension or can someone like Racetech make it work?
  2. Not sure this is valid anymore...why do you suggest this? Are there recent studies that you can point to? What I have been reading lately is that one should stay away from the foods that cause those wild swings in glucose and that if you eat right your body will simply burn the fat that we all carry. Sorry that I am arguing but I worry that young guys will simply follow the instructions to eat every two hours without understanding that everyone doesn't agree with that idea. Eat Prior to Working Out Eat soon before you head out and you could be plagued with G.I. (gastro-intestinal) issues. But if your last snack or meal was hours ago, you could run out of energy. The goal is to time your meals & snacks to provide a stabilized blood sugar level throughout your riding session or cross training work out. Accomplish this by eating every 2 hours after you wake up in the morning
  3. Pierre Legrand

    450X LED Headlight Install

  4. Pierre Legrand

    98 Cr125 Plastics conversion.

    That's a great looking bike. Is the front fender off the shelf or did you fabricate it?
  5. Pierre Legrand

    Honda XR250R & XR400R Pictures

    Claiborne/Woodworth... Had to be the roots...don't remember what happened but they were treacherous on the way out. That is my track, that day. Only went about 6 miles before I decided to go back and ride the 125. You ride out there often?
  6. Pierre Legrand

    Our trusty 450x got us a podium finish at the 1000!

    Very cool!
  7. Pierre Legrand

    Honda XR250R & XR400R Pictures

    Rode the wheels off the XR400 before it got stolen...great woods bike. But have more hours on the 450x...the 400 is easier to ride in Louisiana woods but the 450 is the one I prefer. It is intense and the button is very cool. The last major ride in the woods was on the 450x. I was heading back to the truck to ride the 125 that I have never ridden in the woods, when I went over the handlebars, broke 4 ribs poked a hole in lungs and havent ridden seriously since. Ribs have stopped moving around so I think its time to go riding again. Looking forward to riding the 125 if my son will share. Btw the button allowed me to ride back to the truck...
  8. Pierre Legrand

    Honda XR250R & XR400R Pictures

    The XR was recovered after being stolen 1.5 years ago. The photo with the CRF and CR is where I am now in the restore...darn shame that bike was a solid great trail bike when the orcs got it. CRF and XR are both street legal.
  9. Pierre Legrand

    Honda XR250R & XR400R Pictures

    The tank is fantastic...what is it off of if, you don't mind.
  10. Recovered my stolen plated XR400 a while ago and have spent the last 6 months putting it back into shape. I had wired the rear light to work as a brake light but the clowns who stole it destroyed all of that and I cannot find the instructions I used to wire it. Have done a few searches and came up with some terrific written instructions but apparently I need pictures as I cannot get the lights to work. Does anyone know of any instructions with pictures? heh... The CRF450x is plated as well.
  11. Pierre Legrand

    1990 cr125 fork swap

    Bumped to see if anyone came up with an answer...in the same boat.
  12. Pierre Legrand

    1978 Husky 250CR088 Negative.jpg

  13. Pierre Legrand

    1978 Husky 250CR094nn.jpg

  14. Pierre Legrand

    STIC metering block testing 17 300XC

    From a disinterested observer it appears that you are not willing to consider you may be wrong. Being an old guy I have learned that others may be smarter at a particular problem then I am. Pays to listen to those people...of course if you have all the answers then why post on the subject?
  15. Pierre Legrand

    Honda 125 - HPP setup TIPS & TRICKS & TUNING

    Rebuilding a basket case 1990 CR125. Wondering if a 1999 cylinder will fit 1990 cases? Found the answer in another thread...yes it will but the ports are larger on the cylinder than the years previous so there will be a mismatch.