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  1. MotardMadKiwi

    The Epic Motorcycle Meme Thread!

    I was chatting to a nurse one time ( three broken legs in two years. You get to meet a few.) and she was going out with a guy who I knew that had also met her through having a dirt bike accident. Never did see her show up at a race meet. Maybe too many ex's to potentially run into.
  2. MotardMadKiwi

    Electrical question

    Its the opposite with some car manufacturers. ( think euro) The earth circuits in the tail lights can't even support the total current flow. Actually nissan also had/have a problem with the headlight earth. Half the gauge of the power feeds. Don't know where they expected the other half of the current flow to go. I wonder how low they will go in wire gauge when LEDs are more common place.
  3. MotardMadKiwi

    Electrical question

    Just adding more lights and relays etc now. I have run a complete new earth and power feed to the back of the headlight, just for that reason. Would rather not take the chance of overloading any circuits when I know nothing about their current carrying capacities.
  4. MotardMadKiwi

    Trailtech in line temp sensor q's

    Can you do without the idiot light on the dash cluster and just replace the temp sender in the radiator. One is for the fan and one for the overheat light on the dash. Is the trailtech capable of an overheat warning?
  5. MotardMadKiwi

    i question the 3x3 cutout

    You could always try to use an MV Augusta F4 throttle body with a variable intake trumpet length. It would suit the FI guys better as it would require some type of ecu to drive it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MV_Agusta_F4_series Future project for roleyrev. I agree with you saying that to tune for a certain resonance you would need to have a bike with a power curve to suit.
  6. MotardMadKiwi

    Dash lights too bright

    Just go to your local window tint installer and grab a piece of offcut from the bin. I will be doing mine but still busy with work so unable to get the time to work on bike.
  7. MotardMadKiwi

    Crankcase breather replacement

    Yeah, Tell me about it. Thankfully I have a well stocked V8 speed shop round the front of work so I could trot back and forth getting the angles and fittings I required. It wasn't meant to be that complex but once I drilled the hole in the crankcase and found I couldn't run solid alloy tubing without major f'''king around I just went with what worked. It doesn't look so out there once the radiators and pipe are back on. I hope to have it going soon as it is coming into our nice spring riding weather, but I keep having to go fix cars to help pay for this obsession of modify everything possible.
  8. MotardMadKiwi

    Crankcase breather replacement

    It pops out the other side and hooks up to a breather where the coil used to be. I will have to see how much mess it causes before I go to plan C or was it D
  9. MotardMadKiwi

    Crankcase breather replacement

    Its actually a fitting drilled back into the front of the case which exits in behind the cam chain guide. Hopefully it will spill back into the case any oil that exits the rear lower, before it gets to the breather filter, which is sitting where the coil used to be. ( coil on plug conversion) There is not a lot of room on these bikes for any extras. I am going to use the space left by the breather box delete for the second twin tone horn ( I like loud horns). I had the cylinder off doing the base gasket change so thought I would also have a go at this after much thought and deliberation. I also got the piston thermal and teflon coated while it was apart.
  10. MotardMadKiwi

    Crankcase breather replacement

    My breather delete started out as a completely different idea but morphed into this unique design. Still haven't even fired it up to see if it works or is a total waste of time and effort but it is one of a kind. As Eric suggests "No real reason needed to do it". My reason was because I prefer my crankcase fumes and oil not to be sucked into my inlet and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Opps to late now. Was to late when I drilled a 1/4"npt hole in the front of my crankcase.
  11. MotardMadKiwi

    Can not remove crush washers from either oil drain plug

    My favorite technique is to gently lock the hex head in a vice and then jam a small blade screwdriver between the washer and the plug and twist it to deform the washer so it will catch the first thread and can then be wound off. Would not recommend holding it in your hand while doing this as the many puncture wounds in my fingers and hand can attest to. Nissan cars have a one use crush washer that are really good at getting stuck so I have had a bit of practice.
  12. MotardMadKiwi

    Drz power trip

    I could get you a brand new E model today if you want to add shipping to $10k nzd ? http://www.colemans-suzuki.co.nz/suzuki-models Still really hard to even get E cams though.
  13. MotardMadKiwi

    Race Tech calculator missing years for SM

    I also have a 2014 SM and am about 215 also. I ended up with .51 fork springs by Ohlins and a Race Tech 6.3kg shock spring. The fork springs are longer by 20mm but the forks have a spacer tube that is easy to cut down. I haven't even got to the fitting stage yet but am tempted to run the extra 20mm preload. Let me know if you want the spring measurements as they aren't listed for a DRZ as far as I know. One of our local guys supplied them for my weight and riding. ( Robert Taylor @ Kiwi Suspension Solutions.)
  14. MotardMadKiwi

    Help Us to Help You. ( Minor Rant)

    Bit chilly down your way??
  15. MotardMadKiwi

    Help Us to Help You. ( Minor Rant)

    Don't know if this is out of place, but as I look through some of the post's to see if I can help, I can't help thinking that we seem to be missing a lot of basic info right from the start. Their are a lot of knowledgeable people that look through these post's that love to help fellow DRZers but a basic run down of Year, Model, and mods that might be of use in diagnosing the problem would be a great help. I haven't had a lot of time with my bike ( 2014 DRZ SM and more mods than I want my wife to know about. Purchased mid 2017) but I am willing to help with a background of 30 plus years fixing cars full time and bikes as a passion and a DRZ that is being given a good work over. Hope to be of help in the future. Rant over. Back to fixing cars to help fund my addiction.