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  1. Romanian Tractor

    Yamaha TTR230 What wire to tap for LED headlight?

    The little LED I bought is no longer available at Princess Auto so I can't share a link to exactly the same item. Also, I installed it after the riding season was over here in Canada, so I can't comment on the extra battery draw since I haven't really ridden the bike with the headlight on for more than 5 minutes around my neighborhood. I think it's a 20 Watt LED light if I remember correctly.
  2. Romanian Tractor

    Winter riding videos

    Another one! /
  3. Romanian Tractor

    Winter riding videos

    Bahaha... I like how you roll!
  4. Romanian Tractor

    Yamaha TTR230 What wire to tap for LED headlight?

    Right on. Can't beat this mod, it's so bright! Only cost me $20. Quick little video clip at night
  5. Romanian Tractor

    Winter riding videos

    That's pretty cool. Unfortunately, I can barely get my friends to come out when it's 5 degrees out, not sure I can convince to come when it's -20 haha! I was also told my carb will refuse to run below -10 or so? It's going to snow quite a bit around here, I think I will have to pack it in for the season and hibernate for 3 months or so.
  6. Romanian Tractor

    Winter riding videos

    I wish! Using the stock worn out tires...
  7. Romanian Tractor

    Winter riding videos

    Here's my contribution!
  8. Romanian Tractor

    Yamaha TTR230 What wire to tap for LED headlight?

    Ok I figured it out... I had tapped the wrong wires. There are 4 wires leading into the ignition switch. The correct one to tap is one of the two orange ones (for the headlight's positive). Then the headlight's negative is a ground, so I just soldered it to the frame. Works like magic, headlight now stays on as long as the ignition is on, regardless of whether the engine is running or not. GOOD TALK :|
  9. Romanian Tractor

    Yamaha TTR230 What wire to tap for LED headlight?

    Hi guys, need your help please! Bought an LED headlight with a simple positive/negative wire that I want to install on my 2016 Yamaha TTR-230. This is an off-road only bike; I simply just want to add the headlight... that's it. I've tapped the ignition (on/off) switch with the red/black wire on my headlight's red (positive) wire, and the black wire on my headlight's black (negative) wire. This is the result: ON/OFF switch set to OFF, engine off: LED headlight is off ON/OFF switch set to ON, engine off: LED headlight is on ON/OFF switch set to ON, engine on: LED headlight is off <-- that's my problem!!! Once the engine fires up, my headlight turns off... if I turn the engine back off, my headlight turns on. I simply want the headlight to remain on as long as my ignition (on/off switch) is on. Currently the headlight stays on and goes off in perfect sync with the little red LED that lights up when you turn the on/off (ignition) switch to on. I've Googled this to no end, but it was no help. Has anyone done this before on a 230 and if so, what wires did you tap into? I'd rather not have to hookup the headlight directly to the battery and then have to get a switch for it, if possible. Thanks!
  10. Click here to see my review of the Yamaha TTR230 which I uncorked to make it more usable and more fun. Power mods come from de-restricting intake/exhaust and re-jetting the carb with 130 main & 38 pilot. Gearing mods are a lightweight rear sprocket (same size as stock, 49 teeth) and a 15-tooth front sprocket (stock it has 13). Not only were these mods only $100 or so, but they were simple to install, made a huge difference, and the bike now sounds a lot meaner.
  11. I found very few good reviews on the net of the TTR230 before I bought one, so I decided to make my own. I ride lots of endure and incorporated the challenging terrain and shenanigans into this video. Watch the "beginner" dirt bike climb rocky hills, ride through swamps, get stuck in mud, and ever get submerged in water... and it can handle all of it like a champ! Extreme Enduro 2016 TTR230 Review
  12. So we took our friend dirt biking for his first time, he's an excellent street rider, but has never been in the dirt before. He did quite well. Here's a little clip I made to highlight his day, hope you enjoy! Link: Abe's First Enduro Ride
  13. Romanian Tractor

    Enduro mud & swamp crossings

    Made another YouTube clip of our last ride, thought I'd share with you all. Cheers!
  14. Romanian Tractor

    WR250F vs. TTR-230 Hillclimb Battle

    If you still have coffee, check out the other vids too... lol