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  1. Terry Roberts

    Toby Price

    Didn’t he come in third. I heard he got off course and lost 15 min that he couldn’t make up
  2. Terry Roberts

    300rr race edition or Standard 300

    I ride a 17 500 RRS with stock suspension. I weigh around 260 with gear. How much difference in handling would I notice if I changed the springs for my weight.
  3. I’ve seem a K and N used with a foam sock over it
  4. Terry Roberts

    Moonrocks Sat Nov 10

    How bout some video from yesterday?
  5. Terry Roberts

    Moonrocks Sat Nov 10

    We're in Hawaii till the 16th or I'd be there. I really enjoyed our last ride there making new trails.
  6. Terry Roberts

    KTM350 XCF and newer rider - advice?

    Check with your Beta dealer. The factory subsidizes customer demo days where you can try the full line. If not maybe the dealer might know some one or an employee where you could get a test ride. Try before you buy is a great idea
  7. Terry Roberts

    KTM350 XCF and newer rider - advice?

    It’s me again. 65 and bought the Beta 500. For me it isn’t the power so much, it’s the light switch delivery as soon as you touch the throttle. I rode a 4t 250 Yamaha and had the same problem. Instant, no hesitation power. Best advice I’ve heard so far is the Beta Xtrainer. Lowest seat height of all, tractor low end, light, durable and priced right. It has the easiest power valve adjustment that you can detune to your riding ability. I’ve seen high level riders buy the Xtrainer specifically for trail riding.
  8. Terry Roberts

    KTM350 XCF and newer rider - advice?

    Couple of things. My best friend and riding partner crashed so hard he was in the hospital for 10 days. He quit riding. That affected me in different ways. It just wasn’t as fun without him. Then life got in the way and somehow I gained 100 pounds. I lost the weight and started watching You Tube videos. I’d find myself squirming in my chair like I was riding. Got the bug again with incentive to get back into shape
  9. Terry Roberts

    KTM350 XCF and newer rider - advice?

    30 years ago when I quit riding my bike was an ATK 604E. So now at 65 I take up riding again and go out and buy a Beta 500 RRS. Talk about shocked, my first ride scared me so much it felt like I had never been on a dirt bike. Instant giant horsepower, no lag just touch the throttle and it would leap. The compression is so high that chopping the throttle feels like you are going over the bars. Here is what I’ve done so far to tame the beast and now enjoy riding again G2 throttle tamer will make it less snatchy I run in the rain mode or map Gear it so you can lug it around in 2nd gear. First for rocks SLIP that clutch. Tames the wildest beast from a start and through the rev range Find a flat area and do turning and stopping drills. Like a figure eight. 20 times. Pick spots to stop with out putting a foot down then take off slipping the clutch. Now after these drills make a small loop on a trail no more than a few miles then go back and do the drills. Keep making the same loop and I guarantee your confidence will double after a day. Each loop will get faster, each drill becomes easier. I was very fortunate to receive this advice. One last thing. Find a long, flat stretch and flog it. Even if only up to third gear. That will teach that monster who’s boss.
  10. Terry Roberts

    No Sympathy - Smoke House ride report

    I'm almost ready to join you Big Bob. It's been so long I'll have to practice the fundamentals at PC a few times. I watched the videos and there's no way I could have made that ride, although good scenery and looks like a great group. I can relate to your appreciation for the help from the other riders. ll
  11. Terry Roberts

    Good Suspension shops in the Sacramento area?

    SBB Suspension By Buck Google it. He's in Rio Linda. Great reviews
  12. Terry Roberts

    New to GasGas, GP 300, WOW!

    Look at Beta
  13. Terry Roberts

    Debating Between Dual Sports

    Beta makes a line of street legal 4t that are light and great handling. 350, 390, 430, 500. These are the RRS series. All have different power characteristics but share the same frame and trans. Separate oil for the clutch and gear box makes for longer intervals for servicing. 1 year warranty and all come stock with DOT tires. Never heard any thing but praise when I let someone ride my 500 RRS. Handles gnarly with confidence and will run past 100 MPH with stock gearing.
  14. Terry Roberts

    Good Suspension shops in the Sacramento area?

    Was the King Bee carb or EFI?
  15. Terry Roberts

    Good Suspension shops in the Sacramento area?

    Hey Big Bob. Try Buck at 916-910-3532. Most knowledgeable mechanic in the Sacramento area. He's in Rio Linda