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  1. 99grandtouring

    400S front end bouncing off rocks, fat guy suspension settings...

    if you make rebound hard does that mean it rebounds (expands) faster or slower?
  2. 99grandtouring

    400S front end bouncing off rocks, fat guy suspension settings...

    I guess what I'm trying to figure out is if compression gets stiffer should rebound get softer or harder? if its less likely to compress wouldn't you want it rebounding / expanding faster to stay on the ground? Or should it be slower? I'm worried stiffer springs would raise seat height on me too which would be bad for me.
  3. Hey guys, I've had the DRZ400S for a few months now and have been playing around with the suspension settings trying to get it to work better for me. With that being said, I know it needs at a minimum re-sprung, and that'll come this winter. But in the mean time from the stock setting I stiffened up the compression 4 clicks on the front only because of nose dive under braking on pavement, well when I went offload I noticed the front end seemed to stiff and was bouncing around / off of rocks, especially on rocky hill climbs. So should I soften it back up or is there a way to adjust it so it doesn't do this? Like stiffen the rear up more? adjust rebound some ? whats the secrets to tuning a suspension? I'm looking at getting new springs but am worried that going stiffer springs (although correct for my weight) will make the bike as it feels now, really stiff off road. My son and I do mainly trail riding / no jumps, with a lot of rocky terrain so having the suspension a little compliant is better in my opinion vs stiff. Thanks!
  4. 99grandtouring

    Lets see some trick ttr125's

    Already done, that was right after we finished rebuilding it, it's higher up now
  5. 99grandtouring

    Lets see some trick ttr125's

  6. 99grandtouring

    We need a better shifter, IMS keeps bending..

    So we've been running the IMS shifter on my sons bike for a few months now, functionality it works good, however any time the bike goes down on the left side it bends so badly you have to bend it back out.... Its getting to the point I'm worried its going to snap where it keeps bending... What other options are there? any recommendations? Thanks!
  7. 99grandtouring

    TTR 125, re-use newish head gasket?

    I rebuilt our ttr125 this past winter, it's been running fine but it smokes slightly on startup and you can smell oil burning (no smoke at all) once it's warmed up. I was wanting to pull the head and check some things, do you think it would need a new head gasket or could get by re-using since it's fairly new?
  8. 99grandtouring

    Boots, mx vs enduro sole, young new rider in woods

    Moose racing m1.2 ce
  9. 99grandtouring

    Boots, mx vs enduro sole, young new rider in woods

    Well after debating I went with these, they're listed as an mx sole but have more lugs than the others I've seen, realistically if his bike needs pushed or pulled he probably won't be doing it yet, they'll probably last him a year at most do we will se how it goes! Thanks everyone!
  10. 99grandtouring

    Boots, mx vs enduro sole, young new rider in woods

    All great points and all why I asked this, that's the debate I'm torn about which way outweighs which..
  11. 99grandtouring

    Boots, mx vs enduro sole, young new rider in woods

    Maybe I'm using the wrong term by saying enduro, here's the 2 sole designs I'm debating..
  12. I'm getting ready to get my son some MX boots so we can start riding in the woods.. I'm torn between mx soles vs enduro/trails soles. I know enduro is better for traction but I've been advised an mx sole might be better because being new if he would stick a foot down while moving it would slide vs grab. What's your alls opinions or suggestions?
  13. Just wondering, does anyone know how much power/ amps & volts you can get out of a non E / kick start 125 stator?
  14. Well guys I've got my new tires and tubes mounted, I pinched the front tube last week when mounting them and had to get another tube. Now I'm paranoid lol I mounted the rear last week and it's been sitting ever since, it's lost about 2-3 psi over that time. Is it possible to have a very slow leak from a pinched tube? Valve cores are tight so I've ruled that out.. I'd figure a damaged tube would leak quickly?
  15. 99grandtouring

    storage, rack, or fender bags on a TTR-125

    Guys I can't find an decent priced rack for a TTR-125L but I'm looking for some options for my sons bike. Nothing outrageous but just something to carry a spare tube, water bottle, some trail supplies type things, do you all have any suggestions? Thanks!