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  1. Skydmark1

    Us Open On Tv

    anyone plan to put up a torrent? I hope so!
  2. Skydmark1

    ama outdoors tv schedule??

    has anyone actually been to speedtv.com they aren't showing ANY MX coverage airing on their schedule
  3. that video was at double speed, and I didn't realize that lane splitting was somehow legal in CA
  4. Skydmark1

    US Open of Supercross

    I'm beginning to wonder if there is a torrent, first no MXON torrent in english now this. The torrent guys are slacking, and I for one appreciate their efforts and look forward to new torrents.
  5. Skydmark1

    MXDN torrent

    I think that dude is pulling our legs about the english version
  6. Skydmark1

    US Open of Supercross

    Sweet, now if we can just get somebody to do a torrent we'll be all set =)
  7. Does anyone know when the US open of Supercross airs and on what channel?? Also, is anyone making a torrent. Looks as though we missed out on an english version of MXDN and I'd really like to NOT miss out on US open of SX :thumbsup:
  8. Skydmark1

    MXDN torrent

    I have it downloaded and am seeding, but it's in french.....I'd much rather watch it in english so I understand it...hehe
  9. Skydmark1

    MXDN on TV????

    :bonk: :doh: :doh: :thumbsup: :bonk: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!
  10. Skydmark1

    MXDN on TV????

    Holy Hell, come on somebody that's gets direcTV has to make a torrent.....Start a Paypal for donations....I'll send ya a few bucks for doing it as I'm sure others would! I have Dish Net so I'm out of luck
  11. Skydmark1

    2008 MXON Torrent

    somebody did the MX Des Nations last year as a Torrent......One can only hope they do it again. It was fricken sweet!!!!! I wish I was setup for I'd gladly record and upload but alas I am not.
  12. Skydmark1

    Steel City Torrent??

    OH man, I think I'm gonna cry......I'm addicted and I can't get my fix...haha!
  13. Didn't the Steel City race air last weekend? If so I'm looking for it, has anyone seen a torrent for it yet? I'm dying to get my motocross fix
  14. Skydmark1

    AMA Motocross Millville Mud

    I love watching mud races, really shakes things up and you get different people in the top 5. Windham is usually a great mud rider for instance, carmichael USED to suck in the mud and he's the first to admit it too. In fact I think they talked about it during that race
  15. Skydmark1

    Is this good for the bike?????? *video*

    I didn't hear the bike bounce the rev limiter at all, but that pipe getting red hot can't be that great for it