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  1. DFlan

    '01 CR250 Piston Exploded!

    Did you look at the ring gap locating pin? It may have pushed into the piston and the ring gap ended up snagging the exhaust port floor.
  2. DFlan

    CR250 cranks

    The crank I used was from an '02 shifter cart motor that ran a few races. It was still in spec so I left it together. I put the cases in the mill and flycut the cases for rod clearance and very little gets taken out in a few spots most of the case clears the rod. After that its a drop in and if this one needs a rod someday I wont have to work with the sheetmetal wrapped crank. I didnt weigh either one to know the weight savings but i think the motor vibrates a bit less now.
  3. DFlan

    CR250 cranks

    I use a 2002 crank in my 2001 because I had one on he shelf. Other than a very little rod clearancing due to a fatter rod on the big end it was a bolt in. The width, length of the ends and everything else was a match so the older crank would go into the case reed motor
  4. DFlan

    Pics: 2010 Honda CR125 !!!!!!!!!!

    I love a fresh metal pipe, for awhile. We just bought an '02 Cr125 that was almost brand new. I threw in a new piston and the 125's are still are a grin to ride, and start.
  5. When the spacer and gear are tightened it will pull the crank into the gear side bearing and pull the crank into place. If its not free turning try tapping lightly on a socket on the flywheel nut with a small hammer so the crank dont get beat up and that will set the bearing against the stop in the case and things should spin freely
  6. DFlan

    Bonehead: Drilled wrong side of wiseco!

    I'd put it together and try it, the motor probably wont know the difference.
  7. DFlan

    shattered piston= high idle?

    There isn't much room between the crank and crankcase and a piece of piston could have cracked the case causing an air leak.
  8. DFlan

    2006 KTM 250SX-F Questions

    On my 06, the stock jetting was somewhere between bad and horrible on the bottom end. I used a JD jet kit with the Honda pump diaphram and a leak jet and it was a lot better. The bike still had a lazy spot in the powerband between 6500 and 7000rpm's especially with a Q muffler that went away when I tried an XCF exhaust cam. This year we installed a Thumper racing 290 kit and now I love the motor in the woods.
  9. I just had mine back apart this week to do a 290 kit and the OEM replacement ring was already at .030"+ gap in about 20 hours but the piston was still perfect. You'll probably just need rings and gaskets and a light hone job. They are an easy motor to work on.
  10. Your compression ring is probably way out of spec. I thought mine ran good too until I dynoed it and watched the breather hose spew vapor. They dont smoke or run bad that way, but there was about 10% of the power missing.
  11. DFlan

    street tires for the 650

    I put some Avon Gripsters on my DR about 1000 miles ago and they are working really well. They are decent on gravel roads and quiet and sticky on the pavement.
  12. DFlan

    Sputtering, stalling, and hesitating, '05 DR650

    Just drill gently so the drill dont get itno the fuel screw when it goes through the plug.
  13. DFlan

    Sputtering, stalling, and hesitating, '05 DR650

    Mine was the same way and I drilled out the pilot fuel screw plug and opened the screw 2 turns and it helped a bunch before I did the Dynojet kit. Its probably something your dealer wont want to do for you.
  14. DFlan

    Suzuki Rear Rack Install

    You won't have to bend the brace out of the way, the rack gets bolted to it after you put holes in the fender.
  15. DFlan

    Yoinks!! new 05 DR650 Speedo Wrong

    I'll have to do a 100 mile test this week on the highway and compare the odo to the mile markers. I didnt want my 50 MPG that I think I get to really be low to mid 40's.