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  1. WoodsRERider

    LTR450 won’t start

    Turned out it in fact was the starter clutch. Starts right up now that it’s replaced. I don’t even have to use the fuel enrichment lever even on a cold start
  2. WoodsRERider

    TRX400EX Rear Spring Options

    For a motocross application? Sorry just looking for clarification first.
  3. WoodsRERider

    LTR450 won’t start

    It seems like the starter itself is ok and operable but it doesn’t kick the motor over. It seemed like a gradual decline. Now the starter spins but not engagement. Soundwise it went from starter wiz thump thump motor fires up to now I hear the starter just spinning but no thump thump engage. Not spark plug I just changed it, checked valves (in spec), and changed oil. Quad is a 2006 and has full Yoshi pipe, cherry bomb, tether switch, programmer and air box lid removed. She can move when running lol. I must say that I’m used to carburetors and a kick start too. This is my first sport quad and efi machine
  4. WoodsRERider

    06 Yamaha Yfz 450. Racing fuel or not

    I have the same question for my 06 Suzuki Ltr450. I have a place nearby that has 110 leaded race fuel. I’ve tried it in my two stroke KDX dirt bike just for fun. The bike is jetted and piped. Not sure I felt a difference however I loved the smell of the burnt race fuel haha. Not sure if your YFZ is Efi for that year? But my LTR is and not sure if that makes a difference either. I usually leave any of my quads and bikes engines stock but I think if you run “hotter cams” etc the benefit of race fuel is more necessary?
  5. WoodsRERider

    LTR450 won’t start

    Just got my LTR back from the shop as it needed a valve cover gasket and I didn’t have time to do it myself. Took it out riding a few times with no issues. I noticed it started to have trouble starting up as time went on. Now today it won’t start. I can hear the starter spinning/buzzing but it doesn’t engage or seem to be turning over anything? Not sure what this is about but not too happy after just getting it back. Bad starter? I wish it was kick start instead sometimes for this reason. Did a bit of research and seems it’s common and is the starter clutch?
  6. WoodsRERider

    1987 Warrior Mid Range Sputter

    Any update?
  7. WoodsRERider

    Best Sport Atv?

    Well how did you make out? It’s been two years. I picked up a 2006 LTR450 and love it. Not really trail oriented though. She likes to rip.
  8. WoodsRERider

    400ex barley starts

    Any update?
  9. I own a XR200, kdx200 and a LTR450 Quadracer. All have their own personalities. When you need to absolutely shred, the LTR all day. They are all reliable if taken care of.
  10. WoodsRERider

    1987 Warrior Mid Range Sputter

    Its hard to tell without looking if it needs to be richened or leaned. Usually the stock clip position is the 3rd down from top. Raise it one and see if leaning it out helps first. Also make sure air screw is 2-2.5 turns out from the fully closed position. Also, I know it’s a dumb question but is the air filter clean?
  11. WoodsRERider

    1987 Warrior Mid Range Sputter

    If that doesn’t work, then you may have to reset the float height.
  12. WoodsRERider

    1987 Warrior Mid Range Sputter

    Gotcha. Try adjusting the needle clip down one position at a time. This will richen it up more with each position down and lean it out if you go up. Also start with the air screw approximately two complete turns out. If messing with the needle doesn’t do anything, I would change the pilot and main jets one size larger. I generally buy two sizes in each direction from stock, if that makes sense? That way you can fine tune it with trial and error. The way it sounds though and with the supertrapp it needs to go a size bigger to start if the needle clip adjustment doesn’t help.
  13. WoodsRERider

    1987 Warrior Mid Range Sputter

    Forgot to ask when you richen it up or lean it out, are you changing jet sizes or just adjusting needle clip position and air screw?
  14. WoodsRERider

    1987 Warrior Mid Range Sputter

    Hmmm. The valves can be out of spec, however, I still believe it’s a jetting issue. Supertrapp utilizes discs to fine tune the exhaust. I have one on my XR. The more discs added the richer you need to go and the less it needs leaned out. Just curious how many discs your running and if you have extra discs?
  15. WoodsRERider

    1987 Warrior Mid Range Sputter

    Sounds like jetting off to me, specifically pilot and or needle jet. Any mods? Also, have you tried turning the air screw out more?