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  1. Running, push ups, sit ups, pull ups. Drink a ton of water. Ride hard. Have fun!
  2. No. Seriously. The bike gets ridden maybe every other weekend in the summer on trails. Raced in two hare scrambles. I suppose I'll check the top end this spring haha.
  3. Have an easy life kdx200. Bought new in 2006. Never had a top end. Starts in one to two kicks to this day.
  4. Looks sharp. Trailer is an awesome bonus.
  5. Yea the clearances are when u already have the bike. To basically get it running though was originally stated. Don't forget to give us some pics!
  6. I'd also suggest checking valve clearances as well. If she starts, I would probably let it idle for a few minutes then immediately change the engine oil as its got to be worthless after six years.
  7. To get her basically running....fresh fuel, carb cleaning, check fork seals / fresh fork oil, change engine oil, plug, clean air filter. I have a XR200 same year. Things are as reliable as they come. Price. Not sure. If it's running around a grand?
  8. California

    How about a little quick melodic metal instrumental
  9. This forum is awesome. Thanks for all the input. Definitely sold on the FX. Plan on keeping it stock for a while too. I can't imagine the ease of an FI bike and no more jetting a carb. Furthermore the suspension is far superior to anything I've ever ridden. Now to find a sweet deal on one. Oh btw I'm keeping the KDX and my old 98' XR200 (the only thumper I've ridden lol).
  10. Wow thanks for all the input thus far guys. As to the first question, I never rode a modern "race" 4t and want to switch it up and give it a go. From what you guys state so far, I'm leaning heavily towards the FX. Sounds like it's where I would be if I did some "free up" mods on the WR. I'm not an overly aggressive rider most of the time, but I ride gnarly technical eastern woods. As stated before, I'm not new to bikes, riding, or even the occasional scramble. I'd classify myself now as "Vet C" . Lol. I do all my own maintenance unless its really technical or I don't have the right tool. Is it safe to assume the FX top end / valves will last a long time as long as I keep up with oil changes and filter maintenance?
  11. In the market for a new bike. I've been reading reviews on both the WR250f and the YZ250FX. Kind of torn between the two. Little background. 33 years old been riding all my life. Currently used to a heavily modded kdx200 two stroke. How do these compare in terms of power delivery? I mostly ride tight woods and race the occasional hare scramble. Never had a modern 4stroke. Thanks for any input.
  12. Prob a TTR230 will suffice.
  13. Ship to Pennsylvania? Lmao
  14. It's been quite a few years lol. I'm currently a gum shoe.