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  1. I guess it does if you're a Hollywood type who doesn't like to hunt or ride dirtbikes. Seems they live in a warped world.
  2. If it is true, I would hope they would replace with another model, perhaps an air cooled 400cc?
  3. I sure hope you're wrong. I still am holding on to my 1998 XR200. The simplicity of a small bore air cooled four stroke can't be beat.
  4. That's awesome. Totally agree. The "big bikes" may have a lot more power on paper per se. Means nothing when you can't manage it or get it all to the ground. The nastier and tighter it gets, the better these XRs perform. The lower seat height also means the bike is more manageable. I'm assuming the CRF230F is pretty much the same. Will probably be my next bike purchase.
  5. Ended up ordering be new OEM bolts and washers from Honda Parts Warehouse. Won't be here for a few days. Quick question about finding TDC and checking valve clearances. I can see the intake valve open and shut. Is the next complete rotation TDC of the compression stroke? I feel some pressure on the flywheel at that point when at the "T" mark. Is this normal or am I on the wrong stroke?
  6. Success. Ended up drilling it out and got it apart. Now the edge of the head is still in the thread is my only problem at this point lol. Overall everything went smoothly
  7. Just rechecked. It's def 8mm. I have one fork off and apart, aside from the bottom bolt of course. Sounds like a straightforward fix.
  8. Thinking that is probably what I'll have to do. I'm thinking just use a bit that is maybe 1/4 the size of the bolt head? Should pull apart rather easily after?
  9. Still a no go. Even heated it up first with a heat gun. All this work and money lol. I may just swap forks totally. I even debated on prying the seals out from top side.
  10. 3/8"
  11. Welp, I just manned up and purchased a Milwaukee impact driver. Stay tuned.
  12. Unfortunately I don't have access to one currently. Think an actual drill would work?
  13. I appreciate all the input and feedback thus far. Well today I started in on replacing the leaking fork seals. All was good until I was unable to get the fork bolt on the bottom off. Actually I could not even get it to turn lose at all. I actually ended up rounding one off slightly. Is it necessary to remove this to change fork seals, or can I just remove circlip on fork Seal and get it off somehow? Then I see that an impact wrench may be the way to go, however I do not have one currently. I'm slightly frustrated that something this simple turns out not. Haha
  14. After reading this thus far, it seems CA is the problem. You mean to tell me a 2stroke dirtbike is bad? But a single tractor trailer puts out a bazillion times more pollution and particulates in an hour.
  15. Wow. Glad I live in the north woods of PA and not in CA. Dumb laws. Freedom is nice.