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  1. RevyRoamer

    valve adjustment

  2. RevyRoamer

    New Yamaha two strokes 2019!

    A beer, while sitting in the hot tub, nursing hurting body parts, after a hard ride sure feels good though lol
  3. RevyRoamer

    Eli bounces back and humiliates the field

    20 points apart is nothing much. Eli lost the 2018 SX series by way more than that. Every racer out there is a good rider. Its not like only Eli can ride a bike. No Matter how hard Tomac tried in moto 1 he was so far behind Ken and Marvin that they were out of sight. Again this thread's title is a joke!!!
  4. RevyRoamer

    Eli bounces back and humiliates the field

    Wow Ken and Marvin just crushed Eli. That lead over Tomac was HUGE not a couple of seconds. Smack down delivered!!!
  5. RevyRoamer

    Anyone here lower their truck?

    I had my 2105 Dodge 15000 lowered but only 3 inches. I paid a Dodge dealer to do it for me, and not sure what parts were used. But it rode and handled fine after. I know that doesn't really help you much, but I didn't regret it, and plan to lower my new truck as well.
  6. RevyRoamer

    Weight and cost of the BDCW skid plate?

    Do you have any plans to make them for the new Honda 450L when the bike is finally out?
  7. RevyRoamer

    Eli bounces back and humiliates the field

    Since you guys keep talking about 2018, and that means the entire year, not just the motocross. How did Eli do in SX compared to Marvin? Seems to me Marvin finished 29 points ahead of Eli. Cough ... cough... 9h how short the memory is for many of you. MM is a heck of a good rider, but the blind can't see it.
  8. RevyRoamer

    Eli bounces back and humiliates the field

    They didn't race the week before. This weekend Eli won one, and Marvin won one. Both riders are extremely talented. But you blind sheeple only see the races Eli wins. Marvin won moto 2 by over 30 seconds, didn't see you guys even mentioning what an awesome job he did. Criticism of either one, on a public forum, is showing how stupid you are to the world. While I fully agree Eli is a hell of a good rider, so are many many other riders. But when Eli barely wins you make a huge deal about it. Yet when he doesn't win you're full of lame excuses on why he didn't. This weeks excuse really made me laugh that he held back. Eli doesn't hold back and if he had been capable of winning moto 2 he sure as hell would have. Unlike some of you, I'm not prejudiced and blind.
  9. RevyRoamer

    Rekluse Push Start?

    How do you know? Sorry i couldn't resist.
  10. You adjusted idle speed to fast enough, and jetted idle mixture to rich enough. Fuel filter is not dirty. Gas tank vent is not clogged. Fuel line is in good condition and not collapsing internally. Petcock is operating property and not restricted. When you pull the fuel line off the carb and let it run into a jug does the gas flow freely and rapidly?
  11. RevyRoamer

    Eli bounces back and humiliates the field

    After a race that lasts over a half hour, a lead of a few seconds is piss all.
  12. RevyRoamer

    Wiseco's Garage Buddy: Complete Engine Rebuild Kits for Dirt Bikes!

    A complete kit like that is awesome!
  13. RevyRoamer

    Toy line up

    You don't want too much weight on the hitch either. From the side the axle is probably well back on the trailer. I see more trailers loaded too heavy on the front, than those loaded to lightly up front. A friend recently complained about his trailers handling to me. Thinking maybe it was his pickup, or his hitch, i took over my half ton and hooked onto it, straight onto the ball, no weight distribution hitch used. Looking at the sag on the rear of my pickup I knew the problem was the hitch weight. I moved the heavy items in his trailer to the back and the light stuff to the front. Then i went for a drive, and it towed perfectly. So with no fancy hitch on my half ton, and perfect towing, I said it is not the trailers fault, but how you loaded it incorrectly. He isn't even using his fancy hitch now, just straight on the ball, and his 3/4 ton is towing it like a dream. It is only a measly 21 foot travel trailer, not some heavy beast of a trailer. But as someone who tows a LOT, I see this sort of thing all too often, people who overload the hitch, and then think some fancy weight distribution hitch cranked up really tight can fix their problems.
  14. RevyRoamer

    FE501 vs new CRF450L?

    Changing the oil every 20 hours is not a big deal. All brands need to be well maintained to remain trouble free. If you can't spend 10 minutes to change the oil, then how did you find 20 hours to ride it so it needs an oil change?
  15. RevyRoamer

    Eli bounces back and humiliates the field

    I watch the races, and have yet to see a single rider in any race this season in Supercross or Motocross get humiliated. Like i said the slowest rider in the race could beat anyone who has chimed in on this thread with ease. So think for a moment, the slowest rider could humiliate the best rider posting here. But a delusional person might think a pro racer got humiliated by some other rider. Reality is they didn't though!!!