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  1. Henry Arms

    Help me choose a bike!

    I say a husky300 2t or ktm or possibly a kdx20 0r 220. What do you think about that.kdx is bullet proof look for an 04 0r 06 even I believe. I see some ktm smoker 200s that look pretty good for 35hundo. Never hear anythingbad about the wide ratio janker
  2. Henry Arms

    new to off road in maine

    What's the story on this bike pal?
  3. Henry Arms

    new to off road in maine

    I've been reading along the way and yes id say either would do the trick!
  4. Henry Arms

    new to off road in maine

    I've not been rididng in Maine but from my little bit of dual sport experience id have so say go light. Less is more. I stopped riding fro 21yrsold to 40 yrsold. I came back to riding with. Dr650 and I like the rough stuff. Now I'm looking for a 2012 2t Husqvarna. E-start(a must!) super light,and top speed of 79. I rode dual sport events with my brother on a xr650 and now hes shopping for a husky501. Unless you plan on mostly erands and fire roads get a Dr,if you plan on single track camp mobile go light light light. Glwt hunt!
  5. Henry Arms

    new to off road in maine

    How about this one pal? https://nh.craigslist.org/mcd/d/westford-2012-yamaha-xt250-xt-250-on/6798010315.html
  6. E-start on the suzuki not an option. But how much lighter is the rmx?
  7. Henry Arms

    TM 250en 2016

    Id go with another brand. For no other reason than parts and support from the community. You buy a Husky,Honda,Ktm,whatever and theres parts and a thriving community for technical support. Tm maybe not so much? Just my two bits,by all means if you have Your heart set on one by now,pull the trigger. But from what I've gathered its not a bike for a beginner. If you have that kind of loot, id go for a Beta xtrainer or him freeride. Check um out! Good luck with the bike hunt....
  8. Henry Arms

    Finally got a new trail bike

    Would you sell the 450?
  9. I'd say look on an auction website and buy a parts bike for cheap. Then you've got a small stock of various parts for future upgrades.