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  1. Barry John Harvey

    gas tank upgrade drz400s

    I’ve got a Clark tank as well, my original pet cock on the standard steel tank anyhow it had a alloy spacer block on it so I’ve drilled it out and fitted a copper pipe into fixed with expiry metal bond putty(2 parts - mix together) then I’ve fitted a threaded feral on the opposite side of the tank with the epoxy putty and fitted a sow copper pipe into the feral with the epoxy also then I fitted the tank into position then heated up a piece of fuel line in hot water then fitted it on gently. It was a bitch to tighten the hose clamps, &%$#@! all room to get a small wrench in or screw driver in there, but after finally holding the tongue the right way & I finally got it tight enough. That was three months ago and till today no leaks yet. I did a test ride with about 5 litres in the tank / fuel both sides, I ran out of fuel and the tank was empty both sides, so I guess it’s done the trick [emoji106]
  2. Barry John Harvey

    gas tank upgrade drz400s

    I have the Clark 3.9, I discovered that it doesn’t have a bridge line, when I hit empty reserve it appears the right side of the tank still has approximately 1.75 ltr in it, do lay the bike down on the left side and I’m good to go for a few more klm’s . If I knew that when purchased it I would not had of bought it. They all appear to be the same [emoji19]
  3. Barry John Harvey

    My first 8 mods on my 2018 DRZ400S

    Any pics of front fender ? How did you attach it?
  4. Barry John Harvey

    TTR125 Oil Plug Engine Threads Stripped! Help please

    Tap & die is the best way to go, it will be good as new.
  5. Barry John Harvey

    DRZ 400SM 2006 - Lowering

    I lowered mine by 40mm , I cut the stand back by 25mm, leans over enough not as much as if standard.
  6. Barry John Harvey

    DRZ 400SM 2006 - Lowering

    I’ve been doing that for too long, my hip was getting sore, lowering it gives me an excuse to fiddle with the bike [emoji106]
  7. Barry John Harvey

    DRZ 400SM 2006 - Lowering

    The 4” was produced by the adjustable linkage I bought online made by Soupy’s performance, it wasn’t my intention to aim for that low, and I wasn’t aware of how much it was going to drop by until I fitted them. When fitting them I realised the 4” drop was about the highest I could get out of them, so I I bought a different set of lowering links, 40mm. I’ve had the fork lowered internally by 35mm, along with new seals and revalving, took it out for a quick test ride before going on holidays. It handled ok, rebound on front was a bit hard / too quick, and rear is way to soft, felt as if it bogged down. When I get back I’ll play with clicks on front and search for a firmer rear spring, a quick search so far looks like there is only 5.4 & 5.6 availability’s ? Next mod will be the 3x3 & resetting, btw I’m from Brisbane, Northside. cheers
  8. Barry John Harvey

    DRZ 400SM 2006 - Lowering

    Thanks Erik, I had thoughts along those lines too, with soupys brand of links I can only get another half inch of height of adjustment left in it. Would you think that with that much more restriction on the spring that the rebound is firmer ?
  9. Barry John Harvey

    DRZ 400SM 2006 - Lowering

    Thanks for the input 👍🏻
  10. Barry John Harvey

    DRZ 400SM 2006 - Lowering

    I missed the line up when height was being handed out, so I’m in the middle of lowering my DRZ 400, using adjustable “Soupys performance.com” I’ve set the rear down by 100mm / 4” , has any one gone this low? If so, How do you think the bike feels now for cornering? I’m taking a pause before I cut the fork springs, all feed back will be appreciated. Cheers