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  1. felix4x4

    2001 to 2006 Ali frame

    Swing arm Linkage assembly. MXJosh had issues with the older linkage on the ali frame. I think the older stuff is too narrow and the Ali frame needs a specail bolt to mount it.
  2. felix4x4

    An Open Letter to Carolina Adventure World

    The newest issue of ATV rider I can get my hands on (only dirt bike related mag I can get my hands on) has a write up on CAW in it. Things look like they are moving along pretty well. Cant wait to make a long weekend trip down there.
  3. felix4x4

    Crank spinning in bearing

    I would not even try the locktite trick. Just order a Hotrods or Versha complete crank assy and be done with it. Just one question though, how does an '01 bike have a low hour bottom end? Was it recently rebuilt, if so call the shop that did the work.
  4. felix4x4

    Lucerne pics & Vids 1/6

    Just so you guys know... You all stink... I miss So Cal. I lived in 29 Palms for 5 1/2 years. It was so nice to be able to ride from my house to Big Bear and only hit pavement to get gas.
  5. My truck had 255/65-17 Continental Conti-tracks on it. They had a 2 ply side wall and a 4 ply tread. It was an oversized car tire, that rolled over in corners and flexed exsively even at correct air pressure. Also, I like to use my truck as a truck. When I load a trailer behind it the tires would look like they were half flat, that was at max air pressure for the tires.
  6. Look at getting some Toyo OpenCountry AT's. I got them for my 06 150 Super Crew and will never go back to goodyear/bfgoodrich. I got 8-ply 265/70-17's for less than any stock replacement size from the other big names. Excelent traction and wear plus they are not a car tire so they dont flex and wallow driving down the interstate. I hate the stock tires than come on ford trucks.
  7. felix4x4

    Now Here's A Trailer..

    They use the same type trailers to haul the M-1 Abrams tanks on (62-65 tons depending on which model). Another reason for the set up is contact pressure. The tires on the trailer can only hold so much load each. I will try and get a picture of a Oshkosh T-Rex truck and trailer the Army is using in Iraq to haul Tanks and such on.
  8. This is the exact reasons I am replacing my YZ426 with one, or atleast making the thumper move over in the shed. That and I miss that ring-ding-ting-Braaaap sound.
  9. Don't let your Brother-in-Law that knows more about bikes than you take the bike home after he helps pick it out.
  10. felix4x4

    Monkey Nipple!

    Under armor or any like fabric shirts. Help you stay cooler by helping with the evoporation processes also.
  11. felix4x4

    06 YZ250 Coolant Foaming

    You could zip tie a turkey baster (plastic type) to the back of the radiator or shroud and run your coolant over flow line to the bottom of it. Put a plastic chair leg cap on the top and put a second hose in the cap for a vent. This will let you see if your pushing coolant out of the radiator. If you look in the DRZ400 forum you will find a write up of this mod.
  12. Where is the directions/location page on the web site. When I go up to visit family in Ohio it may be worth a little trip.
  13. felix4x4

    I am a idiot.

    Another good idea would be to find out how many CC's of fork oil they take. Then drain them and fill them to correct level. After that try them and then adjust to fit your riding style.
  14. felix4x4

    Perry 11/10 Saturday

    First please explain how you used your bike as a ski-do. What do you mean theives? Did they steal stuff out of your truck while it was in the parking lot? That is crap if they did.
  15. felix4x4

    Mail order tires

    I always had UPS show up with the tires Truck or Bike usually with some tape around them holding the shipping labels. One time my tires were actually in a box, I was kind of suprised.