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  1. Hey guys I'm working on a new project - building a C&J framed XR500 Motocross racer using a 79/80 motor which I'm having rebuilt. Supposedly the stock ignition system is 6V and uses a mechanical timing advance system. I'd like to upgrade to a better system. The Ascot FT500 rotor and pickup will bolt right on in place of the mechanical advance and XR pickup. I'd then like to plug that into a new, aftermarket electronic CDI unit made for the FT500. Coupled with the FT pickup will give me an electronic advance. Supposedly the stock stator will fire the FT CDI no problem. I plan to use a 82 XR500 stator, which I read somewhere is a 12 V output. I'll use an XR250 flywheel, which is supposed to be slightly lighter. For the coil, I assume a coil for the FT500 would be the best bet. Not sure how critical this is???? I know on my 79 CR250 the hot setup is to run a 2004 XR400 coil. Not sure if this same coil would work on the XR500 or not. Anybody know what the differences in coils are? What makes one different from another? Hopefully only thing custom will be trying to find an oem connector that i can wire up to the XR stator wires so it will plug into the FT CDI. OK, so does anyone see any potential problems here? a member on flat track.com says he did this and it worked. Been trying to get a hold of him to confirm, but so far no response. Thanks John
  2. swatdoc

    79-81 XR/XL motors all the same?

    Just tried to PM him and I get a message that he can't receive any personal messages. weird
  3. swatdoc

    79-81 XR/XL motors all the same?

    Thanks for the feedback guys! OK since I'll be replacing the cam anyway that's no big deal. Will be doing big bore and head work so compression isn't an issue. Some guys actually use XR250 flywheels for lighter weight. I won't need a lighting stator - just the one to run the motor, so either XR or XL should work fine. will be getting a brand new carb so thats not an issue. I was not aware that the XR500's had 6 speed transmissions. I need to check that out further. Any opinions on which is a better head for a modified motor - the 79/80 normal intake or the 81/82 reed valve? So far from what I have learned, it sounds like the primary difference in the motors is mostly the head, but that the heads can be interchanged between years.
  4. Hey guys I'm getting a new C&J frame made by Jeff Cole and need to find a motor. For searching, are the 79-81 XR and XL motors all pretty much the same? Also - any recommendations on who to send the motor to for rebuilding and performance work? Thanks
  5. Hey guys I'm getting a new C&J frame made by Jeff Cole and need to find a motor. For searching, are the 79-81 XR and XL motors all pretty much the same? Also - any recommendations on who to send the motor to for rebuilding and performance work? Thanks
  6. Thanks - i will call them tuesday. I plan to do all the stuff you mention, plus more - never owned a stock bike in my life! LOL Would love to take my plated '07 YZ450 with me to Cali, but from what I understand, they won't register it because the VIN shows it as a dirt bike, even though here in Hawaii I have a fully legal street registration for it.
  7. I hope you guys are right. There are many things missing from the pics that make the bike non street legal as it is shown. reflectors are another item missing. When you see pics of the street legal 530exc, it shows all of those things. my suspicion is that this model is the Euporean exc, which is equivalent to the xcw here.
  8. Here's the one I saw - definitely not street legal - no turn signals, mirror, etc. I need one that can be plated in California, so it has to come from the factory street legal - can't be a conversion. http://www.ktm-parts.com/12500EXC.html
  9. I see those models - but they don't appear to be street legal. If KTM just added the necessary stuff to be street legal, it would be just what I'm looking for
  10. It sure would be nice to have the updated motor and fuel injection
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    PC Fan Mod

    Goose I'm also running a coolant catch tank which you can also see in the pic. Any small amount of coolant that would overflow will getsiphoned back in as the motor cools down
  12. LOL - she's a big help when I'm working on my bikes! Especially when I'm laying on my back like when I'm working on linkage or something similar - it really helps at that time when she jumps on my chest and want to lick my face! Ha Ha
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    PC Fan Mod

    Ok cool - thanks Gray - appreciate your knowledge and help!
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    PC Fan Mod

    Sorry - on my bike, i have the oil breather line from my valve cover routed to a baffled catch can. Another breather line goes to my air boot (from the WR450F). The bottom of the catch can has a fitting with a line running to one of the inspection caps on my ignition cover. Any oil that is blown out of the valve cover into the oil breather line is returned to my motor,instead of leaking out the tube onto the ground (and right onto my rear tire) like stock. Basically the same setup as a stock Suzuki DRZ400SM, and also what the Graves Supermoto team ran on their race bikes.
  15. swatdoc

    PC Fan Mod

    Ah OK I think I understand now - the potential oil volume space isn't really in the crankcase/motor itself per se, rather it's in the passageways and oil lines of the system when the bike is running, therefore those areas can only hold so much oil at a time. Therefore the oversize clutch cover, since it isn't part of that system, doesn't add to the overall capacity. The only time it would add to the capacity is when the motor is off which does us no good. Think I'm understanding this dry sump concept now. But the oil cooler tank and lines would, since they are a part of the circulating system. Maybe I could connect the hoses to the tank and see how many cc's of oil it takes to fill everything up with oil, then add that figure to my stock capacity to get a ballpark oil capacity with the cooler installed? Too bad the oil cooler setup doesn't tell me that in the instructions! Now one other point - since i recirculate my "blown out" oil back into the crankcase with my oil recirculation system, am i actually risking failure of any components if I did have too much oil in the system?